2-10: Personal Matters


A note from psyMeat

This chapter would conclude Lilah and Misha relationship with Maliq, for now.(I lied) I hope the narrative was enough to justify/explain the character's decisions.

I had this idea for some time but sometimes the idea inside my head does not appear in the writing for some reason. If I missed something, please let me know in the comments. 

Warning: (a minor) explicit scene below. You'll know why it labeled minor.

The drag-away became a lovely walk when the lady had calmed down. Lilah started to ‘guide’ him towards the destination pressing her chest at him from the back. Her warmth blanketed him from the cool breeze as the light began to slowly disappear in the sky. Maliq could feel that she had given all of herself, body and soul, to him. He didn’t know how the arm-hug was any different than before, but he just knew it as a fact for some reason.

Is this how it feels being loved? - mused Maliq - it feels really nice. I might be just imagining it, but a nice feeling is a nice feeling.

The gate was sealed right after everyone entered the Haven. Either by strength or magic, a few Users had worked together to push the simple gate door close, a huge slab of stone in the middle section of the thick wall. However, their effort would be meaningless when there was another big hole at the wall.

Sure, the magi could do something about it but no one would think it would be as strong as the System’s wall. No one would feel safe enough with that floating inside their heads, and there was no doubt that this was also part of the big plan.

A few nights sleeping in fear, every User in the Haven would be forced to support the best candidate, aka Darlen if they want this part of the wall fixed properly. Living under that man’s ‘orders’ would also be a nightmare for him and Lilah. Who knows what crazy rules the man might cook up in his pot of nuts. Maliq’s protective instinct nudged him to do something about it before it was too little too late.

Access haven admin menu - Maliq mused out loud inside his head.

[Haven Administrative menu locked, access denied]
[No current Haven Manager found, The Duel requirement waived]
[Haven Managing right available for 40,000 points]
[Purchase Haven Managing right? Y/N]


Nothing had ever come free for him and he expected nothing ever will.

Each of the Giant Rats gave around five to ten points and their Ratmen variants max at forty to fifty points per-kill. Any single User would need to kill thousands them to get that many while still sustaining their life without spending the points. The price is steep. No single person could have gathered as many points in short three weeks, and no one would have spent twenty thousand worth of points unless they had plenty more to spare.

Maliq had a lot to spare. Managing the Haven would be troublesome in many ways, but it would be definitely a lot better than letting Darlen have the reign. Maliq had compromised before but he could never let it happen now.

Sure, why the hell not? - thought Maliq - and set the announcement in a later date - he added before it was too late to stop the System.

[Points deducted]
[User Maliq is now the Haven Manager]
[System wide announcement postponed]


That was one pain out of his butt - assess Haven’s condition - he gave out a mental order.

[Assessing the Haven general condition]
[Haven’s wall damage detected]
[Total 2450 points will be needed to repair the section of the wall]
[Repair the wall? Y/N]


Maliq agreed to it mentally and dismissed the screen. He would look at the viable options later rather than now, as there was still a lot of other things in his head.

The ground rumbled as hundreds of silvery vines pulled the crumbled parts of the wall back together. The repair process worked slower than a spell, but in a few minutes, the wall was back in its pristine white condition. Both of them stood and watched the wall repair itself in silent wonder. He imagined that other Users in the Haven should have felt or heard the rumble and investigated the source of the disturbance. Darlen’s plan to control the people with fear should be spoiled, for now.

“Thank you,” she cajoled, “you did that, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s my fault, and so, I have to fix it,” he said, “you must have had it hard, you and Misha both.”

“Mmm-hmm,” she agreed as they turned and continued to walk with her head on his shoulder.

“But Misha should have someone else already, right?” Maliq probed.

“OH!? how did you know?” Lilah looked at him with eyes wide open.

“Then why-”

“It’s only ONE single time,” Lilah emphasized. “She had tried to explore her options, and she regretted it. Misha had been on this touchy mood ever since.”

“Oh, the big sister is defending the little sister. Conflict of interest detected,” he joked but it had earned him a scowl, a gorgeous one.

