The Oscillation (Clean)

by Scott Edwards

Original ONGOING Action Drama Psychological Dungeon Female Lead GameLit Low Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Super Heroes Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

It was an average day in Miami—then fractures in the sky appeared.  A pulse from those cracks altered the population; some people's biology changed while others received magical and supernatural powers.  After the chaos, the political drama ensued, followed by the discovery of portals that brought deadly creatures.  They called this event "The Oscillation" and it changed Rachel's life forever.

Note:  I've received some feedback that people don't like the foul language.  This also included my mother, she wanted me to make a cleaner version for her.  So, I thought I might as well release it alongside the more explicit version.  I went back and rewrote the parts that have profanity in them.  ^_^7

Cover Commissioned From Likesac   ^_^7

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Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 — 0. The Oscillation ago
B1 — 1. Chaos ago
B1 — 2. Stabilizing ago
B1 — 3. Scarlet ago
B1 — 4. Ethics ago
B1 — 5. Rare Breed ago
B1 — 6. Born To Fight ago
B1 — 7. Changed ago
B1 — 8. Initial Preparation ago
B1 — 9. Experimentation ago
B1 — S1. Terror ago
B1 — 10. Never Good Enough ago
B1 — 11. Cold Intent ago
B1 — 12. Let’s Go! ago
B1 — 13. Tainted ago
B1 — S2. Haunted ago
B1 — 14. Bonding ago
B1 — 15. Grave Sealed ago
B1 — 16. Inner Fear ago
B1 — F1. The Struggle Is Real ago
B1 — F2. Persevere ago
B1 — 17. We're Not Heroes ago
B1 — 18. Overconfident ago
B1 — 19. Prep-Game ago
B1 — 20. Killer Instinct ago
B1 — 21. Legends Exist ago
B1 — 22. Myth vs. Legend ago
FAQ 1 ago
B1 — 23. Retreat ago
B1 — 24. Welcome ago
B1 — 25. Split ago
B1 — 26. Warpath ago
B1 — 27. Relica ago
B1 — 28. The System ago
B1 — 29. Unexpected Outcome ago
B1 — 30. Conclusion ago
B2 — 1. Overwatch ago
B2 — 2. The Rabbit Hole ago
B2 — 3. Strategic Mind ago
B2 — 4. Emotional Wedge ago
B2 — 5. General Dallas ago
B2 — 6. A General's Prediction ago
B2 — 7. Royal Flush ago
B2 — 8. Dark Secrets ago
B2 — 9. Rampant Thoughts ago
B2 — 10. Challenge ago
B2 — 11. Miracles of the Immaculate ago
B2 — 12. Me, A Saint? ago
B2 — 13. The Ugly Truth ago
B2 — 14. The System Sheet ago
B2 — 15. Mending Bridges ago
B2 — 16. Pure Hearted Blunders ago
B2 — 17. Hurricane Of Emotion ago
B2 — 18. Troublemaker ago
B2 — 19. The Heartbreakers ago
B2 — 20. Problem Solver ago
B2 — 21. Meeting A Legend ago
B2 — 22. The Challenge ago
B2 — 23. Forging Bonds ago
B3 — 1. New Information ago
B3 — 2. A New World ago
B3 — 3. Making A Move ago
B3 — 4. Uncertainty Grows ago
B3 — 5. The Pumpkin Assassin ago
B3 — 6. The Bird Family ago
B3 — 7. First Contact?! ago
B3 — 8. Apprehension ago
B3 — 9. Omens Of The Apocalypse ago
B3 — 10. Crystals, Money, And The Future ago
B3 — 11. The Plan ago
B3 — 12. Invitation ago
B3 — 13. Fantasy And Science Fiction ago
B3 — 14. A Grim Discovery ago
B3 — 15. Frozen World ago
B3 — 16. Is It Finally Over? ago
B3 — 17. Victory! ago
B3 — 18. Plans For Home ago
B3 — 19. Stomach Sickness ago
B3 — 20. Closure ago
B3 — 21. Going Home ago
B3 — 22. The Future ago
B3 — 23. Reconciliation ago
B3 — 24. Family ago
B3 — 25. A Girl In Need ago
B3 — 26. Shifting Focus ago
B3 — 27. Saved? ago
B3 — 28. The Honey Badger, Elena ago
B3 — 29. Some Fun And Hubris ago
B3 — 30. Rough First Impression ago
B3 — 31. Reconnecting ago

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One system to break all brains

A fantastic book, I must say. Great ideas and amazing writing. It did, however, take over 30 chapters for the System to even appear and now that it has, my brain is dying on the inside. This is epileptic, I mean tremendously cool. I mean... whatever.

