Saint's Supporter

by Kwayzy

Dumped into a world by myself, set up with a class that requires others to excel with just over a week to prepare for a fight with a literal god.

This is just another betrayal to add to the list. I won't stop until I find the person who put me in this situation, along with my friend who I dragged into this mess.

Transferring to another world and gaining special powers is a dream for some, but if they were dropped into my shoes... they'd probably give up.

But I won't.

This story has the following elements:

  • Male MC
  • Light RPG mechanics (no in-story stat tables)
  • Non-standard class for the MC
  • Moderate violence
  • A mix of solo fights and group battles with a balance of tactics, skill and ability usage

If you're looking for the below, you may be disappointed:

  • Instantly overpowered MC (no prior skills in combat, every bit of growth is earned)
  • Female MC (duh)
  • Explicit sex (may be referenced, but no NSFW chapters)
  • Health bars (damage taken and given reflects reality)
  • Harem 
  • Gore and ultra-violence

**This story is a First Draft, changes may take place during the process. Three chapters per week at minimum.**


**So, this is set up as a GameLit transported to a new world story initially, but it focuses on how such a system would work in real life. There are levels, abilities and mana pools, but damage and health are realistic and combat is fast and frantic. 

I think that is an interesting mix. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments. I'm always happy to discuss anything in relation to the story.**

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - The end of one story, the start of another [Flash Forward Chapter] ago
Chapter 1 - Pulled to one side ago
Chapter 2 - Many questions, no answers ago
Chapter 3 - A whole new world ago
Chapter 4 - A slime filled journey to town ago
Chapter 5 - My first visit to the guild ago
Chapter 6 - New allies and an offer I can't refuse ago
Chapter 7 - The book, Rose and my past ago
Chapter 8 - Setting goals, preparing for a hunt ago
Chapter 9 - My first hunt and the mistakes therein ago
Chapter 10 - The difference in our skills and levels ago
Chapter 11 - You learn something new every day ago
Chapter 12 - First battle, first betrayal ago
Chapter 13 - Tactical retreat ago
Chapter 14 - An unexpected windfall, new skills ago
Chapter 15 - An idiots guide to crafting, the hidden enemy strikes ago
Chapter 16 - Strength is everything ago
Chapter 17 - Level up, revelations ago
Chapter 18 - New abilities, a trip to the dungeon ago
Chapter 19 - The first battle, a difficult fight ago
Chapter 20 - Escalating battles, a test of skill ago
Chapter 21 - Boss fight, the true enemy reveals himself ago
Chapter 22 - An unexpected issue, a new plan emerges ago
Chapter 23 - Duelling, an increase in skill ago
Chapter 24 - End of the lockdown, back to the grindstone ago
Chapter 25 - A wasted trip, an impossible fight ago
Chapter 26 - The will to fight, a close call ago
Chapter 27 - A rude awakening, a firm will ago
Chapter 28 - The truth revealed, in more ways than one ago
Chapter 29 - By the skin of our teeth, or so we thought ago
Chapter 30 - Counter attack, devastation ago
Chapter 31 - Vicious counter, an explanation ago
Chapter 32 - The true nature of the world, practice makes perfect ago
Chapter 33 - Old world, new me ago
Chapter 34 - Old friends reunited, the Saint's cheat sheet ago
Chapter 35 - Speedrunning the dungeon, brain over brawn ago
Chapter 36 - The group together once again, a new record is set ago
Chapter 37 - The quest begins, my second trip to the forest ago
Chapter 38 - Back and forth, changing the plan ago
Chapter 39 - Intense battles, proving my skills ago
Chapter 40 - Infiltration completed, becoming a bandit ago
Chapter 41 - Duelling bandits, a test of strength ago
Chapter 42 - Protection money, a deal is struck ago
Chapter 43 - Mission cleared, a daring heist ago
Chapter 44 - Twists and turns, raiding the dungeon ago
Chapter 45 - First battle completed, a surge of loot ago
Chapter 46 - Copy-cat mirror, a dangerous plan ago
Chapter 47 - Boss fight, brain over brawn ago
Chapter 48 - The dungeon heart, a new set of armour ago
Chapter 49 - Rage unlocked, crisis averted ago
Chapter 50 - Saving a friend, a shocking revelation ago
Chapter 51 - Haste makes waste, time to reflect ago
Chapter 52 - A new ally, planning for the future ago
Chapter 53 - Returning to the camp, forced advancement ago
Chapter 54 - Punishment for failure, schemes and counters ago
Chapter 55 - Jail time, the chance to save a life ago
Chapter 56 - Old friends, new allies ago
Chapter 57 - Stealthy escape, enemies alerted ago
Chapter 58 - Diversion tactics, one last goodbye ago
Chapter 59 - Three sided battle, challenging my nemesis ago
Chapter 60 - Dragon's Luck, narrow escape ago
Chapter 61 - A different view, the price of power ago
Chapter 62 - Borrowing power, let our fists do the talking ago
Chapter 63 - Clearing my head, everyone has an opinion ago
Chapter 64 - Naive belief, building an army ago
Chapter 65 - Like a headless chicken, just when we thought it was over ago
Chapter 66 - Confirming the facts, a plan so insane it might just work ago
Chapter 67 - Fighting the ant queen, a new ally? ago
Chapter 68 - Something out of nothing, the dungeon heart's past ago
Chapter 69 - Ranking up my skills, an experiment succeeds ago

