Kismet - Volume 1 - An Aria of Fire and Blood

by Love in the Galaxy Cafe

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Is anything worth fighting for...?

Having watched everything he once knew burn down before him, Kieru finds himself haunted by that question.

Feeling lost, empty and confused, the path forward becomes blurry.

In search for resolve, him along with others join the Deliverence, a legendary Order of warriors sworn to drive back the evil looking to swallow the world.

And so taking their first steps towards a future unknown, their training begins.

This is the beginning of a song born from the ashes.

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Early to judge properly but promising so far

So, it's still too early to give a fully detailed analysis and review, but judging by what you have now I can say that it has a promising future ahead. Depending on where you take it from here, that is.

The opening may have seemed iffy at first but then I read on and realized just what you were going for, and it segwayed perfectly into the first chapter. Same can be said for how Chapter 1 leads up to 2 so perfectly. The time jumps are handled really well and from just those chapters I think I'm invested enough to want to carry on.

  • I'm giving you a Style Score of 4 for now because I seem to enjoy the pace and fluidity of your writing. It's pleasing and pleasant, making it natural to read. Maybe it'll change and I should you a 3 instead but, for now, 4.
  • Story is a 3 because there's not much to rate yet. Depending on where it goes it may be changed.
  • Grammar is a 4 because it's all written pretty well.
  • And then you get a 3 for Kieru and other characters simply because I don't know them that well yet. Also subjective to change as they develop.


As promised, I'm updating this review now as of chapter 8.

Style score - 5

I thoroughly enjoy your writing, pacing and descriptions. Everything just reads pleasantly. 

Story score - 4

As of chapter 8 I'm very invested in the story, everything is unfolding well and it deserves a 4 at this point 

Character score - 4

This was previously a 3 because the story was only on chapter 3. But now, five chapters later, I can safely say that these characters deserve a 4. Kieru is a good lead, sometimes I feel as though I relate to him on many levels. The supporting cast is also full of memorable character. (Nobu is hilarious.) So yeah, 4 for all of them.

(P.S Miya is waifu.)

Grammar and spelling could be improved at some bits, though it isn't horrible. They're just minor mistakes which can even go unnoticed because of how good the general writing is. So I'll keep it at 4.


  • Overall Score

Well written, seems almost momomyth. Look forward to reading the rest.

  • Overall Score

Great story writing and in depth character development and good humor too. Good read 

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I can't wait for the chapters to come, I'm really enjoying it so far and I'd highly recommend this book to others!

I love that you keep your book up to date and you're uploading new chapters often

I didn't expect that beginning and that's what really caught my attention and I'm glad I did keep reading because it's a good book that I've read in a while

Your character development is good and you keep your audience happy (well, from my point of view) 

The story is progressing well and there aren't any unnecessary big loops and gap years and such

Miya is definitely waifu!!! And I also like that Oren guy, there seems to be more about him and I can't wait to find out what there is to still come

Lastly... For now... Chapter 8 was hilarious and I loved it to bits XD it added a nice break to the book and there was alot of good humour


Really love this book! 

  • Overall Score

I started reading this at chapter 3, and by then I was already interested, but I didn't want to get my hopes up because I was afraid that you'd drop it and never write it again (like many stories on this site.) But you carried on and you're planning on carrying on even further. So I'm happy for that because I'm really enjoting it so far. Its great and the characters are great too. Looking forward to the end


Timothy Ewurum
  • Overall Score

Just....amazing 😪❤

Cannot wait to see what else you create man. 

  • Overall Score

Enjoyable and intriguing

I was bullied to leave my score,but I still enjoyed the ride <3

Rustle Roots
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Kismet-Volume 1- A Song Written from Ash

The title immediately strikes me as an interesting tale, and once I delved into the first chapter, I was already swept away by the storytelling. The Author depicts a world that seems simple but there's more to the initial surface than what you'll see. So let's dive in shall we?



A Song Written from Ash provides a smooth narrative that makes you sweep through from the next chapter to the next one. 



The author has done a good job with writing in a clear and understandable manner. Quite free from errors, it's a quality that I applaud.



I was sold from the first chapter, and am excited where the story takes our protagonist along with their companions. I am looking forward for what will happen soon, it seems that things are going a bit 'slow' or rather 'calm' but it certainly hints to a future that will certainly be a ride



Kieru as a protagonist is likable and interesting, someone that you can relate to. As of now, the other characters are quite alright, they have personality and traits that distinguish one from the other, but seems a bit lacking compared to our protagonist. They're all lovely to read, and they all interact well and makes for an interesting group but we have still yet to know their history and background as compared to Kieru. So my initial score will probably change once I read some more.


I really like the story and can't wait to read for more!

  • Overall Score

Amazing book so far... Love all the characters and I can't wait for more♥️