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I stared at the air where TB once appeared and vanished without a sound. My body froze up for an instant before rage overcame my entire being.


A vein bulged around my forehead as I continued to make angry yells and shouts at the now missing TB, as well as the unseen organizers.


A once in a lifetime flame and rage, as well as toxic and salty comment spew out from my mouth, with saliva spreading everywhere, painting the grass with its sticky and slimy substance.

Once I reached the end of my flaming session, I threw the golden ball which I used to summon TB at the lake where I washed my hand soaked in chocolate fudge. Surprisingly, the ball landed at the center where most of the chocolate fudge gathered.


After laughing like a madman for a few more seconds, I finally got a hold of myself.

"Huu... Fuu... Calm down Drake... What if monsters appear because of my raging..."

Sadly, I was a moment too late. I heard a bush that rustled behind me. I immediately focused my attention at that exact spot and tensed up.

'Shit... What will appear...? I'm not yet ready to face an enemy now, much more that I'm barehanded without learning any martial arts...'

I scanned my surroundings in a hurry and found a thick piece of stick a few meters east away from me. I slowly crept towards the stick while keeping my focus on the rustling bush. Just when I reached the stick, the unknown creature finally got out and showed itself.






The monster or more precisely, a rabbit with a horn on its head charged at me after staring at each other.


I quickly reached out towards the stick and held it with my right hand. My left flank faced the rabbit while I was picking up the stick.


The rabbit lowered its head in order for the horn to face me. Just before the rabbit reached me, I readied my stance and swung the stick by twisting my upper body, adding more power because of the centrifugal force generated by my spin.



The sound of a stick hitting flesh, as well as a pained scream echoed in the surroundings as the rabbit was flung away a few meters. Probably because it couldn't see my hand holding the stick, its reaction was delayed so it was unable to dodge.

"Got it!!"

I basked in the feeling of fending off the rabbit by my own strength. The feeling of accomplishment was a good feeling, but this was a major mistake at the moment.



Unbearable pain spread around my thigh. Blood flowed out as the horn that pierced the flesh was removed.


My body collapsed to the side because of losing my balance due to my injured right leg. I let go of the stick I was holding for an instant, before quickly gripping it again before it fell out of my hands.


I swung the stick towards the rabbit, but it easily dodged, and came charging at me with its head held down. I rolled to the right and avoided the charge, but the pain in my right leg intensified because of the increased pressure.

I grit my teeth and continued to watch the rabbit closely. My anger subsided once I saw the rabbit charging at me like a bull. The only feeling that replaced the anger was the will to survive.

'I will kill you, and survive! I will not die in a place like this!'

My bloodshot eyes focused on every movement the rabbit made. If it hopped to the side, my eyes followed, if it charged I either swung my stick or dodge to the side.

'Swing it down!!'


'Dodge to the left!'


'Swing it to the right!!!'


Little by little, I adapted to the straightforward charges and was finally able to get another hit in the rabbit.


Because of the lesser force exerted than earlier, the rabbit was only flung a fewer meters than before. But maybe because I was lucky, I was able to break the rabbit's leg bone during that one swing.

"Shit... This really hurts..."

I stood up using the stick as a support and headed towards the fallen rabbit. A bone was protruding out of its hind leg as it continued to writhe on the ground.

'I don't see any other form of wound on its body, only the hind leg. Maybe that was the reason why it only took two hits to disable...'

I raised the stick above my head to ready my swinging stance. Gripping with both my hands strongly, I gazed into the eyes of the rabbit. I swung it down, but stopped before the moment it was hit.

'Why are you hesitating now Drake? Kill it! It tried to kill you!'

'But... This is a living creature! I don't want to kill anything that breathes!!'

'Are you retarded!? Kill it already!!'

'I can't!!'

My mind continued to argue, but my body refused to agree. My arms started trembling from the thought of it taking a life of a living being.

"Shit... Fuck... What should I do..."

Anxiety built up within me as I continued this unproductive action. That is, until the rabbit glared fiercely at me while hissing.

'What the fuck am I hesitating for...? This isn't Earth… This is another world where the strong eats the weak. I can't show weakness in front of an adversary.'

My resolve was built up thanks to the dying rabbit glaring at me. Thanks to that, I was able to toss away the values I have been doing for years that might make me a dead man in this world.

"I won't hesitate. I will survive, by any means necessary."

And with that, I lifted the stick overhead, and swung it down towards the head of the rabbit.


Blood and brain matter exploded out and landed on the grasses and dirt, including my clothes.

"Oh god... Huup!?"

I faced backwards and puked out the contents of my stomach. Green bile flowed down from the grass and into the river, dirtying it even more. Thankfully, it was flowing downstream, so once I head upstream, the water will be safe to drink... That is, if I boil it first.

"Oh fuck... This feels gross...Huk!?"

I took another look back at the corpse and once again vomited out more bile. After calming down a few minutes later, I was able to face the corpse of the rabbit. For a modern man like me to encounter this scenario, it will definitely lead to vomiting.

I sat down under a tree nearby while dragging the corpse, as well as my stick naturally. After ripping out a piece of my clothes and wrapped it around my wound, did I ponder about my next action.

"Now... What should I do with this? I don't know how to dismantle corpses, and I also don't have a tool for it..."

I pondered for a while before reaching a conclusion.

"First, let me check the <Dimension Pocket>. How do I use it again?"

I recalled that TB didn't even give me the explanation to use it.

'When he returns... Actually, stop that train of thought. I don't want to experience that again...'

My body shivered just from remembering the pain that I underwent. Maybe thanks to that, the pain around my leg feels like a breeze compared to it.

"Hmm... Whatever, let's just do it."

I focused on the task at hand and made a serious face.

"<Dimension Pocket>."

A black hole appeared in front of me. It had the size of a travelling bag, and a window accompanied it on the side.

<Item List>

* 7 days worth of food and water

* Beginner's Book

'This looks cool... But the organizers are cheap... At least make it food and water for one month, as well as shelter...'

I poked on the window where the <Beginner's Book> was located and it was thrown out the next moment.

'This is... Dampening my motivation to read...'

It was an incredibly thick book! One that has at least 1000 pages or more!

"I'll read this next time once I find a place where I can settle down."

I placed the book back in the <Dimension Pocket> and deactivated the skill.

"Now then... How about I take a look at creating a dungeon?"

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