Price of Ascension

by gill22

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Dungeon Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Reincarnation Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

As a strange phenomenon happens on earth, the world changed. People wonder if it is even earth anymore, new races and monsters appeared, and humans struggled to survive in this new environment. The story starts 400 years into the future as humans lives are somewhat stable.


We follow the story of Roland Fyne, a retired soldier who is struggling with a serious injury and trying to get his life on track once again. In this harsh world with humans struggling to keep a strong foothold with the strength they gained from this changing world, Roland will climb his way up and uncover the mysteries as we follow his adventure

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To read, or not to, that is a question

(chapter 6)

If you think that the description is mildly interesting at least, give this story a go, I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Story: a natural 5/5 not really different from what the description says.

Style: a natural 4.5/5 not the very best of the site, but it's decent and doesn't hinder your reading experience.

Grammar: it is 4/5 because the weird sentences and random mistakes are rare and usually unnoticeable as your brain fills the gaps.

Characters: it is actually my favorite part of the story. Best character is Daisy, but the others are at least presentable let's say.

Nah, the characters are good, imma stop joking around and leave you to form your own opinions about it.