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“I have to go back, Astro,”

“No you don’t! I have a spare room, you can lay low for a while. With me,”

Midna shakes her head, “No, I have to do it. It’s the right thing to do.”

Astro nods and looks away. He rubs his ear nervously, and Midna grabs his hands.

“Do not worry. I will be back soon enough,”

“Mhm...hey uh-he won’t, like, kill you will he?”

Midna laughs, “No, Astro.”

Astro laughs nervously, “Yeah, that was kind of a silly question. Uh...good luck?”

Midna smiles and pulls him into a hug. Astro rests his chin on top of Midna’s head. Midna pulls away, and places her hands on Astro’s face, “I have to go.”

Astro nods and places a kiss on Midna’s forehead. She pulls away and her spear appears in her hand. She waves to Astro as the white light consumes her.

Midna appears back in Heaven. The white, soft ground beneath her turns to black, reminding her about what is about to come. Midna’s spear dissipates and she begins to walk down the seemingly never-ending path. She holds her head high as other angels and deceased begin to whisper among each other.

Laurette peeks around a group of angels to see what’s happening. She sees Midna and rushes over to her.

“Midna?” She whispers.

Midna turns around but avoids eye contact, “Oh...hey Laurette…”

Laurette looks around and quickly pulls Midna away from all of the curious eyes.

“Midna! I...didn’t think it was that serious…”

Midna rubs her arm, “Yeah…”

“Well, I-I’m going with you.”

Midna snaps her head up and finally meets Laurette's eyes. She grabs Laurette’s hands but steps back as she sees Laurette flinch.

“Sorry,” Midna says.

“No, I’m sorry. It’s an instinct,”

Laurette takes Midna’s hands and Midna sighs, “ don’t have to go…”

Laurette squeezes Midna’s hands, “But I want to,”

Midna nods and Laurette pulls Midna into a hug, “I’m here for you.”

Laurette leads Midna with a firm grip on her upper arm. Word has gotten around fast, and people line the streets to get a glimpse of the sinned angel.

Laurette and Midna finally reach the enormous golden doors. A stocky angel stands behind a podium just outside the closed doors. He holds a feather that is gliding across an opened book. Midna hangs her head low and Laurette taps the podium to get the man’s attention.

“What is the reason for your visit?” The angel says, not looking up from his appointment book.

Laurette leans closer, “Kiss of death.”

The man drops his feather and looks up. He adjusts his glasses as he looks at Midna’s black halo.

“Oh yes indeed, go right ahead.”

The angel blesses himself as the doors behind to open, “But only she may go,” he says, pointing the feather at Midna.

Midna nods and Laurette gives her another hug. Midna steps through the doorway and begins to walk down the bright corridor. She turns around when the door shuts behind her but continues on.

Midna reaches an office door. ‘GOD’ is written on the glass and she lightly knocks on the wood.

“Come in.” A steady voice says.

Midna shuffles into the room, and God sets down his book as he notices Midna’s black halo.

“Have a seat.”

Midna sits down quickly, “Your Holiness, I beg for your forgiveness. I took an oath, and now I have broken it. Plea-,”

God puts his hand up, and Midna shuts her mouth. He idly strokes his long, white beard as he thinks of the right words to say.

“Midna,” he begins, “I do believe you understand where my disappointment comes from. You’re very smart, and easily one of the best guardian angels out there,”

Midna gives a slight smile from the compliment.

God continues, “But what compels such a level-headed and determined angel to take such a risk?”

He rests his chin on his hand, waiting for Midna’s answer.

“Well, I think it is every angel's job to show kindness and warmth to...everyone...”

God nods and Midna continues, “This...demon...I encountered really helped me change my viewpoint,”

God leans back in his chair, “And how do you know this...demon...isn’t playing his silly tricks on you? Have you not been warned of their mischievous ways?”

“Yes, yes, I’ve been warned since the day I was born. But he didn’t use his “tricks” for evil. And I even accused him but he made me feel silly for even thinking that all demons are like that. The worst thing he did was use his dark magic to mock me,”

God leans forward, “Mock you. Make the angel look the fool to trick those around him. One of the many ways a demon can manipulate poor souls,”

Midna huffs, “He just wanted to make the child laugh!”

God puts his hands up, and Midna takes a deep breath. They sit in silence as God rubs his beard again.

“What’s his name?”


God hums and continues rubbing his beard.

Midna sits at the edge of her chair, “He uh, he has a niece, Enon. He adores her and I don’t believe he could hurt anyone, especially not after I saw how he treats her,”

“I am truly astounded by you, Midna,”

Midna sits up straight, “What do you mean?”

“After all of the teachings, lessons, and worship you still let them get to you? Not even my word could be enough to protect you?”

“He-he didn’t hurt me. The only reason why that child died that day was because of prejudice like this,”

“Or perhaps if that demon hadn’t been there in the first place little Saplin could be with his family right now,”

Midna frowns at the memory, and a small pang of guilt goes through her, “He didn’t know they would kill him,”

“Of course he did, Midna. My dear, please use that brain of yours. If he knew that wolf would run away he knew about the child.”

Midna looks away, trying to remember every detail of that day. She stands up in a hurry and turns her back to God.

Midna turns back around, “No. He would never hurt a child on purpose. He loves Enon,”

God stands up carefully, “Midna...I can put you on three months probation but you have to promise me that you’ll banish him back to Hell,”

Midna shakes her head, “No! He doesn’t deserve it. H-he’s done so well for himself! He’s changed,”

God sighs, “I admire your compassion, Midna. But beasts from the underworld simply cannot change,”

Midna composes herself, “Yes they can,”

God strolls back to his desk and takes a seat, “You were one of my best. It is a shame that this has happened to you,”

“What? Nothing happened to me I just-,”

“Just what?”

“Just...made a new friend…”

God leans on his desk, his hands clasped together, “We both know why your halo is black, Midna,”

“I just I-,” Midna puts her head down and mumbles, “I love him,”

God leans forward, “Speak up?”

Midna settles back in the chair as God patiently waits for her to repeat it. Midna sighs and straightens herself up, “I love him,”

God leans back, “This is what I feared most. It is too late.”


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