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~ Third Person POV ~

“Tch… Where am I…?”

A lone monster stood inside an empty cave. It had horns on the side of its head, a pitch black mane flowing down to its back, and fangs jutting out of its mouth. It walked on two hind legs that were thick as logs, and its upper body was full of testosterone that will shame any human bodybuilder. Its skin was, pitch black, while its eyes were tinted red.

It was a minotaur which was three meters tall. Born from the depths of a labyrinth, and was able to come out due to unforeseen circumstances, though in the world of Andeght, just that sentence about ‘being born in a labyrinth’ was complete bull.

A minotaur was a monster that strikes fear into the hearts of all its adversaries, except for dragons and other more powerful creatures of course, but the minotaur was one of the most feared monster in Andeght. It alone could destroy a single battalion full of veteran human soldiers or adventurers, and still have room to escape. And that was the weakest of the minotaurs.

As it was powerful, it was also rare. An average human worker would not encounter a minotaur in his entire lifetime, or even children generations after his death. Its power differed from its color, and the length of its mane. A pitch black, long mane, with pitch black skin was already considered a threat to the entire country, much more if it brought an army of monsters, since a minotaur could also lead because of its high intelligence.

“That damn human…”

Before it appeared in this cave, it was battling an army of humans, but because of its strength, the minotaur came out unscathed.

“Once I see him again…!”

The minotaur stomped on the ground furiously as it bellowed down from the depths of its stomach.


Its roar shook the cave, and a mini-earthquake shook the land for a few seconds before vanishing as if it was a lie.

During its outburst however, a strange object caught its eye. It was indented into the wall and was oozing a blue mist. It had the shape of a sphere, and was glowing brightly, illuminating the area it was in.

The minotaur slowly crept near it, and suddenly, the sphere latched onto its right arm.


The minotaur shook furiously, trying to get it off immediately, but to no avail, moments later, the sphere transformed into a tattoo on its arm glowing brightly.

“What is this…?”

(That’s a dungeon core, Dungeon Master Karo.)


-- 156 years later –

“Oho… a human came in…”

On the screen, it displayed a black-haired and black-eyed man cautiously entering the dungeon. He held a sword on hand and traversed the dungeon carefully, as if there were traps everywhere.

“His head is good, but his stance is trash…”

Karo was a strong warrior since birth. Although during that time, all he knew was how to throw his muscle around instead of using techniques, during his time as a [Dungeon Master], as well as roaming about the world, he was able to incorporate countless of techniques into his body.

Karo stood up from his seat as if he saw something interesting and stretched his arms, then picked up his huge weapon leaning on the wall.

“But something is strange about him…”

Because of his curiosity, he decided to check up on the human personally.


The battle raged on inside the dungeon of Drake. A charge from a Void Wild Boar smashed an Iron Golem then another Iron Golem took its place then slashed at the Void Wild Boar. Because of the difference of rank and strength, the Void Wild Boar died instantly as its head hit the floor. Following that, another Void Wild Boar took its place then smashed into the Iron Golem. Behind it, another Void Wild Boar appeared out of thin air to join the battle.

But that was not the only one fighting. The Void Horned Rabbits joined in on the fun and started using its horn as a weapon. Because of its ability <Phase Shift>, it wasn’t easily killed, but the moment it was killed, not another rabbit replaced it, but a wolf.

It had violet fur and its eyes glowed purple. It was twice as strong then the rabbit earlier and twice as fast. What’s more, its bite crumpled the armor into pieces when it attacked. With its <Dimension Dive> skill, it was nearly impossible for the Iron Golem to hit it.

Once all the rabbits died, wolves replaced them and joined the battle, making it a living hell for the Iron Golems. They were the Void Night Wolves summoned by Drake to counterattack the attacking Iron Golems.

The fight was raging on and on, until finally, only one more Iron Golem was left. But that did not mean it was Drake’s victory yet. There was one more, more terrifying then the Iron Golems combined approaching him.

With a rumble, the portal disfigured then stretched open. Inside it, a huge, three meter shadow was approaching.

“Where are you human…?”

Karo smiled as if he was having fun after a long time.


~ First Person POV ~

“Damn… I am losing a lot of points because of the dying Void Wild Boars.”

Every time a Void Wild Boar charged, it took one suit of iron down, but then it was killed next instantly.

“But thanks to the help of the Void Night Wolves, the casualties lessened.”

With the help of the Void Night Wolves, dying Void Wild Boars lessened because of their offense. But that didn’t mean that the cost was low, no it was the opposite.

10 Void Wild Boars died during the battle. After that, I summoned 5 Void Night Wolves, and surprisingly, not one of them died, and one even leveled up!

My remaining MP was 165. I hope that the rewards of this battle will be large. But sadly, that might not come into fruition.

The portal disfigured, and within, a huge shadow came out. It had pitch black skin and a pitch black mane with two horns on the sides of its head. On its hand, it held a huge bastard sword that not even a professional weightlifter could lift with two hands.

The terrifying monster made a scary grin as it said one sentence.

“Where are you human…?”

A note from skepiboo1

I'll explain why the Dungeon Core latched onto Karo's arm on the later chapters.

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