I Got All The Spells But My Magic Stat Is One So I Became A Stage Magician But Found Out The Doom Spell Doesn't Care.

by Murasame

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

"In three minutes the afflicted target will suffer their final death."

Fangs Of A Coward:

Corai was transported to another world and had access to any spell as long as he knew the name. At first he thought this was amazing... but he found out his Magic stat was locked to 1 and everything besides HP and MP were below average.

After a failed career as a Adventurer he became a famous stage magician and actor ripping off media from Earth.

After ten years of being in this strange world... one day in the middle of a show gone wrong he ended up casting the Doom Spell. Now he only needed to avoid certain death for a good three minutes.

He was a coward after all.

Running away is something he should be good at...

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  • Overall Score

I've spent so much time looking for an mc that uses illusions as their main form of fighting. The writing is fantastic as well. So, yeah, check it out.

  • Overall Score

Why be a hero when you can be the screenwriter that pulls the strings? Corai is a liar and a puppeteer, the best kind of story to read

  • Overall Score

This story is much better than I expected from the title.

So far the MC has been thrown into rediculous situations that he has to get through with quick thinking and luck.

The MC is sometimes cowardly and sometimes heroic.

I am hoping for more char development in the future.

I am looking forward to what the author comes up with next.

young trash the immortal
  • Overall Score

This story is something that takes a newer look at the whole isekai genre. It isn't just another anti-hero harem strong lead cookie cutter story.


It's a story about an actor with a massive mana pool but without the magic stat to actually cast anything being given a spell to guarantee death at the cost of aggro and a timer. This gives us epic battles where deception and illusions are used to the fullest. You can think of Mysterio from Spiderman as a similarity.


Great story, fresh take on a genre, and well written battles (which are a must for an illusionist!)

Prince Corwin
  • Overall Score

Can we get a break Inbetween fights?

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Hunting For Home

I like it, but could we get something other than constant fights? I really want to get to know the characters more and see them develop.

End 4
  • Overall Score

Awesome little story, fun and not too serious. 

  • Overall Score

The greatest concept to ever bless this site

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Roll for 20!

Good style fo writing, check.

Really well done characters, check.

Good storyline and premise, check.


  • Overall Score

This is a neat and fairly original take on a time honored concept and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Basically the premise is a damage sponge mage who can defeat anyone given that he can distract them long enough. If that sounds interesting to you, then this will probably be right up your alley. 

Yu Hiro
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Action, Action, and More Action.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: How To Lie Even Harder

If you want a story filled with action, then this is the story for you! However, it's all action, with very few world building, which was given at the beginning. However, As we are only a few chapters in, I hope the author gets experience, because this story has potential. I would love to know more about this world.

Sanguine Rayzel
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A fun romp staring a master mage whos spells are all flash and no bang kinda like a pseudo illusionist. who must rely on his acting ability to pull bushit out of his as long enough for his posibly only lethal spell to kill.