{The Dragon Within}; Daughter of Storm

{The Dragon Within}; Daughter of Storm

by SlyOkami

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Brought to you by the Author of;

Our Chaoz; Our Reality

And a continuation of;

The Dragon Within

I present you Erika, daughter of the golden storm Dragon Erikathyr and chosen Legend Theaviss.

On her 16th birthday, she was caught in the mischevious plots of creatures beyond.

Erika now finds herself lost in an unknown and relentless world.

Striving to survive, follow Erika through her adventure back home, and all that she faces in between.

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Table of Contents
58 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1 - The Book ago
Ch 2 - Far From Home ago
Ch 3 - Introductions ago
Ch 4 - I am Dragon ago
Ch 5 - Force of Will ago
Ch 6 - Resignation of Resolve ago
Ch 7 - The Shaman ago
Ch 8 - Weekend Trial ago
Ch 9 - The Red Flag ago
Ch 10 - Tailed Flag Bearer ago
Ch 11 - Blood Oath ago
Ch 12 - The Father Part 1 ago
Ch 12 - The Mother Part 2 ago
Ch 12 - The Orphan Part 3 ago
Interlude - A Scythe, A Devil and an old Friend walk into the veil. ago
Ch 13 - A New War - Part 1 ago
Ch 13 - Fates - Part 2 ago
Ch 13 - Faiths - Part 3 ago
Ch 14 - Doubtful Trust ago
Ch 15 - The Stronger Monster ago
Ch 16 - Silverhide ago
Ch 17 - Within The Blood ago
Ch 18 - Tidings ago
Ch 19 - It's Bleak ago
Ch 20 - Worth Dying For ago
Ch 21 - On The March ago
Ch 22 - Like Fire ago
Ch 23 - Rivers and Ghosts of time ago
Ch 24 - Dancing Lights ago
Ch 25 - Fury of the Revenant ago
Ch 26 - Fury of the lost ago
Ch 27 - Clash through fate ago
Ch 28 - Clash through history ago
Ch 29 - Bonds ago
Ch 30 - Clash through time - Part 1 ago
Ch 30 - Clash through time - Part 2 ago
Short Break + Update ago
Ch 31 - A Claim On Truth ago
Ch 32 - Like Father, Like Daughter. ago
Ch 33 - Meat For The Maw ago
Ch 34 - Like Father, Like Sons. ago
Ch 35 - The Unrelenting - Part 1 ago
Ch 35 - The Unrelenting - Part 2 ago
Ch 36 - My Shoulders ago
Ch 37 - Dreams - Part 1 ago
Ch 37 - Dreams - Part 2 ago
Ch 38 - The Judge, The Champion, The Chosen. ago
Ch 39 - Thankful ago
Ch 40 - Chance and Fate ago
Ch 41 - Unwriting Destiny ago
Ch 42 - At Your Service ago
Ch 43 - Shock n Awe ago
Ch 44 - The Sky Beckons ago
Ch 45 - Siblings - Part 1 ago
Ch 45 - Siblings - Part 2 ago
Ch 46 - I Am, Lightning ago
Ch 47 - Remembering Fear ago
Ch 48 - Release - Part 1 ago

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Elliot Moors


The style is overall clean and easy to read, with short, snappy paragraphs. It complements the story well, which is largely focused on fight scenes. However, the style is pulled down slightly by clunky and overly purple prose.

Regardless, it flows pretty smoothly, which is a big plus.


The grammar is mostly competent, with a moderate amount of mistakes here and there. It could be improved with some editing, but it's certainly readable as is.


The setting is classical fantasy affair, but the worldbuilding is very deep. This is largely due to, I believe, the previous installments in the story, which have allowed the author to introduce added depth to the setting over time. I would say that is probably also the most interesting aspect of the story. Everything has an epic scale to it.


The characters display individuality. While a little two-dimensional at this point in the story, you can easily read their individual personalities. The main character also displays a good amount of character growth, and has a clearly defined goal, which definitely helps lift up the story and pull along the narrative.


Pick this up if you enjoy deep lore with lots of named characters, large-scale fight scenes, and/or fantastical creatures and magic. The author also seems to upload frequently, with two previous installments in the series already completed, which is always a plus.


Best book ever! Draws you in and never lets go!

Reviewed at: Ch 44 - The Sky Beckons

edit: chapter 44: omg i love you thank you! this chapter is soo interesting! cant wait till the next chap! I love my babies soo freaking much!

Edit:chapter 43: still freaking awesome! it just keeps getting better as the story goes on! Though I miss her brothers though! where the heck are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need my michevious twins to get some action man! SlyOkami-san please! i haven't seen my babies since chapter 34! that's 12 chapters! ;-;  also I'm loving the diversity in the characters and Erika's character development! The way u paint her struggles and fights just draws me in and I feel like I'm right there watching whats happening first hand! though it be nice if there was a reminder on her companians roles... on that note................ i still haven't forgiving you for what happened in chapter 31- i know it was necessary for character development but I'm still sad! anyway erika is so awesome can't wait for more chapters

(original review~~~~~~Sorry for not being too good at review, especially advanced ones, but here i go.....

 Each of the characters are new and fresh. the grammar is good and the story flows without any breaks. everything is detailed, but not too much. so far the character development is absoulutley amazing! after being a reader for a long time you tend to see that the sequel is just the first book rewritten, but with this book you did the exact opposite! the story is fresh, and although previous characters from the first book are in there, you didn't make this a rerun of what happened! you gave us readers something unexpected and i thank you from the bottom of my heart! thank you so much for all your hard work and i just want you to know that you are appreciated and this has to be one of my most favorite webnovels of all time!


(p.s.- i love your story!! thank you so much for writting a seqel to The Dragon Within!!!! You write so well and your stories are easy to read!!! thank you for your hard work!)