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  • Profanity
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Arnold was a strange child. Not the normal strange, he was too odd even for that. Something was wrong with him. No one knew what it was. He didn't hide it, and yet no one really noticed, either. Not right away, anyway. By then it was too late.
Arnold had become Morbid.
(Please Note: cover image is a mockup and altered from a free image found on the net)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
01 Long Ago ago
02 Not Long Ago ago
03 Recently ago
04 Now ago
05 Intro To Computers ago
06 He's Got A Girlfriend ago
07 School Worries ago
08 Family Time ago
09 More Worries ago
10 Going Out ago
11 Meet My Mom ago
12 Grief Has A Price ago
13 Proper Procedure ago
14 A Meeting of the Minds ago
15 Heather Works Hard ago
16 Arnold Works Hard ago
17 Learning Curve ago
18 Testing ago
19 That Happened ago
20 Listen to Claire ago
21 Another Job ago
22 Aftermath ago
23 Clarify That ago
24 Intro to VR ago
25 Finishing Up ago
26 Pool Fun ago
27 Girlfriend Duty ago
28 Morning Struggles ago
29 Visitors ago
30 Decisions ago
31 Free And Clear ago
32 Chance Encounter ago
33 Media Blitz ago
34 The Break-Up (Sponsored) ago
35 Back At School ago
36 Confrontations (Sponsored) ago
37 Fallout ago
38 Stressed A Little ago
39 Dinner Plans And VR ago
40 Dinner And A Show ago
41 School Daze ago
42 College Expectations ago
43 Studying And VR ago
44 Talking It Out ago
45 Studying ago
46 Exams and Kelly ago
47 Acquisitions ago
48 Working Things Out ago
49 Unleash The Beast Part One ago
50 Unleash The Beast Part Two ago
51 Airing Things Out ago
52 Graduation ago
53 Prom ago
54 After Party ago
55 Intro To College ago
56 Meet The Department ago
57 College Life ago
Not A Chapter: 3 Day Hiatus ago
58 College Life Part Two ago
59 Micro-Chapter 1 ago
60 Micro-Chapter 2 ago
61 Micro-Chapter 3 ago
62 Micro-Chapter 4 ago
63 Micro-Chapter 5 ago
64 Micro-Chapter 6 ago
65 Micro-Chapter 7 ago
66 Micro-Chapter 8 ago
67 Micro-Chapter 9 ago
68 Micro-Chapter 10 ago
69 Micro-Chapter 11 ago
70 Micro-Chapter 12 ago
71 Micro-Chapter 13 ago
72 Micro-Chapter 14 ago
73 Micro-Chapter 15 ago
74 Micro-Chapter 16 ago
75 Micro-Chapter 17 ago
76 Micro-Chapter 18 ago
77 Micro-Chapter 19 ago
78 Micro-Chapter 20 ago
79 Micro-Chapter 21 ago
80 Micro-Chapter 22 ago
81 Micro-Chapter 23 ago
82 Micro-Chapter 24 ago
83 Micro-Chapter 25 ago
84 Micro-Chapter 26 ago
85 Micro-Chapter 27 ago
86 Micro-Chapter 28 ago
87 Micro-Chapter 29 ago
88 Micro-Chapter 30 ago
89 Micro-Chapter 31 ago
90 Micro-Chapter 32 ago
91 Micro-Chapter 33 ago
92 Micro-Chapter 34 ago
93 Micro-Chapter 35 ago
94 Micro-Chapter 36 ago
95 Micro-Chapter 37 ago
96 Micro-Chapter 38 ago
97 Micro-Chapter 39 ago
98 Micro-Chapter 40 ago
99 Micro-Chapter 41 ago
100 Micro-Chapter 42 ago
101 Micro-Chapter 43 ago
102 Micro-Chapter 44 ago
103 Micro-Chapter 45 ago
104 Micro-Chapter 46 ago
105 Micro-Chapter 47 ago
106 Micro-Chapter 48 ago
107 Micro-Chapter 49 ago
108 Micro-Chapter 50 ago
109 Micro-Chapter 51 ago
110 Micro-Chapter 52 ago
111 Micro-Chapter 53 ago
112 Micro-Chapter 54 ago
113 Micro-Chapter 55 ago
114 Micro-Chapter 56 ago
115 Micro-Chapter 57 ago
116 Micro-Chapter 58 ago
117 Micro-Chapter 59 ago
118 Micro-Chapter 60 ago
119 Micro-Chapter 61 ago
120 Micro-Chapter 62 ago
121 Micro-Chapter 63 ago
122 Micro-Chapter 64 ago
123 Micro-Chapter 65 ago
124 Micro-Chapter 66 ago
125 Anxiousness ago
126 Recovery ago
127 Taking Care Of Arnold ago
128 Dorm Mother ago
129 Knowledge ago
130 This Is Okay? ago
131 It Spreads A Little ago
132 Groceries ago
133 Back Home ago
134 What Did You Say? ago
135 Another Chance Encounter ago
136 Good Service ago
137 Essential Learning ago
138 Stuff Happens ago
139 Friends Gather ago
140 The Reason ago
141 Discoveries ago
142 Power Of Suggestion ago
143 Day To Day ago
144 Home Again ago
145 Saying Goodbye ago
146 Comforting Embraces ago
147 Circumstances ago
148 Things Are Better With Some Pam ago
149 Lunch Plans ago
150 Making Mistakes ago
151 Turning Tides ago
152 Bad Boys (Sponsored) ago
153 Health Care ago
154 Recovering ago
155 Sympathy Vote ago
156 Comfortable Costs ago
157 An Important Truth ago
158 Social Reactions ago
159 Mommy Dearest ago
160 The Last Two (Sponsored) ago
161 Dinner Date ago
162 Picnic Time ago
163 Delicious Cake ago

