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Behind the waterfall, I was able to enter an underground tunnel, a cave if you insist. Before entering the cave though, there was sign that read, “For the glory of hell and fire reside within these chambers, may no foolish soul trespass within.”

For me, that was absolutely idiotic. For crying out loud, that sign was a cliché that meant, “There is treasure inside!!!” Believe me, making a game using dungeons as a base, I’ve encountered signs like that a lot of times.

But the next thing was what surprised me the most.

“This is not a cave!!!”

Instead of the usual spooky cavern with a tinge of spooky ambience, what greeted me inside was a long hall filled with expensive decorations. Suit of armors lined up beside the passageway and paintings were plastered on every column. The walls were painted white, with a bit of pure gold mixed within.

If anything, this was a passageway going towards the throne room of a rich country’s castle instead of a cave.

I moved forward cautiously, aware of my surroundings at all times. I don’t want to get jump-scared like the famous FN*F series did to me in my childhood days.

With sword in hand, I moved along the red carpet guiding me deeper into the gorgeous hall filled with suits of irons. It only took me one tiny mistake (accident) to actually set them all off, and most of all, it was the most embarrassing one to boot.


With a single sneeze, the lined up suits of iron twitched and their helmets all focused on me.

“Oh shit…”

Cold sweat poured from my forehead down to my chin, then dropped towards the carpet, which signaled the sign for the assault.


I made a mad dash back towards where I entered. Good thing it still wasn’t that far.


A blade brushed upon my cheek, and blood started flowing down. I put my hand over it and applied pressure to it while fending off the suit of armor in front of me with my sword. But because of my clumsiness in wielding a sword, it didn’t do much but buy time because of their ruggedness.

“Shit, shit, shit!!!”

I luckily dodged its downward swing and swung my blade towards it head. Because of lady luck, the blade went through the thin part of the armor and easily cut off the helmet away from its body. The suit of iron crumpled down to the ground, never to move again.

But that didn’t give me the time to celebrate. More suits of armor were rushing towards my location at insane speeds. Hell, there was even more in front of me.

“This is bad, really fucking bad!!”

What do I do… What the hell do I fucking do!?!?

Just then, a thought came to my mind.

‘If I lure them into my dungeon, there’s a chance I can get away!!’

Without hesitation, I opened up a portal heading towards my dungeon. A black rift formed behind me, and while it was still forming, I quickly jumped in. While jumping in though, a suit of armor was able to land an attack on my foot with a mace, breaking my right foot.


I endured the pain and was able to get inside my dungeon.

“To the [Dungeon Core Room]!”

Without waiting for the prompt from the system, I immediately gave my answer to not waste more time and prepare my defense.

I then appeared in front of the [Dungeon Core] mid-air, only to crash to the ground because of my broken foot.

“DAMN IT!!!”

I cursed once just to get rid of the stress from being in pain, as well as forget the feeling of pain for a moment to get my bearings back. I pulled myself onto a chair situated near the [Dungeon Core] and quickly opened the [Dungeon Menu].

“All monsters, prepare for the invasion of intruders!!”

Just as I said that the warning message appeared.

[Attention!!! An invader has successfully entered the dungeon!!!]

[Invader Count: 29]

… If I wasn’t able to get away from there, I might have died. But I thought I had protection against some events that will actually kill me, so can this crisis be passed?

“But still, 10 vs. 29 is just too much…”

Based on history, human wars were mostly won because of numbers. Mind you, most of them only, some were exceptions. By the way, movies aren’t real, except for those based on true stories, but are probably exaggerated, so one person isn’t enough to fight against hundreds.

But since I’m stuck with that, I’ll just have to summon more with my remaining MP if any one of my monsters dies.

“But damn… this hurts like hell… Where’s the potion.”

I took another health potion from my [Dimension Pocket] and chugged it down. Because the bone was the victim this time, not my flesh or skin, ingesting the potion was the best bet.

“GUHH!!! Gulp… Gulp… Puahh…”

The pain from the recovering bone was worse than recovering from leg impalement. I had to bite the bottle tip just to endure the pain.

“Now then, let’s see what I can do to help my monsters win this unfavorable fight…”

I viewed the battle by shifting my attention to the screen that popped up when the suits of armor went inside my dungeon. In front of the rushing armor, were the 5 Void Wild Boars charging towards the suits of armor with their [Void Charge].

“Looks like it had already started…”

A note from skepiboo1

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