Elrich Saga Yellow Springs Book One

by Brandi McClure

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A young college student gets killed and accidentally saves the world. As thanks, a group of gods decide to give him a second life. They send him to Elrich, a world with monsters, demons, and where adventures await. However, his goddess liaison is a bit of an airhead and messed up his reincarnation. What sort of place awaits him in this world full of danger and uncertainty?
This world is harsh, not at all the fantasy fluff and harems he'd imagined. Will he be able to keep his sanity with death around every corner?

This story has LGBTQ friendly themes. It touches on drug use, child molestation, rape, children committing murder, death sentencing as a form of punishment, and questioning one's sexual identity. There are some harsh themes, since this is meant to be a harsh world. Some themes touch upon the MC directly, the others happen to secondary characters. I try not to go into too graphic of detail and I believe that this story is 16+ friendly. I promise that these themes tie together in the end to make a cohesive whole and are used to provide back story for later developments.

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Brandi McClure

Brandi McClure

Word Count (13)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 I Get into a Fight with a Gorilla ago
Chapter 2 I Sort of Save the World ago
Chapter 3 I Count A Lot ago
Chapter 4 I Become a Gamer ago
Chapter 5 Amoris Becomes the Goddess of Chocolate ago
Chapter 6 I Become a Chew Toy ago
Chapter 7 I Break the Law ago
Chapter 8 I am Employed ago
Chapter 9 I Eat Dinner with a Queen ago
Chapter 10 I Take a Bath ago
Chapter 11 I Don't Pet the Bunny ago
Chapter 12 I Find Out I'm a Sex Maniac ago
Chapter 13 I Meet Justice Part A ago
Chapter 13 I Meet Justice Part B ago
Chapter 14 I Get Drunk ago
Chapter 15 I Shop 'Til I Drop Part A ago
Chapter 15 I Shop 'Til I Drop Part B ago
Chapter 16 I Intended to be Good ago
Chapter 17 Happy Birthday ago
Chapter 18 Tai Chi Monster Style ago
Chapter 19 Old Man Emissions ago
Chapter 20 We have a Party ago
Chapter 21 A Party in the Rain ago
Chapter 22 I Pick a Fight with a Nun ago
Chapter 23 I See Red ago
Chapter 24 I Take it Easy ago
Chapter 25 I Become an Orator ago
Chapter 26 A Hikin' We Will Go Go GO! ago
Chapter 27 A Sticky Situation ago
Story of Revenge Part 1 ago
Chapter 28 Mysterious Monster and Warm Fuzzies ago
Chapter 28 Mysterious Monster and Warm Fuzzies ago
Elrich Yellow Springs Book Two ago

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OP portal fiction, the story relies a bit too hard on "because gods." Way too much tell, very little show. The story, as little of it as there is, is not... good. Everything starts pretty normal, 100% on board. Then it flips to straight dude getting mind raped into flipping. But shhhhh it's "okay" mind rape, the good kind (?). Because I gave the mind rape skills a PG name, we're good, right? Then it jumps into the hijinks of gods, then the gods start pretty much doing everything. He kinda gets forcibly married to another dude, against his will. The dude with the rated PG mind rape skills. I think it was around the 4th or 5th flavor of "not exactly rape by the definition of rape in FL" rape that I just had to call it quits. Chapter 15. It was just infinite rape at that point, the MC was practically wearing a mind control collar (belly button piercing, also against his will) to a sex priest. I know "definitely straight man flips sides for reasons" is an ancient and important form of erotica to some people. But it's important to note that the MC does not question his sexual identity leading up to this, everyone else does. There are hints in the synopsis and the story that he's only straight because trauma? Part of me wants to see the author spin that, but mostly, nope. None of this is my cup of tea.


Is this a formal literature or self-fulfilling novel?

First of all, I personally hate divine intervention "AFTER" the transmigration proper. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Then the theme, the story is like self fullfilling novel like 'I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless' (a jp tl novel). The blessings is similar actually. Just that the blessings of the MC here is more overpowered. But then the author decided to set the setting, then it's not self fullfilling anymore...  " I like character development and world building, so I should start describing every little things" -- and in my opinion, it didn't go well.

Dropping this.


The title is two leters away from "Eldritch", mentions a specific color by name, and is tagged "Mythos". As of chapter "15" nobody has made any inquiries as to whether anyone else has or has not seen a yellow sign.

There have been some subtle indications of hidden darkness, but those keep being explained away. Like "we are having a hard time with too many souls choosing not to reincarnated" is explained away as the afterlife being too nice. Or "the main character's race is unknown but he has a power to 'hide among the masses'" is explained away as just a suckybus. Or "the MC nearly had his soul rent assunder by the revelation of the truth of his existence" just gets hand waved. Weird things like that....

Honestly though, this is all perfect for Hastur the Unspeakable. The King In Yellow is, after all, A Play in Two Acts. Act One at the masquerade where all must play their appointed roles, and Act Two in which all the world is stripped of it's masks revealing the horror beneath.

If the mythos tag is not actually, misplaced the author has done an OUTSTANDING job of crafting masks to be subtly off yet still disarming. Otherwise it is just a barely passable "romantic" litRPG/isekai. Rating as it stands.


A lot of thoughts and care

In this story, neither the plot or setting are re-inventing the wheel, with a lot of it being cliché and predictable to an extent. The author also tends to spend an inordinate amount of time on mundane elements (such as descibing the characters' meals in great details).

However, it is clear a lot of thoughts and care went into this novel, to craft a believeable world, to use clichés in a sensible manner that makes sense in-universe (I know! Preposterous!), and to deliver good, likeable characters and a protagonist with immense potential but also flawed who is neither a pushover nor an OP bulldozer. A very emotionally human protagonist, all in all. Well, I like him.

So this story is not the greatest new thing since sliced bread, but it is immensely enjoyable, and while cliché at times, it brings enough original twists and intellgent coherence to the mix to make it entertaining.

Objectively, I'm not sure it fully deserves a 5 stars rating. But as a measure of my enjoyment (and considering I binged the entire thing in a day, including the chapters not yet released on royal road), yes it does.