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“We don't have to construct any work areas for the lab workers?” Arnold asked when all of the stations had been set up and the microscopes and supplies had been distributed.

Hamil shook his head. “This is only a practical lesson and not something that the regular students will be doing as a job. It may come up occasionally, and that's why they need to understand how to do it.” He explained. “The lab workers already know how to do all of the basic things, which is why we usually prep normal display specimens beforehand. It's only when I introduce new items or items that they need to dissect themselves that they get their hands dirty and learn something new.”

“Don't they practice?” Arnold asked.

Hamil laughed. “We're lucky that they stay for the entire class some days.” He said. “You can't blame them, especially if lab work isn't going to be their focus.”

“What other focus is there?” Arnold asked.

“Mostly research in related areas. This course gives a great background for every possible field that uses biology in some capacity. I suspect a lot of them will either become teachers or research assistants in various labs, where dissections are only a small part of their actual work.” Hamil said and looked at the clock on the wall. “It's also just past lunch time.” He said, a little surprised. “Well, we're done a long time before I thought we were going to be.” He said. “Help me cover up the place settings with sterilized cloths and then you can leave for the day.”

Arnold helped cover everything and then went to the lab door. “Sir, is there anything else you need my help with that you might have forgotten?”

Hamil laughed. “No, my boy. You can go on back to your dorm and relax.”

“Yes, sir.” Arnold said and left the lab and walked the eight minutes to go back to the dorm and went inside. He saw Doris and she stood up for a moment, then she sat back down.

“You're back a little late for lunch.” Doris said.

“I have the rest of the day off.” Arnold said, and Doris had a very impure thought pass through her mind. She tried to shake it off and gave him a big smile.

“Cissily should be over soon with my lunch.” Doris said. “You can stay here and share it with me.”

“Okay.” Arnold said and walked around her desk, moved her chair back a little bit and eased her knees apart, then he sat down on the floor between the chair and the desk. Doris stared at him with wide eyes as he made himself comfortable between her legs. The chair was kind of short to accommodate her shorter legs, so Arnold rested his arms on her thighs and relaxed, just like the professor had told him.

The best part about where he sat, was that no one walking by would be able to see him. There was an eight inch high piece of polished wood and shelf on the front of the desk that stopped people from seeing what Doris was doing on the desk. You could still see her from mid-chest up, even from outside the building; but, other than that, she was hidden behind the desk. Arnold would be completely out of sight until someone walked over to the desk and leaned over the shelf and looked down.

Doris was too surprised by this to speak, then the front door of the dorm building opened and Cissily strode in wearing white tights and a white halter-top and she carried a plastic bag. Her short afro and dark skin were completely contrasted by the bright white and she stood out like a beacon that almost hurt the eyes to see.

“Hi, Ma.” Cissily said and walked over to the desk.

Doris quickly stood up to stop her daughter from coming too close. Since Arnold was resting on her thighs, the movement pushed him forward and his forehead made a loud thump sound when it hit the edge of the desk. Doris' face turned bright red as Arnold slumped to the floor and under the desk. Fortunately, that moved him completely out of sight.

“OH! Did you bump your knee again?” Cissily asked.

“Y-yes.” Doris lied and leaned to her right a little. “I'm... okay. Just... I'm not going to be good company right now.”

“I hear that.” Cissily said and put the plastic bag with her mother's lunch on the shelf. “I'll see you at home tonight.”

“I might be late.” Doris said and leaned forward a little.

“Yeah, returning student count, I know.” Cissily said. “Bye, Ma.”

“Bye.” Doris said and anxiously watched her daughter as she slowly walked away. As soon as she was out the door, Doris pushed her chair pack out of the way and knelt on the floor. “Oh, Arnold.” She said an gently touched the large lump on the front of his head.


A note from Bokuboy

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