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Better than his previous works

I've read much of his other works and I can honestly say that this is much better written. It does follow the same style as his previous works but both the interactions between the characters and the general maturity of them. Many of the charicters in his other books suffered from a lack of maturity, but comparing them you can see the growth of the writer. The only major down side I can see is the fact that for a vr story the Mc hasn't actually entered the primary game in about 50 odd chapters in, but other than that it's a solid work.

  • Overall Score

As of Chapter 10: If you don't mind and OP MC then go ahead (I like OP MC's). Fantasy, Gamelit, and VR tags are only in the story briefly so don't come in expecting much of those tags. 

It's definitely and interesting read.

Update as of Chapter 39: Looks like VR might come into play a little bit more. Not like stories that are focused soley on VR (super advanced future nonsense). More like how people use it now in the real world.

Bored monster
  • Overall Score

In all novels we see the MCs eventually gets a goal. Here however we see a 'Morbid' Arnold with common sense. You read about his life and that's it. You don't connect with him even if you could understand him. You don't root for or against him. So you ask yourself where is this story going?

  • Overall Score

bright start faded fast

At first I thought this might be promising with some of the cool plot twists in the beginning but now it's just a big list of events where everyone what's his dick for no particular reason. It's nothing like a litrpg or fantasy or even scifi story so I think it belongs somewhere else. Good smut if your into that.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

most of these reviews are pretty wrong.

the amount of reviews from people who haven't trusted the author to make some sense out of the whole "smut" portion is amazing. First of all if you guys have ever read a diffrent one of his story's (MOA) you would know that the author likes his every chapter sex scenes.... but this book isn't that. Just like the author promised the whole "smut arc" feels very natural for the situation. We have a minipulative mom/daughter pair that basically used Arnold and eventually what they never told him was "bad" for there own pleasure came to bite them in the ass. It was explained multiple times that information changes Arnold's behavior that makes it not too far reaching to say that arnold could have been isolated from things like the internet to protect him, imagine if anytime you saw a picture you gained one more expectation of what would happen in a situation... and you have an infinite number of pictures. I really think that people who may have dropped this should pick it up again just to give it a chance  As a lot has changed in recent chapters.