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Sociable Hermit

Review of the novel as of Chapter 26.


Style: A bit simple and repetitive at times, but reads fluently.

Grammar: Some minor mistakes, but they don't hurt much overall.

Characters: MC is a bit all over the place. He keeps saying how much of a loner he is and how he doesn't trust people, but then trusts strangers almost immediately. He is also very, very passive and just goes along with the ideas of others most of the time. The other characters are fine, if a bit one-dimensional. There hasn't been really any character I've grown attached to. They might be getting more depth later on.

Story: So far, I'd call it a standard litRPG plot? I'm no expert in the genre though.

In general, the pacing is quite good, with something noteworthy happening every chapter.However, the story jumps around quite a bit, so it might be a bit confusing when skimming.

The supporter profession is an interesting choice for the protagonist, especially combined with the MC's supposed distrust of others, but the author never does much with the idea. Though that might be down to the MC's general blandness and poor characterization.

I quite like that the levels aren't the only thing that counts towards someone's strength, which makes the story feel less like a video game and makes battles a whole lot more exciting to me. In general, what little we see of the system early on seems well thought out.

So let's sum this up: Saint's Supporter is another one of those fantasy litRPGs on RR. It reads better than most and shows promise of something more in the future. It has a nice basic premise with the unwilling supporting class, but it remains to be seen if the author can do something interesting with it.


Solid style, lacks cohesion

Grammar, use of language and descriptive ability of the author are damn solid. 

But, it lacks narrative cohesion. Things happen that elicit surprisingly weird reactions from the characters. The MC is possibly suffering from a case of ataraxia. Giving mysteries and open questions to the reader is good and engaging, but too many of them and the reader is left scratching his head asking himself "why?".

As said before, the MC seems like he cannot feel pressure or be engaged in existential "dread".

Doesn't understand the basics, he HAS access to them, but he spends his time actively doing anything else beside grabbing the people he knows, slamming their asses on a chair for 6 hours at the cry of "tell me EVERYTHING".

He knows that crazy abilities exist, he UNDERSTANDS that, but his solution to an overpowered stalker that threatened him to keep his mouth shut is :"let's go chat in the nearby woods, no way he can find out". It's like he physically cannot bring himself to care.

It's not stupidity. It's just lack of basic awareness of gain and loss.


If going forward the story is going to be more cohesive and less "schizophrenic", this could become DAMN GOOD.

Also, give your main character a slap, if he remains as slow as before you will have to write one "deus ex machina" after the other to keep him alive 😁


Enjoyable, nice twist on the standard isekai, read synopsis before you start

Reviewed at: Chapter 55 - Jail time, the chance to save a life

So, I've read up to the last chapter before i made the review after a friend mentioned this to me. As the synopsis says, Author is happy to listen to suggestions and moves on any errors spotted quickly. Really enjoying it up to now, especially after all of the edits the author made to the first 30 chapters to smooth them out.

