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Another one coming after a few hours.

Seeing my expression, Mari had confused look on her face. Because of that, the food that I gave her stopped going inside her mouth.

“An intruder has entered.”

Once she heard what I said, she stiffened up and let go of the spoon she was holding. She was probably thinking it was someone from the church.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s not something you should worry about. I can take care of it no problem.”

I reassured her that there would be no problems once I took care of it.

“Just wait for me here, and when I get back, you better have finished that soup alright.”

I gave her a smile as I headed outside the door. Once I got outside, the smile on my disappeared and I quickly frowned.


Almost half of the monsters deployed in my dungeon have been wiped out. Whoever the intruder was this time, he wasn’t an ordinary one.

“At this rate, it won’t be long before she reaches this place…”

I quickly headed back down and outside of the house. With the sword strapped to my back, since it was still too large for the 12 year old me, I quickly dashed towards the first floor.

‘I should not let her see this house whatever means necessary…’

If the intruder found out that there was a house inside the dungeon with technology beyond their time, who knows what would happen once information got out.

Perhaps, if I was able to repel him, once his friends or even the person he is working for knew what was inside, then I won’t be able to live without fearing for my life, or even Mari’s everyday...

‘I should kill him here and now…’

But the problem was how…

The intruder was no stranger to battle, and seeing him how he handles the monsters skillfully as if they were children made me guess that I am no match for him with my current capabilities. Even my Void Iron Golems, with their special skill [Parts Configuration] did not stand a chance against him.

“Damn it…”

Realizing that I had no choice left, I let out a curse as I hovered my hand over the <Dungeon Menu>.

“Shit… I hope the MP this guy gives me is high…”

If it didn’t, then I will literally go mad. The strategy I came up was simple, advantage in numbers. No matter how skillful a person is, one can never beat thousands without getting tired sooner or later. Once they get exhausted, even small fries can defeat them with their puny strength.

“This is the only way for the weak me and my weak monsters to overcome strength.”

Once I had my mind made up, I quickly replaced all of my dead monsters with new ones.

My previously 1145 MP (935 – some MP after replenishing the monsters slain from trying gto trap and kill the gang members + 100 for each killed gang member) quickly dwindled down as I replaced all of the dead monsters. Seeing that even the special monsters stood no chance, how would regular ones do?

So I had no other choice but to opt for the <Influence from the Dungeon> in hopes of getting her exhausted more easily.

Once I did that, the monsters continued their onslaught towards the robed figure while I continued heading up the stairs towards the <First Floor> just in case she was able to bypass the horde of monsters.

I headed up towards the boss room I made during one of my breaks when I was busy scouting the slums in hopes of not letting the same mistake happen as when Drake died. This time, instead of leaving the <Dungeon Core Floor> defenseless once the <First Floor> was breached, I made a final defense line, a.k.a. the common <Boss Room> where a stronger than most monsters appeared.

And this time, I will be that monster. Thanks to the special skill of the Void Iron Golem [Parts Configuration], I was able to make a discovery while tinkering with it. By the way, here is the description.

Parts Configuration – Parts that are damaged or lost can be replaced by other parts. Additionally, it can also be used to upgrade present parts.

In a nutshell, it means that any damaged parts can be replaced, and it can also be used to upgrade parts to make it stronger. The plan I had to make a good boss monster was combining several Void Iron Golems then making a cockpit in the center like those in the movies Drake watched before coming here for better handling.

Putting my plan into action, using the free slots of monsters that can occupy the dungeon made by the intruder by killing some of my monsters, I quickly bought some Void Iron Golems. Next, I had them use the [Parts Configuration] skill to mesh together.

The sound of metal rubbing against metal was painful to the ears, but the result was extremely pleasant. Since Void Iron Golems were like puppets, if the puppet master wished for them to do something then they will do it. And in this situation, I as the puppet master commanded the puppets to combine and create a mobile suit. The sword the Void Iron Golems had even combined together to make a huge sword fitting the hands of the huge mobile suit.

[New Monster Created! Bonus EXP Rewarded to the Dungeon and Dungeon Master!!]

Monster Species: Giga Void Iron Golem (Suit Type)

Special Ability(s): 1. Lightweight Body

  1. Durable Body
  2. Phasing Blade
  3. Manned Golem

Threat Level: B (A When Manned)

Cost: 1500 MP

Lightweight Body – Passive Ability. Makes the user lighter, thus rendering them more agile.

Durable Body – Passive Ability. Makes the user harder, thus making their physical defense higher.

Phasing Blade – The weapon of the user can phase to another dimension mid swing and materialize before hitting the intended target.

Manned Golem – This specific type of Golem can be manned by living organisms. Body specifications increases based on the skill of handling by the living organism.

“What the…?”

Once I saw the new window that appeared before me, my jaws dropped to the floor.

“Didn’t I create a cheat monster…?”

I unconsciously mumbled what Drake would have said when he saw something just unfair.

“It’s abilities are just too much. I can understand <Lightweight Body> and <Durable Body>, as well as <Manned Golem>, but <Phasing Blade>?”

If I had to pick one of the most cheat abilities I have ever seen, it was this. Paired with the two abilities, <Lightweight Body> and <Durable Body>, it could practically be a weapon that could ignore defense and focus on offense while ignoring the enemies weapon.

Just when I was mesmerized by the monster I had created that stood more than 2 meters tall, I realized that the intruder was near the door of the <Boss Room>.

“I’ll worry about this next time. I need to repel this intruder first.”

‘I need to protect my home, as well as Mari…’

I quickly got inside the cockpit. It was quite comfortable so I had no problems sitting on the chair provided, even though I have no idea where the cushion came from, from the metal materials.

Once I got settled in, the door opened and through the doorway, stood a lone figure draped in a robe.

“… Oh shit…”

The one to curse wasn’t me, but the intruder.


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