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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Laying down in a prone position, I feel the cold invading my entire body, I didn’t mind it nor the small pebbles underneath me. The night was dead and the moonless sky was filled with clouds, no light serve before me. However…

< Activating natural eyes>

Without using any N.V.D, I was able to see in the dark. Everything lightened up as if it became day, I look at the scope in order to find my next target. A hideous figure was looking around in the intersection of the deserted town, it has a similar size of standing polar bear and has numerous enormous size hands with sharp claws.

On the scope, there was a sky blue symbol  ??, I slowly change my rifle’s position and it turned into dark blue. It is a lethal hit, but it has a chance it will live. I change it again and this time it turned red. It was a clear sign that the target will die by pulling the trigger.

So I immediately pulled it without hesitation.


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Ashtal Leb Azure

Ashtal Leb Azure

Ashtal Leb Azure

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Just finished ch.3 so far the story seems interesting enough for me to continue reading but I have a few issues with it. My main one is that there are grammar mistakes through out each chapter, it doesn’t stop you from reading but it is inconvenient and also breaks the flow.(I would recommend using grammarly) Next is that while information on his life while on Earth is important I believe that unless it is going to affect anything it should be kept to a minimum.(More or less my opinion doesn’t need to warrant any significance) So overall, it needs a grammar touch up but other than that it pretty good.