TLDR: Just try it and see for yourself whether you like it or not.
PS: Read them other books of his.

  • Overall Score

I'm personally not a big fan of female leads(because I am the worst) but it's worth seeing if you'll like it

TlDR:concepts good and he writes well

(Felt that if I reviewed one I should do so for both versions)

  • Overall Score

TL;DR: Author is constructing girl supermonster "idol" group with subdued light novel tropes in western settings and almost nonexistent system on a really slow burner. The villains are so villainous they'd give doctor mengele a creepy vibe and even though it has some dark passages it is mostly on the upbeat side of slightly shonen-ish development. Five stars for excellent plot.

P.S.: No stinking background conspiracy of godlike entities present! Big plus.

UPDATE II: Ok, so after a message from the author I was informed that this novel is going for slow paced arc II and then maybe more in book III. I was not expecting that and the jump from action packed movie violence to exposition heavy  dialog arc is boring me a bit. Probably gonna pick this up again after there is more to read so I can breeze through the stuff that is not that interesting to me and satisfy my urges on some succulent girl on monster action (fights). 

Started reading this story on a train and binged the whole thing in an afternoon (35ish chapters?). This review is gonna be me having some petty niggles in otherwise perfectly flowing well executed story with characters I'd like to fall in love with.

It is the standard trope of system apocalypse, but with a system that is practically nonexistent without any blue tables and everybody has to dicover it slowly on their own to realize it's even there. What's more it has a supermonster-ish twist (like superheroes, but instead supermonsters).

The MC(s) (there is MC and multiple sub-MCs) are very well done. The main character is a korean girl with martial arts background, but do not think about the standard asian protagonist tropes.

The tropes are there, but are extremely subdued and the mythology is taken from all over. The author seems to go for diverse girl group as all of the sub MCs are women too, not to mention the large cultural and racial spread.

The characters are not clueless goody two shoes always do good superheroes but have complex motivations and goals and we get to watch all of them.Sometimes from several POVs that repeat the events.

The repetition could have probably be reduced a bit, but is not exactly detrimental. It is usually there to explain and elaborate on a subplot, since the author has a tendency to make multiple thinks happen all at once and influence each other.

I'd like to have authors ability to write dialogues. Oherwise it's the mature look at system apocalypse that is not grimdark, but has a dark tone. That said, it is not a depressing read at all, since there is enough upbeat stuff happening.

I'd say it is the look at a group of slightly OP main characters and really evil villains, their backgrounds  and motivations on a really slow burner. It has been four hundred pages and we know pretty much frack all about the system. And the villains are literally child molesting cannibalistic hostage takers terrorists, which is a little bit over the top.

Endless Paving
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A Trickster God’s System Apocalypse

The biggest thing you need to realise going in is that this is a GameLit System Apocalypse. I’d also add superhero as an important part of its genre. That means this story revolves around what amounts to a class progression system being integrated with the very reality of the world, which makes this genre something between urban fantasy and post-apocalypse fiction(during the apocalypse part)

The reason it is referred to as Apocalypse fiction is that the world is quite violently turned on its head. Games have monsters and enemies to fight, and any superhero fiction will tell you that things get messy when random people turn into Superman and figure Might Makes Short Sighted Idiots And Some Right.

I would not call it a litRPG, because the “System” is a subtle one, and there are no sheets of numbers or tables of skill description or health bars. The System is not one that reveals itself. The only way we know that it is a System is in the way it grants knowledge on certain requests, but only to a limited amount. There has been the essential ability progression which is in much of LitRPG though, so it leans into the subgenre heavily.