“I don’t how you know about it, but I’m more surprise you still cared about her. I thought you would’ve thrown her away for that one little mistake she made.”

“I could’ve,” Maliq chuckled, “but I know some part of it is my fault, I could never put all the blame on her.”

“Only some part?” Lilah asked in disbelief, “her first experience is with you, and she became addicted because of you, and then you left her for three long weeks,” she reprimanded him. “I’ve slept with other men before, regrettably, but do you want to judge me because of that?”

“It’s only three weeks, surely she could handle a few more days,” Maliq avoided the question the best he could.

“But she doesn’t know for a fact that you’ll be back or not!” Lilah exclaimed while trying not to scream at him. She was trying hard in the way her fingers digging into his skin. “Misha hardly knows you as she has only met you a few days before you left her, how in the world she could be sure that you would even return?”

Maliq couldn't argue with that. He knows that he will return eventually, but another person would never know that for sure. Not even Lilah herself. It was kind of unfair for him to ask Misha to act on blind faith alone. It also told him how much faith Lilah had had on him while waiting for him to return in this uncertain world.

Lilah sighed as she pulled him closer, “Misha is still living in a dream.”

“A dream?”

“We have talked a lot, Maliq," she started. "Misha grew up secluded in a mansion, and like any other spoiled rich girls, she grew up with fairy-tales books with perfect handsome princes inside her head. Normally, she’d grow out of them, but now she discovered that magic is real. The fairy-tales aren’t just tales anymore to her.”

Maliq chuckled in disbelief, “she couldn’t be waiting for her white knight, right?”

“That’s the worst, as she doesn’t know that she is, Maliq,” Lilah sighed in defeat, “she is in love with you, I know this, but that one part of her brain just doesn’t want to admit it.”

Maliq wanted to ask Lilah if she was sure about that, but her eyes already answered the question. She was daring him to ask such obvious question with such intense staring, beautiful eyes. Maliq decided to go the other way around.

“You don’t mind to share me with Misha?”

Lilah almost jumped out of his arm before hugged it back tight. The question that many women would find grudgingly easy to answer.

Choose either one of us.

But it was hard for Lilah to come out with the answered. She was debating it within herself and he knew it was very hard for her, for any women to make up their mind. Maliq gave her time while they walked, and hopefully, she’d change her mind.

“I’ve wanted nothing more than you for me alone,” Lilah suddenly admitted, “but at the same time, I don’t want Misha to suffer on her own, you know. I rather have her with me and you than some other men who would use her against you.”

“Throwing a girl away for her one little mistake is a huge mistake on itself,” said another voice inside his head.

It was Laksya’s. The Mother of the brothel which he once lived in.

Choices. It’s a fucking hard thing to do.

Lilah walked in silence before she pulled him into a courtyard with a modern villa in the middle of it. Its lack of glass windows didn’t compromise the nice design of the modern two-story building. Not that much as the mysterious shine from the [Light Crystals] had added to its unique look. Not many buildings stood in the bigger circle of walls and it was certainly a luxury to have even the incomplete villa.

Misha might be able to make glasses if I continue to guide her - Maliq sighed inside.

“It’s just for show as we sleep underground, like everyone else here. It’s safer.”


“Some men had decided to make their own rules, and it became easier to sleep with thick earth in between.”

“As if the monsters aren’t enough,” Maliq mumbled in agreement.

“I can’t say they aren’t guilty. But most of them had been broken by the sudden change. They calmed down after some of the girls decided to comfort them. It became an open and mutual benefit relationship. Things are shaky, but holding.”

“Most women have better mental fortitude than most men, that is why they are mothers and better magi. Things will shift upside-down when women learn to insert their own rules.”

“How do you know that?”

“I’ve been there, a country where women hold the power,” Maliq chuckled, “and it’s scary to even think about it.”

“Why? Is there no powerful men to protect them from other men?”

“There’s that kind of ‘family’ too, but rare, too rare to have a kind patriarch who won’t ask for anything. Men like that don’t live long, as they are an object of other men’s hate and jealousy. Even in their own family.”

