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Chapter 0 - The end of one story, the start of another [Flash Forward Chapter]


A note from Kwayzy

Welcome to Saint's Supporter. This chapter was written long before the others, but I held back on releasing it for my own peculiar reasons. Given how the story has shifted, especially once the initial arc has passed, it felt right to spruce it up and give it to you as an introduction.

NOTE: If you do not like In-media res's or flash-forward chapters, you can skip the below without losing much of the story. Just be aware that the character changes drastically as the story progresses.

This is the character as he will be, not as he is at the start. His own thoughts should make that clear, but I decided to back him up on that. The initial arc lasts until around chapter 29, so strap in.

I stared at the man who lay at my feet.

This was the person who had killed me, who had ruined my friend's life. The fact he had died by my hand quenched my anger a little, but a flame still burned deep down in my heart.

But he was dead, and I was alive. He had killed me once, so this was merely returning the favour.

I glanced to my left. Most of the villagers had escaped, but the three strongest members of the group remained to watch my duel. They waited to help me escape, as would have been the normal end of such a one-sided fight.

My former nemesis had lorded over this place like a wandering god. His level and skills were far out of the reach of those who lived here. A high-level Adventurer, with a massive wealth of resources and experience on his side, against a low-level Supporter?

No contest.

I glanced at the bandits who lined the edge of the forest to my right. Despite the fact that they outnumbered our party by an insane degree, they still twitched in horror as my gaze reached them. 

They didn’t DARE to make a move against me after what I had just done.

Even the cultists, who were interspersed through the group like weeds, held back from any aggressive actions. I had defeated their leader, and they would know his skills and power more than anyone else who saw the scene.

My thoughts flashed back to when I first arrived in this world, over a year ago. My mind had been weak, but I had a ready-made excuse for my mental state. I had lived in a world filled with conflict, but I also had never faced it directly. There had been so many buffers between civilians and the battles that took place, so I had never had to think about it.

I had made so, so many mistakes because of that, but I was a different person now. The past was the past, and I couldn’t go back and change it. I looked back at the man below me and took a deep breath. This man had ruined her life, and I had done the same to him. Once she learned about this, she'd probably cheer me on.

“That was for her. Rot in hell.”

I didn’t hold back, so everyone heard my cold words. The bandits shifted in worry. Whilst they weren't directly to blame for her fate, they had helped him throw the final stone.

My memories blurred together as I went back to that time. I couldn’t help but laugh as I remembered the old me.

How the hell did I even survive as long as I did?

I should have died instantly, or at least that had been the plan…

A note from Kwayzy

Last rewrite: 25/08/2019.

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