Probably the only suitable word for this situation. I quietly stared at the screen displaying the black monster destroying each and every one of my monsters. With just a single swipe of its weapon, 3 of my rabbits easily slept with the fishes because they were not fast enough to register the incoming attack. Next, it stomped its hoof on the incoming barrage of attacks from the Void Night Wolves, claiming two more lives.

With that, it was five monsters down. Only five remained and since I was still not rewarded with the MP points from the previous battle with the suits of iron, I did not have enough MP to summon more than three monsters, which I know won’t make a difference because of its absurd strength.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do…?”

I quickly simulated countless of situations where I try to escape, fight back, and negotiate. But none of those options will work against that mass of absurdity. Escape is out of the option because it can easily destroy the <Dungeon Core>, and by the way, if this wasn’t mentioned before, once it is destroyed, the Dungeon Master’s life is forfeit.

Fighting back will just inevitably result in defeat, and will probably break down any chance of negotiating with it. While negotiation sounds like a good choice, I doubt I have anything worth my life in this dungeon, or even with my life, I doubt that monster would actually listen to me, seeing as it rampages among my defending monsters.

While I was busy contemplating on what to do in overdrive mode, I failed to notice that the monster was already done killing all of my monsters and was heading to where my location is with ease, as if the maze wasn’t there at all.

“Oh fuck… I’m screwed!!!”

When I just realized that the monster was close to my doorstep, I quickly tried to find anything I could do to actually get out of this predicament. I grabbed my sword lying beside my chair, stood up and hurriedly got out of the <Dungeon Core Room>.

Next, I scanned my whole house in hopes of finding a hidden mechanic, but to no avail. A few moments later, the door leading to outside was blown away heading inside as if an explosion occurred right next to it. Behind the doorway was the huge monster.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit…”

With my mind full of adrenaline and panic, I wasn’t able to calm myself and actually peed myself. The smell of ammonia tickled my nose, but that wasn’t the pressing matter of the moment.

“Human… The smell of fear is strong!!!”

With a cheerful but deadly yell, the monster wielded its huge weapon and destroyed the wall so it could get inside. The rubble burst upon contact and flung my way. Some debris hit me and bruised some areas around my body. Blood also trickled down from cuts made by sharp debris and rubble. Luckily, none hit my head, if it did, then I would be dead by now.

“How long has it been…? Since I found a new human to play with…”

A grin floated up its horrifying face as it stared at me like it was looking at prey. It took a step forward, like most arrogant predators would before dicing up their prey for food.

I took a step back in response to the monster’s action.

“Tell me human… How long has it been since the races living in the surface feared the name of Karo…?”

Because of the state I was in, I was unable to process the information given to me by the monster. If I was however, that statement alone could give me a hint on what to do next.

With trembling legs, I tripped back and landed on my butt while raising the tip of my sword towards the monster. The fear of death is strong, but this time, it was stronger. This wasn’t the fear of death…

It was the fear of the monster itself…

The monster looked at me as if it lost interest when I stumbled back, and its grin turned into a frown.

“Pathetic human… Giving in to fear that easily… I guess there is probably no use to toying with you now…”

With a snort, the monster turned its back on me and took a step forward. Just when I thought that the monster was leaving and I could get my breath back, the monster spoke once more while glaring at me.

“But… Somehow, something is strange with you, and I don’t like strange things… So you can die today…”


In a flash, my field of view shot up and met with the eyes of the monster. I couldn’t move my neck, nor give out a scream. A moment later, I realized what had happened.

In my view, was my body, blood gushing out where my head once stayed before I lost all of my vision to the darkness.


~ Third Person POV ~

“That damned minotaur. There it goes again, killing one of my <Dungeon Masters>.”

Inside a white space was a man in his 20’s glaring at the screen with a look full of rage. He swiped his hand, causing the screen to distort and vanish.

“What was the God of War thinking? Granting his blessing on a minotaur that could potentially destroy humanity? If I didn’t turn it into a <Dungeon Master>, then the world could say goodbye to humans as well as all his followers.”

With a look full of displeasure, the man stared at another screen he summoned, and its contents were the data of the otherworld human who died to Karo.

“Because of that blessing, the protection was ineffective. And those damned geezers at the top, doing things as they please because they have power. It’s a miracle that the universe hasn’t collapsed by now.”

The man continued his monologue as he summoned different screens, before dispersing each one after doing something to it.

“I pray that this young man may do his duty properly with the second chance I give him.”

With a snap of his fingers, all of the screens dispersed and in front of him, a body of a young boy appeared. He had silver hair, and had red eyes, skin as white as snow, as well as a malnourished body.

“Even with my support, this is the only body I could get. Those geezers are at fault, not me so if you find out the truth, blame them.”

A blue orb formed around the hand of the man, and moved towards the body of the boy, before getting sucked up into his body. And with another snap of his fingers, the body disappeared, leaving only the man behind in the white space.

“Do not waste your second chance.”

The man repeated what he said before, in hopes of transmitting it to the soul of the human that dies to Karo inside his dungeon.

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