Shaun was frantically trying to recall if the young man had, in fact, used his phone to take pictures as he made his escape.

He went to ask the dynamic duo if they had noticed or not, he was about to open his mouth when he thought, “Before they can answer, they need to know what a phone was, or maybe skip over the phone explanation and tell them about cameras. Then he would need to ….. shit, not enough time. Don’t bother asking.”

He closed his eyes.

Did the young man take photos?

As he was attempting to recall, it occurred to him that he had entered a hospital filled with cameras, the cops were almost certainly going to ask for the recordings, it didn’t matter if the young turd had photos or not.

They were busted.

He opened his eyes.

Karkit had a worried look on his face as he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I was just thinking.”

Cleaver said, “Did it hurt?”

“Don’t be a smart ass.”

Cleaver said to Karkit, “I was being serious, his face looked like it was in pain.”

He was going to tell him to shut up, but given they ignored that, he stopped himself from saying it. He considered slapping the hulk but wasn’t sure if he would be slapped back. He had seen him almost split a car in half, what would he do to his face?


Returning to the dead car?

Not an option.

Walking along the road with Mr. Big and Mr. Small now every cop has their ugly mugs in front of them.

Not an option.

Climb the fence out of the hospital grounds, head through the farm land until they reached the beach about three hours walk away. Stupid heat would make it hard, but given the other limited options, it looked like the best one.

The sun was starting to dip under the horizon, that would help. So would the dark. Except he wouldn’t be able to see.

Except they both had infra vision and could see in the dark.

He thought, “Did I just make a reasonable plan?”

He pointed to the fences in the direction of the beaches. “We are going that way. Follow me.”

He was already sweating more than he should, but he walked as fast as he dared to. Climbing the fence proved a problem. Firstly, it was higher than it looked. Secondly, for some bizarre reason it had razor barbs covering the top of the fence.

“Why would they do that?” Shaun asked himself while looking at the barbs.

Karkit simply said, “Cleaver” while pointing directly at the fence. Cleaver approached it, placed his fingers into the wire netting, and pulled outwards. The wire ripped apart like a fragile spider web.

Shaun said, in amazement, “Exactly how strong are you?”


They all walked through the fence and headed into the farmland. It was cabbage farming. So many cabbages. Rows of them. And no shelter.

After thirty minutes of stepping over the rows, the sprinklers turned on. Cold water sprayed into the air in a think mist, coming down on them all to instantly cool them off.

As the sun disappeared, with the sprinklers doing their thing, Shaun was feeling fairly good about himself.

To add to their luck, a large enough group of trees was ahead of them. They had found a place to hide. No more walking.

They reached the trees, Karkit made a surprising half decent shelter from branches and rope he was carrying with him. Thirty minutes later, with the dark of night as their cover, Shaun was semi comfortable.

He even thought that this may even be better than under the bridge, with the added bonus of a half orc guard and reasonable company in the mouthy goblin.

Shaun looked at his two companions. He had played them on Defenders of Krondor for about one year for each of them. They were, in a way, his only friends for the last few years. Cleaver felt like the physically unbeatable fighter who protected the groups he was in.

Nothing like him at all.

And Karkit, the weak goblin who more than made up for his size and strength with his magic.

“Fuck.” Shaun said louder than he expected. “Shit, Karkit, you’re a magic user.”

With a confused look on Karkit’s face, he said, “Yes.”

“You cast spells.”

Karkit looked at Cleaver, unsure if he was hearing the right question given how obvious it was. “Yes.”

“You cast spells.” Shaun almost shouted.

Cleaver said, “You need to be quiet.”

Karkit answered, again, “Yes.”

“Shit, what spells did you have, I can’t remember them anymore. I am fairly sure you had good ones.”

Karkit began to list them off.

  • Charm person
  • Detect magic
  • Magic missile
  • Sleep
  • Entangle
  • Invisibility
  • Web
  • Dispel magic
  • Fireball
  • Lightning bolt
  • Dimension door
  • Polymorph self
  • Wall of fire
  • Animate dead
  • Feeble mind
  • Reincarnation

Karkit added, “I have more spells, but they are in my other spell book. I would need to return home to get them.”

Shaun was laughing, clapping his hands, and falling backwards in joy.

He said, when he calmed down enough, “We need to get your other spell book. Just one question, how did you get here?”

Karkit suddenly looked very tired. “I don’t know. One moment I am practicing my sword work, the next I am under a bridge looking at your ugly face.”

Shaun, unimpressed, asked Cleaver, “What about you?”

Cleaver shrugged his shoulders, “I was about to have my first beer of the night. I was going for my mug, then I was with you. I really did want a drink. Still do, come to think of it”

Karkit said, “You need to apologize about what you did to me.”

“I didn’t bring you here.”

“Not that, about making me steal that stupid sword. Which, by coincidence, is the sword I have on me now.”


“Say sorry.”

“Fuck you.”

Karkit stood up, turned around and walked into the night.

Cleaver sat there quietly when Shaun looked at him. Shaun said, “Go bring him back.”

“No way, he has magic, I don’t like magic.”

“Oh yeah.”

Shaun sat there for a moment, considering whether he should apologize. It didn’t take him long to come to his answer. His answer was, “Fuck him, I still have Cleaver.”

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