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chapter 7 - interlude - a single example


What can be called a species diversity, or at least intelligent species diversity in the universe is both greater and lesser than most people think. As much as Mark theory about universes intruding and leaking into each other wasn't entirely untrue, much more important to the lesser part of this sentence is fact that all things seek the most efficient form. In terms of normal physical matter, it shows itself by taking form most energy - efficient. This is why both soap bubbles and stars are always more or less round-shaped.

In terms of living beings it is more complicated. Impossible is, to actually describe what it is that life exactly seek and even the most simple assumption would probably need an entire lifetime to just try to understand it properly.
And yet we can safely assume that there exist some kind of life-equivalent of energy efficiency, some set of laws responsible for fact that humans, or at least human shaped beings are far to often meet than any kind of convergent evolution could explain.

And seriously, especially humans, there is FAR TO MUCH of them, they are like some kind of multi dimensional cockroaches...

And if you add fact that metaphysical qualities of this kind have a tendency to influence mind as much as reality, then you won't find it strange, that so many worlds this real and this created only for stories are filled with humans, elves, dwarfs, fairies and so on, and so on...

On the other hand life is far more stubborn than physical matter, and in some cases it can get downright ridiculous.
For example, in certain universe exist a species of beings living on the verge of a black hole's event horizons. These creatures are build from just one cell and their 'life' is based on particular case of extraordinary perception. They are capable of observing the surrounding universe far better than by any earth made telescope and didn't need any physical anchor to their thoughts or memories, keeping them in the some higher dimension or perhaps completely different plane of existence. Real bodies of these creatures exist in the physical realm though, and it is also here, where they are 'living' they lives.

Let's try then accompany a representative of this species let's call them horizon travelers - through one 'day' of its let's call this particular one as Clark - life.

Obviously we won't witness here a moment when Mr Clark is waking from bed, we won't accompany Mr Clark, as he is worried about how his children are doing in school, or if he has enough time to end project for work.

No Mr Clark “day” start when everything around him is speeding up. That is basic nature of Event horizon from an outsider's perspective time of object closing to it is slowing down, up to the point of being infinitely slow- or as close to infinity as it is physically possible. Obviously from the perspective of object itself in this case Mr Clark time of the entire universe is instead speeding up. It doesn't even take that long first there is nothing special to observe, then occasional flash, slowly turning into parade of colors, when time speeds so much that intervals between super-novas become so short that even for such a powerful supernatural cell like Mr Clark it is becoming impossible to fully process information of one before another will happen. And after that again all colors vanish when Entropy finally claim its victory over the universe. And Mr Clark is finally touching the very horizon and...

And then Mr Clark is again on the very beginning with time slowly speeding up, all that happened up to this point, changing into barely a premonition, information accessible only for him.

And so on and so on... every single being of this species is constantly experiencing endless passage of time, and then turning it into just a 'vision' of the future. They exist both, through entire infinity, and in only one single point in time. Even process of their multiplication is more similar to new units being created by hawking radiation, in a way similar to first cells being born in primordial soup on earth.

If this very large entry in this particular fragment of this history had to serve something, then it is to emphasize how different, how impossible to understand some living beings could be. Horizon travelers for example exist in a way where, even if they would posses enough intelligence, it would be almost impossible, for them, to understand concepts of 'past' or 'future', simply because they perceive time in completely different way.
Similarly, in case of a particular being that we will look at now. We will find it sealed in the planet-sized crystal-like sphere in the universe where our main hero was sent to.

This being was once born as a human, and as this is something inevitable - there will come a day when he well let's use this pronoun since he was born as a man will wear a human shell again.

And yet even then he still will have even less in common with humans than even 'horizon travelers'.

That is why it is impossible to describe, how he reacted, when he felt a special events of the day Mark reincarnation, finding of the ring of Devar, and even reappearance of a certain unique sword. It is impossible to put his comments into words as well.

But if we had to try anyway for the good of the story then...

Tik and tak my friends” he would whisper smiling “tik and tak”.


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