"It…" Starry Mouse frowned comically, her tiny brows scrunching up in such intense concentration that they practically fused together.

"It Pwin!" she declared.

"Pwin?" Lily was confused.

"Pwin!" Starry Mouse declared once more. "This flower is Pwin!"

She hopped on the spot, then turned and pointed at Mrs Lee's wedding photo. "Mommy is Pwin!"

"Ah." Lily smiled. "Do you mean pretty?"

She frowned, decided the specific syllables and intonations of the word "pretty" was not suitable for the infantile yet complex impression of elegance she had in mind, shook her head, and grinned. "Big sister Lily is Pwin!"

Lily laughed, stroking her hands through Starry Mouse's "Pwin" hair. "Alright, what's that?"

Starry Mouse stared at the large grandfather clock Lily gestured to and went deep into thought.








Starry Mouse laughed happily. "Big bongby is pwin! Big bonby go bong~" she imitated the sound of a clock's chime.

Lily wasn't sure how to respond to that, so she smiled encouragingly and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.

"Oooh." Starry Mouse suddenly dashed to the fish tank and pressed her chubby face against the glass. There was an angry crayfish at the bottom, and a small electronic goldfish toy swimming around.

"Pwin fishy." Starry Mouse murmured.

"That's not a real fish, Starry Mouse," Lily said on her way back, sipping from a mug. "What are you going to call it this time?"

Starry Mouse considered.

"Ummmmm… I call it… Sofocles."

Lily spat out her tea.


"No…" Starry Mouse changed her mind, unaware. "No Sofocles. Ummmm… ooh! Robofishy!"

Starry Mouse nodded her head in a self-satisfied manner. "Robofishy!"

Lily relaxed and continued to drink her tea. She heard keys being inserted into the door and turned around.

It was Mrs Lee, she's wearing a face mask and holding bags of shopping. She cleaned her hands with hand sanitiser, got out a can of disenfectant and began spraying herself madly.

"Mommy!" Starry Mouse cried happily. "Big sister Lily show me a pwin flower, and then a big bongby which go bong, and then the… the robofishy! The pwin robofishy! The pwin robofishy and the pwin flower and the pwin bongby!"


Absolutely bamboozled, Mrs Lee helplessly turned to Lily.

Holding her tea, Lily laughed. "She had a fabulotastic day."


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