Ambrose ufo
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

1 This story is some serious clickbait false advertising

2 All the female characters take advantage of this seemingly autistic kid for sex.Thats pretty messed up

3 All the female characters are extremely manipulative for NO REASON

4 You Should tell people this story is a harem

5 There's more smut than vr content

6 I don't get the point in lying about your story, it sucks that you get your kicks from it

7 the beginning is good. 

  • Overall Score

Author has an oddly specific genre preference

I don't know why it's so specific, but the author likes their main protagonist to be a young man/boy that is helpless or totally incompetent in some important ways, but a god among men in others. Also Harems and implied that everyone is putty around him, regardless of logic or common sense.

In master of none it was a physical handicap, while being amazing at VR and completely irresistible to women and a sex god. In Morbid, it seems to be an emotional or psychological impairment, while being amazing at VR (I assume, I couldn't make it that far) and being completely irresistible to women and a sex god. Seeing a pattern?

If you love their other fiction, Master of All, you'll love Morbid. Otherwise, feel free to avoid this. 

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


I enjoyed reading this much more then I thought I would

I enjoyed the authors style 

I remember few if any errors spelling or otherwise 

I'm interested in where this goes the only thing I'm not sure how I feel about is the mc obviously he is on the spectrum plus a little bit of a sociopath but all in all it wasn't terrible 


Tldr it is worth a try 

 Edit ch 83

kinda of done with the micro-chapter bs I understand that he is doing it to combat censorship  but it's still annoying 

Anyways I'm still enjoying everything for the most part

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is smut pure and simple, sure it's got some funny moments and the very beginning seemed like it had something to do with "Morbid" and sure the author throws in some parts hinting at a future VR gaming thing but the whole thing is smut I've read all the way up to the lab assistant being added in which was chapter 34ish? (Idk when he kissed her I was just done) It's not bad sure and if you're horny you may enjoy it but really unless he (MC) goes and murders everyone and just starts a gaming career with some murder "mystery" elements (which may happen heck that seems like the way it's going to go but what do I know) it'll just stay smut with some gaming elements and possibly a murder or two with some over the top VR PK (probably) again not really bad the grammar is pretty good it paints a good picture, dialogue is okay kinda rough, and asides from the MC there isn't much depth to characters or any real reason for their actions they are just there for the authors use rather than actual people if you catch my meaning. Heck even the MC is just a straight up robot for most of it sometimes during the beginning and a little every now and then he isn't, but he has a legitimate "backstory" for that, the others don't.

That's it really, if you're horny and a male go for it if you're a woman you may get a kick out of it at some parts but idk (I'm a guy what do I know) I would just recommend staying away if you're a woman unless you just wanna skip all the sex stuff which is the ENTIRE story.

Now this is to the author: you write very well as I said earlier you create good pictures with your words can't complain grammar wise or spelling wise. If this was advertised as more or less the "sexual misadventures of a future psycho murdering VR pro player" instead of "psycho kid who's different and they should have stopped him when he was younger"  it may fit better or maybe writing them separately and saying this is his early days and saying in the summary as such would probably roll over better just so people would know what to expect because heck it's some pretty good erotica at times. If you made something else that was more story focused I would........OMG I just realized you wrote mythrans ahhhh I see now so this is you having fun here I get it welp take whatever you want out of what I've said.....oh wait I just looked at the other works you do (Ullir) and it seems you're playing alot of your personal fantasies into these stories and I mean that's fine but please please please just let people know up front that sex is a MAJOR (the red warning DOESN'T COUNT people put that on EVERYTHING on RR) part of the story it's fine not to for your regulars but the people who are new to your work are going to feel lied too and led on hoping for what they had in the beginning if they came for a mostly story focused story rather than a quick jaunt of story then SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX action SEX SEX SEX does that make sense? I hope so, and I hope this doesn't hit a nerve as I said before take what you want out of this review and just enjoy doing what you do!

  • Overall Score

Expectations pleasantly subverted

didnt see this going the direction it did. Honestly thought it was going to be more of a Dexter type story but liked where it went. Sorta a slice of life drama of a mildly autistic person. Can’t wait for more chapters pounded the current releases in an evening. The erotic stuff is well done too.