Style: No issues. I like how the author describes the scenes and how he constructs the world.

Story: Excellent up to now. Not the average "know it all" protag, which makes his growth feel earned rather than given without a thought.

Grammar: Some slight issues, but nothing big enough to pull me out of it. Author moves on anything pointed out at the first opportunity, so can't complain.

Character: Main character matches the synopsis. He is a loner, but has to learn to trust others throughout his stay on his new home. Other characters seem real, but have not been built up. I feel like there is more to each character, but will have to see how the author builds. The main side characters feel fleshed out and real.

Overall: Enjoyable read, definitely recommend you to give it a go.

Lazy Empress

I started reading this story around the evening, bad idea since suddenly it was night.

At first the story is slightly confusing, like I wouldn't be able to tell you what's going on since I'm not sure. After that though it gets better, it still has its moment where I feel like things changed without me being informed.

For grammar there's a few mistakes here and there. But they look more like typos than actual mistakes.

The MC feels a bit weird, since apparently he lacks trust of people but it doesn't show. He seems fine with almost everyone really. And I don't know if the MC is a master fighter or a rookie like his name, at times he feels like he's a veteran fighter and knows what to do, then the next moment he misses everything and trips on a stone.

I still recommend reading it. Do it when you have time though, or else it's suddenly midnight and you don't know what happened.

The Juggernaut

An Isekai Unlike The Rest

This story is good. A motivated Mc with a drive to accomplish his goals. Though set up like a cliche isekai, it subverts that trope in a few different ways. 

There are a few sentences were it would be missing a word or a small grammatical mistake, but those can be fixed with a quick edit. 

Other than that, this story (as of chapter 5) is going wonderful. 

Once I get to the update chapter, I will make this more detailed. 



The narration have many unnecessary description just for gravatas. Always trying to create intense  atmosphere in situations. 

It was depicted like the MC is some kind of Messiah. Where he can't even take care of himself.

The Mysteriousness in the start and deliberate vagueness about the 'system' is overdone. 

 All in all. Not recommended


Third try, im feeling stuborn after having comments and reviews deleted.


As it is the novel is not ready for the public, it needs a rewrite and serious editing, hard to talk about it without spoilers so... you have been warned.


The main problem is lack of continuity, first the bad guy is "testing" the mc but in the end it turned out, because plot, that he just wanted to kill him. Could have done it 1000s of times. We also have his first level after killing the queen slime, later on, because.... reasons!, if that core awakens it will be more than level 100? doesnt make sense. Same for asking his god to warn his friends when at the start it was made clear it was luck even finding the mc seeing as how weak he is and not what the god would have chosen(pretty op when i finally dropped it after giving a supporter the rage element).

I could have go on and on with more stuff that gets changed, at this point im afraid by chapter 70 the mc will turn out to be female, thats how ridiculous everything is.

And thats the problem with the novel and why is not ready for the public, half of it doesnt make sense and the other half lacks continuity and is a patch work with the author going back and forward changing things. Could be good with real planing and editing but as it is... no.



I am currently reading this story, but so far as I have read it's going very good with lots of potential. 

Grammar: Good enough to not stop you from reading. 

Character: I like how Rook is developing, it's a little slow but the story seems to be planned for long, so it might be he starts dependant and then gets to make his own decisions. 

Style: I like the style and the details, they immerse you in the story. 

Story: It's still in development, there are some things I am a bit skeptical but I believe the author wants the story to be longer and will hint at them in the future, so I am expecting a lot from it!

Thanks for a good and nice story. 


A few chapters in, pretty promising!

Enjoyable read. Author seems to have chosen a shorter but faster release cycle. Things looking good so far! Recognize that the MC is not ready in the beginning. This is a new and terrifying experience for him, and he is already plagued by insecurities and fears caused by prior betrayal. Do not expect a standard OP isekai protag.


Worth a shot, fast releases and quality content

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - Pulled to one side

Fun read, got through all the chapters and want more. 

Changes a lot past chapter 30. Author sticks to what he wants to do, and I felt like it worked out well. Read it and see how you feel.