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Arnold was very early for work and when he went to the professor's office, it was closed and the lights were off. Since he didn't know what they were going to be doing to prep for the next day's classes, he walked over to the main lobby display called 'Adam' and stood in front of it. Now that he had the time to examine it, he did so.

For over an hour.

It wasn't until Professor Hamil Crenslav came into the lobby that Arnold stopped his examination of every aspect and detail of Adam.

“You're here already?” Hamil asked.

“For an hour and twenty minutes, sir.” Arnold said and Hamil jerked to a stop.

“What? Why so early?” Hamil asked, surprised.

“I had nothing else to do.” Arnold responded.

“You've just been standing here all that time?” Hamil asked and Arnold nodded. “Now I regret not showing you beforehand what to do to prep the lab classroom for tomorrow.” He said with a chuckle. “Well, nothing to be done about it now.” He said and walked by. “I just have to drop my things off in my office and we can get started on refining your education on specimen dissection.”

Arnold followed him and waited just outside the office. Hamil dropped off his briefcase, a leather sachel, and his suit coat.

“To the Ice Box.” Hamil said and took him down into the basement. “We're doing a very detailed anatomical dissection for the students this time. We get to work on the full sized heart of a bull and the students get to work on calf hearts.”

“Sir, I've never done a heart dissection before.” Arnold said.

“That's why we're doing it today. Hopefully you'll pick up enough of it that if a student asks for assistance during the week, you'll have enough knowledge to help them.”

“I'll do my best, sir.” Arnold said.

“Now, the tools needed are slightly different, as are the materials for retrieving slivers of the tissue and preparing them for microscope viewing on slides.” Hamil said as they entered the storage space. “Of course, I'll have to give you a crash course on that aspect as well.”

“Yes, sir.” Arnold said.

“I'm glad that you aren't so confident in your skills that you reject knowledge. Being able to accept that you need to learn something is essential for advancement.” Hamil said with a chuckle. “Even I learned something new when I saw your college entrance specimen.”

“What was that?” Arnold asked as he held the cooler door open to let the professor retrieve a medium sized container.

“I ignored the obvious details in my normal specimens and didn't label them.” Hamil said. “Namely, the main veins, arteries, and the nervous system bundles.”

Arnold thought back to the display upstairs. “Adam doesn't have them labelled, either.”

Hamil laughed. “No, and as Amy is so fond of saying, it is the jewel of my collection.” He said. “It also can't be opened to correct that oversight, since it's permanently mounted, so I have to live with it not being complete.”

Arnold nodded and closed the door, took the container from the professor and followed him back up the stairs and into the lab. Once there, the professor showed him the proper setup needed for their project. It would need to be recreated thirty six times, for three classes in a row, so the students have the same versatility.

When that was done, the professor showed him how to properly dissect the heart to expose the insides without damaging the heart, so that the movement of the valves wasn't impeded and would still function if air pressure was added, by either compression of the heart muscle or added externally. After that, he took appropriate tissue samples from different areas that would be tested for different diseases and prepared microscope slides for them, labelled them appropriately from the parts they were taken from, then set them in a small rack.

“And that's that.” Hamil said and stood back from his work and let out a satisfied sigh. “I believe we can call it a day for the learning part.” He said and Arnold helped clean everything up and they stored the specimen and the slides. “Now we just have to set up the student areas.”

Arnold nodded and they both got to work.


A note from Bokuboy

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