Traveling the Dungeon

by alstonsleet

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Dale wanted to do more than survive as a dungeon core. His experience with the gods made it clear that with power, he could do as he pleased, and without it, he was simply a toy of the powerful. Unfortunately, it isn't just the gods who have plans for the Traveling Dungeon.

From an [Arch Mage] to a random miner, each will have a chance to play a part in the fate of the Dungeon of Challenges.

Here it is! The Traveling Dungeon 2!

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A fun ride through a unique world

Reviewed at: Recap of book 1

I have been following this story since chapter 5 was released and its pretty fun. Unlike most dungeon stories that focus on the combat and survival of the core, this one seems almost like a travel journal of another unque world.
The characters are always interesting and unique, rarely falling into cliches. The dungeon itself has developed in a direction equally as unique from other dungeon core books.
Highly recommended. :)

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I am glad to read the journey of our dungeon and his encounters with different and unique characters. So far, it we get to see how our MC establishes himself with the surroundings in this new world of his.


Highly recommended!

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well, i love this as much as i loved reading book-1 (Dungeon Traveller), there are a lot of dungeon stories out there but they eventually become less & less about the dungeon. i hope this one doesn't go there too. well, it's obvious that ppl love character-driven dungeon stories that are about the dungeon, the delve & delvers. example, T.N.E.L.H.O.P. (pun dungeon).

if there is one thing i feel like this story lacks, i'd say M.C. is the only person we care about. there are no additional characters in the dungeon / part of the dungeon that we could root for. i think it would add a character dynamic between cold and calculating dungeon, aware & empathetic but rational Dale & a 3rd character who's a part of the dungeon, whose nothing like dale or the dungeon. but i think not having any, is better than writing a bland one-dimensional character, who doesn't serve any purpose, or have any character. 


and i love this storyline of, the dungeon shapes the communities as much as the communities shape the dungeon. 

i hope for more subtler, character-driven changes as well, instead of just changes in dungeon structure and power upgrades.                                                                                              something like, Dale changing some personal aspects of his, by learning from the alien culture/species. or something subtle but noticeable like Walter White, picking up the mannerisms of the ppl he killed.  but that requires well established & pre-planned character flaws, which would be rectified little by little as the story progresses. or world-building / magic mechanism that explains those changes. just cramming it in won't work.


but ya, overall.... i ♥LOV♥ it.

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 Book 2 is now up to chapter 22. I've read book 1. 

This is not an Adventurers go into the dungeon, kill monsters, get loot kind of thing. At the request of a goddess, he has set up several tests, for which he has several different rewards, as well as attribute points given for achievements by the System. 

Therefore, the conflict comes from how will various cultures respond when the entrance to the dungeon appears. With a second source of conflict from the gods.

It's well written, with insignificant numbers of grammatical errors. Don't know how hard it would be to start reading after book 1, but it's worth a shot.

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A very nice second in the series, only minor errors that are fixed quite nicely. It does seem a little more flat than the first, but it has only gotten started. 

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This is another series that I found on Kindle Unlimited before tracing it back to Royal Road. The first book is an enjoyable read, with a unique take on the idea of a traveling dungeon. The interference of the gods and the story progression is well-founded with 3-dimensional characters that add a lot of life and purpose to the story. Further, the underlying purpose of the dungeon as a lever to shift the public's perception of certain gods, and protect those gods in doing so, makes for a satisfying background to Dale (the dungeon) developing and growing his dungeon challenges.


The writing is smooth and easy to read, with little, if anything, in the way of errors. The critique that I have as of chapter 34, is that there has been less focus on those delving the dungeon and the rewards they receive when compared to the first book. This isn't to say that nothing has been happening, as there have been plenty of events to keep the story moving, but the sense of people braving the challenges and walking out victorious with new feats and perks to their name is very much in the background. As much as Dale's growth is interesting and I want to see more about it, given the nature of the Dungeon of Challenges, I think it would be nice to have the rewards of the challengers be held up for acclaim.


Overall, this is a unique and interesting take on the dungeon core genre and just a fun fantasy adventure novel worth the read. I look forward to seeing the story develop, and while the first book is no longer available on RR, I highly recommend the series.

Spark in The Dark
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First let me just say that I read book 1 and it was great. 

So far the quality of the characters and the plot has surpassed the first book in wonderfull ways. Each character is unique and well written. There is deafently pleanty of surprise and action throughout, along with a good dash of humor to balance things out. This story is a wonderfull twist on a dungeon core story and I look forward to to all the chapters to come.

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Glad to see book two!

Competently written, well paced and with some ongoing narrative tension to keep it interesting. 

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Free 5-star, for now...

There isn’t enough chapters for me to judge yet, so here’s a free 5 for some emotionally support. :)