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Inside the dim cave lied dozens of monsters. The group of gang members found themselves stuck inside a Monster House. Much to their dismay, the exit was nowhere in sight.

“What the fuck happened…?”

The gang leader voiced out his question while feeling the fear rising up his throat. Seeing the unordinary monsters surrounding them made him leak out a curse as he reached for his sword sheathed on his waist. As unruly as he is, he is still well versed in the art of combat, though not to the point where he can fight head-on against a veteran knight.

“How the hell should I know?”

One of his lackeys also voiced out a complaint as he grabbed the two daggers strapped to his thighs. He held them in a combat-ready stance as he carefully analyzed the monsters surrounding them.

“Boss, this ain’t normal monsters surrounding us.”

His voice full of vigilance as well as nervousness captivated the other gang members who were spacing out due to the sudden shift of locations.



Swears and curses were heard from each of the members, although one had yet to speak anything and only silently drew his sword strapped to his back. The sword’s length reached two meters and its huge blade made it hard enough for even professional bodybuilders to lift into the air.

The man wore a hood over his face and a jacket over his body. Judging by the jacket’s bulkiness, he was also wearing armor beneath it.

Without a doubt he was the strongest of the bunch here.

“Bardo, you best try to keep up with me if you want to live…”

Hearing that his silent friend had spoken up during this crisis, the gang leader, Bardo twisted his neck and stared straight at him. He nodded once after a moment and yelled at a high voice.


As if his yell was the signal, the gang members quickly stuck together and headed towards Hado while keeping an eye on the monsters. At the same time, the monsters, or more technically, Void Wild Boars, Void Iron Golems, Void Night Wolves, and Void Horned Rabbits leapt at the invaders with great speed.

The first to arrive were the Void Wild Boars. With their [Void Charge] aura surrounding them, all attacks against them during the charge were ineffective. One gang member unlucky enough to be in its path tried to swing his sword towards the crown of the boar, only to get knocked back and trampled by its trotters.

The other gang members who saw this sight realized that attacking the boar while charging was a death wish and so relayed it to other members in hopes of even boosting up their survival rate.

“Do not attack the charging boars!!!”

But all it took was one attack after the boar charged to realize that it was not invincible. The sword slid through the boar and created a huge gash wound on its body. The boar screamed in pain as it charged madly towards the gang member that wounded it, but it was not able to due to another sword piercing its head. The boar slumped down on the ground and bathed in its own blood.


The two of them nodded at each other as they ran towards where the others were after they heard the gang leader’s yell.

Hado, the man acting as the spear for the charge towards the exit effortlessly killed the monsters in his path. Using his giant sword, he swung it horizontally and killed 3 Void Iron Golems at once. That was what he thought he did.

“… So you really aren’t normal monsters huh…?”

The golems that were sliced through picked their selves up and went back to their combat-ready stance.

“Tch… Oi Bardo!! I can only give you a slim margin for escape.”


Bardo nodded as he followed Hado’s movements.


While the gang members were trying to escape the monster house, the feudal lord Princio was fleeing from the Giga Iron Golem following him.

“Shit!!! Shit!!! SHIIITTT!!!”

No matter where he went, the golem would always find him and wreak havoc on the surrounding area. Because of the continuous appearance of the golem during their escape, only few guards alive remained.

Princio once again attempted to flee from the Iron Golem that encountered them for the nth time in the town. He was trying to reach the western gate, only to go around in circles because of the golem.

“My Lord!!! Fall back to the estate for now!”

“What the fuck do you mean!? Can’t you see that golem will keep on following me until I die!? The only chance for my survival is my escape!”

“But at this rate, you may not make it out alive! My subordinates have found a way to disable the golem. You can make your escape tomorrow after we quell the uprising and destroy that golem.”

As cowardly and arrogant he is, Princio was still a feudal lord governing a city, so he was equipped with knowledge a commoner could not hope to match.

“… I take it you found that thing…?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Very well, Commander Lou, escort me back to the estate.”


The commanding soldier, as well as Princio left the other soldiers to buy time for their escape. The soldiers left behind also knew their fates, so all they could do was fight until the bitter end.


“Hmm…? Something’s going on at the gang’s side? Pressia, do you see it?”

“Negative… Rodella…”

“… Must be my imagination then…”

Rodella slumped back down on the tree branch as she looked over the town with a crystal orb. A few minutes later, she then saw another thing that caught her eye.

“Hey Pressia, check under that bell in the bell tower.”


“I think I saw something drop down from under that bell.”


The crystal orb zoomed in the bell tower, or more precisely, the bell of the bell tower. Much to their surprise, the thing that fell down was not a thing, but a living person, and not one, but three.

One carried a huge sword, the other a regular sword, while the other a mace. But all three of them had one thing in common, that was they were all smothered in blood and exhausted. They are also well known in the Gaizeff Kingdom.

“Hado the Strong-arm, Gardo the Swift, and Lemann the Crusher…”

The three people who were known to cause mass mayhem whenever an opposing fighter fought them.

“Are they the cause of this revolt? Pretty interesting, but why won’t they take the frontlines? They can pretty much take over this town with its weak guards.”

“Orders… Probably…”

Rodella then looked back to the orb and voiced her most wanted question.

“But what were they doing under that bell?”

“Do not… mind that… Focus on… the mission…”

“…You’re probably right…”

Thanks to Pressia’s focus on the mission, the dungeon was safe.


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