“You hadn’t asked for anything back then,” she quipped.

“It’s a gamble. I intend to live forever,” he quipped and pushed her to the wall, “and I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted from you.”

“Yes, you’ve stole my heart,” she complained while breathing hard.

Maliq watched Lilah’s majestic chest raise and fell before he closed into her lips. He let her anticipation up for too long until she pulled him by the neck. Their lips met in a violent smack but none of them even noticed it.

Delilah moaned as he groped her breast and deformed the very soft very lovable piece of round meat in his hand as he liked. Her breath became more erratic when both of the fine breast were jousted around in their confinement. Maliq had so much of her already but it felt like would never be enough.

After he had enjoyed her lips and pair of breast, Maliq went down to enjoy the wet lower lips. He removed all of the petty obstacles and pushed his face into the chubby, mount of flesh. The lady wailed in surprise and pleasure even if she knew it was coming.

He perfectly knows how much women loved men eating them down there, and he had learned to enjoy their amorous reaction to it. Lesbians had existed for a few reasons, and not being satisfied enough by men was one of them. He kept eating and French-kissing the drenched pussy, and he only took a short breather while kissing her inner thighs. Lilah moaned like she had lost her mind, and at the end, screamed a few times until her shaky hands pulled his hair up to stop him.

Himself was wonderfully as hard as meaty-metal-pole, thanks to her shameless reaction as she came on his face a few times in a row. His cock felt so hard like he could pound ten women, but it was best to leave it for last.

Lilah was more sexy with her modern split-on-the-side dark-blue cheongsam after he removed the loose trouser below. Her smooth thighs were struggling to push herself up, and she was still standing only because he was holding her.

“Do you have any tissue?” she asked the lady who was still breathing hard while her love juice was dripping down onto the floor.

“Oh, Maliq,” she kissed his wet face slurping all of her own love juice on his face. It was kinda hot when women did that to him.

“But I mean it for you,” he said to her as he was met with wide-open eyes.

“You won’t put it in… you don’t want me?” she asked as her eyes danced in a worry.

“OH, I WANT YOU,” said Maliq, meaning every word of it, “but now might not be the time,” he turned towards the peeping Misha.

The said girl herself had sprawled on the floor just behind the corner wall. She had joined them a little early than he had expected and witnessed his pussy eating ritual.

Maliq and Lilah cleaned themselves up a little before they went to get Misha out from her lonely corner of guilt. She already stood up with her thighs squished together under the skirt, and her face as red as her lips. He extended his hand towards her before she hesitantly grabbed it.

“I won’t dump you just because you have been tricked by another man,” he said in a calm and humoring manner.

“How, how did you know?”

“You won’t be here if that wasn’t the case,” said Maliq, “you’ll be introducing him to me proudly. That’s the picture I have inside my head.”

“I’ve could, I’ve could have tricked you.”

“No, it would’ve been impossible, you’ll be too proud to lie your way around.”

And I’ll be stupid if I chase you away - thought Maliq - you’ll just end up in some other men’s arms that I might not approve. Shit, now I sound like a doting father inside my own head.

To think very selfishly, Maliq still could use Misha, one way or the other. He also could trust her to love Lilah enough to not stab him in the back. It would become a lose-lose situation if he cast her away like a used rag. It would be utterly stupid.

Lilah was also right. The enemy will use Misha against him. He also didn’t like to picture her at the end of his spell.

“You are here because you want to be here, that is enough for me,” he added.

Misha reached out and wrapped her arms around him as the result. Her fingers clawed at his back similar to Lilah.

Besides, he had dealt with far worse women for already tens of years in the brothel. Comparing the naive Misha to all those women, what she had done was nothing, but she wouldn’t get out scot-free either. A lesson needed to be taught and learned.

“I’ll forgive you Misha, but you’ll be in a probation period,” he whispered.

“What probation period?”

“No sex probation period.”

“What!?” she shrieked in shock, “wha-what about o-oral?”

“I don’t know, maybe?”

