Benji and The World Spike

by dustinparker

Original HIATUS Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Ruling Class Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

What happens when an all-powerful, inter-dimensional being named Bob gets bored?  Benji Ferrell never thought he would need to know the answer to that question.  Turns out that Bob sends out The World Spike to mix things up a bit.  Benji soon finds his peaceful life thrown into chaos.  Turns out that underneath the facade of a perfect utopia created by a one world government lies resentment, greed, and evil.  The good news is that The World Spike gave him, and everyone else, magic powers and their own personal A.I. helper to protect themselves.  The bad news is that everyone now has magic powers. 



The cover image was taken from a royalty free picture website. 

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  • Overall Score

Fun read! Maybe a Little over-op potential but good writing.

Reviewed at: Chapter 29

I’m enjoying the story a lot!  Some logic gaps from the 4th perspective (readers perspective), and I see potential for some crazy opp-ness, but author hasn’t made it manifest in a bad way, which is good. 

So fun characters, good writing, enjoyable story.. I’m looking forward to more!