Scott Edwards likes to insert a lot of discussion between his characters, which means there is quite a bit of chatting going on between superhero like conflicts. His books read similarly to supefhero fiction in how empowered characters interact with each other. This story is one where everyone has a backstory, and there are some interludes that explain them. The backstories themselves are quite dramatic so far. The characters also each have their strengths and flaws, which is nice.

Psychological. What you also need to know is that Scott likes to create antagonists that are effectively evil for evil’s sake. While his work is mostly adventurous and avoid being grimdark, it does repeatedly turn extremely grim. He knows how to bring out a lot of tension occasionally. Moreso than most adventure focused stories I read. That might already be a little much for some readers, so if you are sensitive to such thing I suggest the (Clean) version so you don’t have to deal with his way with words when writing his villians and how they taunt and monologue. And there will be monologuing. There are some horrible stuff in these books, even though it is always a temporary drama and the overall story does not focus on horror or terror or anything. Those things are merely an integral part of adventurous and heroic fiction. (Those Nazgul always gave me nightmares.)

Superhero fiction... mythos... GameLit...

Oh, he also writes his beginning and his conflict similarly to the Superhero fiction trope of naive characters being very violently and very suddenly thrust into Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility. It is also similar to the Apocalypse fiction trope of questioning whether Super Normal Average Person will react well and survive when suddenly confronted with disaster. Mixing superpowers with apocalypse only confounds the intensity of this.

why does it say Isekai? Is that a spoiler for later?

But yeah, Mythos. Their powers are based loosely from mythological stories and superstition, even what seems to have been an esoteric cult society with a made up religion. It adds flavour to the story and makes you wonder who designed the System.


Female lead characters. Scott has seemingly forgotten that male protagonists exist. All of the cool characters tend to be female. Beyond reasonable probability. It fine for a story but it makes you wonder if there is a point to having so few interesting guys. Ones that aren’t antagonists, villains, or side characters at least. It’s just a question of being realistically balanced between character types, so it’s a minor issue.

Overall I would recommend this if you can deal with a somehow simultaneously slow paced and dramatically tense action fiction. I guess that’s why the Slice Of Life tag is there. The tension really gets drawn out across chapters sometimes and I’m always waiting for more. Long chapters there be, and there are several of them for every arc of the story or a single combat scene. This is not one where a battle gets resolved in a single chapter. It’s a good read. Always ongoing.

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A great novel by a caring author

Reviewed at: B1 — 0. The Oscillation

The story is great and incredibly well thought out, I really couldn't ask for more in that regard, but what really moves me is how much the author cares about his story and readers. I'm glad I picked this up when I did.

  • Overall Score

more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ more please! ^_^ 

  • Overall Score
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 I started this storm on a whim having seen it on trending and fell in love. 

Everything from the really good female lead, to the Gamelit system (which takes a while to kick in but does so full force) and extents out dramatically to create an amazingly unique story. 

The grammar is great, and I love that there is both a dirty and a clean version, and the story is paced out really well without any crap jammed it. Definite read!


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The Oscillation is a unique system apocalypse story.

What makes this system apocalypse unique is that instead of the descent of stats and classes, a portion of the population is transformed into hybrids between themselves and a variety of beasts, mythological creatures, and human legends. The story follows 4 girls who were hybridized with mythical creatures as they adjust and adapt to their circumstances.

The author has balanced the viewpoints of the characters well so far, introducing and bringing them together nicely. The characterization has been good, with Rachel and Scarlet being more fleshed out and interesting than the other two as of the current point.

The story has been well-edited and has flowed well so far.

I would recommend this story.

(As of B2-2)

Dragons Tale
  • Overall Score
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I haven't loved a book as much as I love this in a while, ever since the last one stopped updating. I love how the story progresses, and the subtle system just makes you want to see how it grows and progresses. I feel that this book is amazing, and the characters are actually realistic. People are people in this, and even if some villains feel stereotypical almost all characters have a personality and don't just want to help to help. This is a complete joke cause the author is trying there hardest and updating multiple stories a week, but the only problem with this story is it's just not long enough!

  • Overall Score

Super story with no blue screens.  Lots of action and no smut so far, which I really appreciate.