Maliq winced at a hard pinch from behind. Lilah was glaring at him, but he didn’t know what that glare meant. Was she mad about he denying Misha? Or because he gave a ‘maybe’ to oral? Lilah might get possessive on that.

God, why don’t you just say it, woman! - he glared at her back.

Lilah rolled her eyes, “I think you being too harsh on her. You said it yourself that she had been tricked.”

Maliq groaned, “okay, I’ll think about it. But for now, only cuddling is allowed for her.”

Of course, Maliq had no plan to change his decision as with this probation her true feeling would emerge from deep within her. Would she love her savior? Or Maliq as who he really is? Only time will tell.

The end.

“That won’t do,” Lilah denied his happy ending, “I’ll need you two to come in terms with one another.”

Maliq looked at his woman and the lady stared at him as stubborn. Misha needed to be clear with her own feelings or she forever be weak to others machining. He knew she was right, but he hated this heart to heart talk.

“I’ll get the bath ready,” Lilah gave his cheek a kiss before walking away.

Maliq already had forgotten where they were while he was eating up Lilah, and it appeared that they were near to some sort of underground living room. The might have salvaged the surrounding to have a carpet and a few pillows in the room. It’s a perfect place to lazy around. The air was also fresh, thanks to the [Air Runestone] placed on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Maliq preferred candles or a fire-pit than the [Light Crystals] on the walls as the dancing fire gave him a weird sense of peace. He sat on one of the pillows, and make himself comfortable for even more talk.

“Come sit,” he asked with his eyes closed so he wouldn’t intimidate her with the annoyance which was brewing in him.

“Where?” she asked unsure.

“Anywhere you feel comfortable.”

Maliq heard the sound off her clothes as she walked towards him.

“Anywhere?” she asked again.

“For fuck’s sake, Misha, please.”

Maliq waited for her with eyes closed before he felt her soft bums on his thigh as she sat on his folded legs. He tried not to be surprised but his body still stirred a little. She wrapped her arms around him as she rested on his chest. She was cuddling him like a spoiled child to her father.

“Are you trying to seduce your way in?”

“No!” she exclaimed, “it just… it feels safe here in your arms.”

Shit, am I her father figure? - Maliq asked himself inside.

“What are me to you, girl?” he asked and waited for her answer in silence.

Misha took her sweet time before her voice was heard again.

“If you asking me do I love you, then, I don’t think I have the same feeling as Lilah's. I think I love her more than you,” Misha’s body tensed as if she had misspoken.

Her finger tightened around his clothes’ fabric, afraid that she would be thrown off his lap. Honestly, Maliq didn’t know how to react to that. Misha couldn’t have been a lesbian in the making as she still wanted a man around.

“But you still want to be in my arms and have sex?”

“Yes, and big yes.”

“Because nobody else is worth it at the moment?”

“Yes to that too.”

“You sound like an opportunist bitch, you know that?”

“I… I know,” her body curled into a ball from dejection, “and I’m sorry. But I have no else. I only have you and Lilah.”

“I’m not your father, and I don’t run a charity for spoiled brats.”

“Yes, I know that!” her hands clenched at him. “But please, the arrangement is good, no? And extra pussy you could pound on without any attachment. I’ll be your exclusive bitch. I don’t know, but maybe even forever. I’ll do anything you ask.”

Exclusive bitch? Is this girl serious? Is that mean I’m her apocalyptic sugar-daddy? What the fuck? - Maliq cursed inside.

“For fuck’s sake, Misha, you making this hard.”

“It’s not that hard, just listen to yourself, you want me, right? It’s hard to let me go, right? I want you too, I can’t let go of you, but… I can’t, I can’t say I love you as Lilah does.”

Her declaration stumped him. What in the world he should do now?

“Please, Maliq, I need you,” she begged like a spoiled brat to her father, begging for a branded bag.

Misha pressed her lips on his unwilling lips. She kept at it until Maliq kissed her back. Her body squirmed in happiness before tears rolled down her cheek. She might be really in love with him as happy tears rarely lie.

Maliq smacked the bitch’s butt hard. He smacked her a few times more while they kissed, as this was the worst kind of ending anyone could think of.




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