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On a remote planet, life had always been the same. The same cycle of birth and death, over and over.

That is, until one day, the world changed. Beings from out there, out of the endless beyond came to the planet and nothing would ever be the same. The cycle would be forever changed.


Note: If someone wants to make a better Coverpicutre, feel free, I know that my image-creating skills are abyssmal. 

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Spec-ops psion meets dragons. It’s still too early in the novel to say that this will be good for sure, however Scarlet already features Tsaimath’s flowing style and ruthless, no-nonsense protagonist.


I would advise readers who enjoyed “Jaded Life” to give it a try and add this to their bookmarked list.


I advise readers who don’t know “Jaded Life” to read it ASAP.

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basically psionic Pokemon with more realism and less child-friendly shit.

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Grim Dark Pokemon with Prison power dynamics

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

Well, the title basically says it all. The story is about a planet in a sci-fi world that hosts some pokemon expis that are harvested by the local interstellar polity for materials. Now the pokemon planet has some anti-technology field, so they can't do it directly and need psions to dominate the pokemon to have them fight and harvest for them.

Since the whole affair is pretty dangerous and we're talking an evil capitalist interstellar polity here they're using convicts as slave labour. That's where our protagonist comes in. Being a slum-grown psion she somehow managed to get in conflict with the heir of some megacorp and put her into coma. So she gets transferred to said planet to "protect" her from the vengeance of the Plutocrats.

This isn't the out-of-the-way post she expected, but a prison/death camp for the most hardy prisoners. Immediately proven in the introduction by Dr. Oak who quickly kills one of the prisoners for attacking him. Prison/labour camp power dynamics ensue especially since it becomes more and more clear this whole affair is for life. (Likely short life)

Overall I'm not sure why this is called a parody. It's just a grim dark version of pokemon with a hardass MC.

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Not a lit rpg, but definite progression fantasy elements. The whole world is interesting so far. As the other guy said pokemon type creatures with psionic trainers. lead seems to be an anti parady of red from pokemon.

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This has rocketed to among my favorites

Reviewed at: Chapter 45

This is now in my top favorites... Even if Scarlet is a bit more on the evil side, I'm still drawn to her as a character. I can understand how society would have influenced and created her and am so looking forward to seeing how she grows and changes as she gains in power.

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Pokemon by another name..

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Some basic faults with sentence continuity can be jarring.

Otherwise an enjoyable read about a sci fi pokemon story.