The Demon Lord's Seal

by gary0044187

Five thousand years ago Derek Thorne's namesake helped to seal the Demon Lord. For five thousand years his clan has continued to maintain the tenets of their founder. They have maintained the ways of the Demon Warrior, using holy magic and their ancestor's techniques to defeat the Demons of the Hell's Gate Mountains. They are an ancient family and they have the hubris to match.

When Derek leaves the mountains, he encounters a world where ninety percent of the population believes demons to be mere myth. The rest imagine the stories to be overhyped nonsense. Cut off from clan, what will Derek make of himself in this world?This story has been dropped.Edit: Thanks to Jean D. Racc for the alternate cover. Thanks to the readers for voting on it.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Thorne Clan of Redwyrm ago
Chapter 2 - The Younger Generation of Thornes ago
Chapter 3 - The Genius of Ovid and Eona ago
Chapter 4 - A Walk in the Moonlit Forest ago
Chapter 5 - Preparing for the Trials ago
Chapter 6 - The Thorne Trials ago
Chapter 7 - Unicorn Tears ago
Chapter 8 - Dedication to the God of the Forge ago
Chapter 9 - Wyvern's Blood ago
Chapter 10 - Training with Belany and Hector ago
Chapter 11 - Prince Kylin Arrives ago
Chapter 12 - A Sword for a Prince ago
Chapter 13 - The Shrine of the Sword ago
Chapter 14 - The Third Trial ago
Chapter 15 - Meeting a Grandfather ago
Chapter 16 - Preparing for the Fourth Trial ago
Chapter 17 - Entering the Hell's Gate Mountains ago
Chapter 18 - To Hunt Demons ago
Chapter 19 - Ambushed! ago
Chapter 20 - Facing a Greater Demon ago
Chapter 21 - Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 22 - Judgement ago
Chapter 23 - The Coming of Age Ritual ago
Chapter 24 - Leaving Redwyrm ago
Chapter 25 - Bandits ago
Chapter 26 - Windreach City ago
Chapter 27 - Entering Windreach Academy ago
Chapter 28 - Moving into the Dorms ago
Chapter 29 - Training Grounds ago
Chapter 30 - A Short Lesson ago
Chapter 31 - Dinner at the Cafeteria ago
Chapter 32 - First Day of Classes ago
Chapter 33 - "Thorne Clan Savages!" ago
Chapter 34 - The Guardian and The Chapter Master ago
Chapter 35 - Nightmares of Another Realm ago
Chapter 36 - Abomination ago
Chapter 37 - The Cathedral of the Sun ago
Chapter 38 - Granny Penny ago
Chapter 39 - Fior di Battaglia ago
Chapter 40 - The Demon Lord's Seal ago
Chapter 41 Recovery ago
Chapter 42 - Two Duels ago
Chapter 43 - In the Temple District ago
Chapter 44 - Temple of the Forge God ago
Chapter 45 - A Task From the Forge God ago
Chapter 46 - The Plan ago
Chapter 47 - Return to the Academy ago
Chapter 48 - Friends and Faiths ago
Chapter 49 - The Next Phase ago
Chapter 50 - Street Fight ago
Chapter 51 - Reprisal ago
Chapter 52 - The Smuggler's Cove ago
Chapter 53 - The Red Cabal ago
Chapter 54 - A New Schema ago
Chapter 55 - Rewards ago
Chapter 56 - Schema Reset ago
Chapter 57 - Enhancements ago
Chapter 58 - Spring Semester Competition ago
Chapter 59 - Runic Schema Competition ago
Chapter 60 - The Alchemy and Rune Smithing Competitions ago
Chapter 61 - The Spring Tournament Begins ago
Chapter 62 - Spring Tournament Day One ago
Chapter 63 - Spring Tournament Day Two ago
Chapter 64 - Spring Tournament First Year Finals ago
Chapter 65 - The Colosseum ago
Chapter 66 - Battlemage ago
Chapter 67 - The Lower Bracket ago
Chapter 68 - Xavier Cortez ago
Chapter 69 - Seal Bearer ago
Chapter 70 - Awards and Punishments ago
Chapter 71 - Culmination ago
Chapter 72 - Mustering ago
Chapter 73 - Gathering Forces ago
Chapter 74 - Marching North ago
Chapter 75 - Arriving in Telis ago
Chapter 76 - Forces Gathering in Charis Basin ago
Thank You for Reading ago

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It starts off well and the first arc is interesting as you get to know the MC and watch him grow but as time goes on the chapters become much less focused on the MC and are more into developing side characters. This makes me feel less attached to the main character.

Around chapter 38 or 39 The growth of the main character slows and seems to plateau. The MC also seems to be okay with his lack of growth or so it seems as there is little focus on any training he is doing to grow. Which isn’t in line with his past actions where he seems to be addicted to trying to grow stronger.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Also, the main character repeatedly sacrifices his own growth for the growth of others past the point where it can be considered kindness. Which I find slightly off-putting as it makes the main character seem to lack drive.

I also find myself not caring about the side characters. In most stories, there is a group of at most 6 “main” side characters that the MC spends most of his time building relationships with. In this story, there are many many more. The author introduces so many people so fast that the reader doesn’t really feel any connection with these characters. And the main character seems to build extremely strong bonds with a few of these characters very fast which is slightly unbelievable.

Overall the idea behind the story is very good as is the grammar but the writing comes across dry as you care very little about the characters.


better than other chinese plot like novels.

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - The Thorne Clan of Redwyrm
  • It is not an original read but it will give you something to get occupied with your time.
  • The start is as much as you can expect to these kind of stories, and if you read as much as i do (i read quite a lot)  then it might not be for you.
  • Tho i must be clear that the story is NOT bad in anyway (I REPEAT, THIS STORY IS WELL WRITTEN WITH FEW PLOTHOLES) other than that it has the same plot as any chinese cultivation novel's deprived or bullied Mc to someone who can dish out justice with their own hands.
  • READ IT for yourself to know if this will be your next to follow story or next favorite. But in my case, it is not. Kudos to the author for getting on the trending!! Your the man! (Or woman.. i didn't check...)

Alright so I have been reading up until chapter 43 and I must say, the beginning was rough but when Derek leaves his village, it feels like the world just gets more vibrant. Also, Derek seems to be maturing in his own way. The info dumps become less heavy and more to just show how much of the world that Derek has yet to experience.


Though I do feel that Derek needs to stop collecting gods like pokemon. Honestly, I feel it would be more interesting if he became a hero with the blessings he has than drowning in the approval of every god he comes across. I would also like for more actual dialogue than being told characters talked.


Oh! And Alicia honestly feels like a non-character. Why is she there? No one knows! I think should either give her more character or just get rid of her entirely because right now she's just this pretty girl that has no purpose. 


A Hunt Of Thorns and Thrones

Hi there Raccoon in a Trashcan here.

So I have read all till the last chapter. For the first chapters, I was a bit skeptical because it took me some time to read. Then I found the author leaving little bytes of 8bit information. 

It was easy to overlook it. So I had to reread. I got hooked around chap 10-12. The story starts to become extremely interesting there. It can be hard to understand the terms the author used but after reading well you will get the meanings behind schema, essence and the tiers.

The grammar is very good. The plot seems interesting until the last chapter available. I suggest reading carefully and enjoying. Do not skip much or you'll lose the little things the author left.

In summary, a must-read to understand the Thornes, a demon hunting family with lots of traditions and conflicts.

PS: In the review title 'thorns' was on purpose. The clan is named Thornes.


I decided to give a little more in-depth review since the author approaches several chapters that make it possible. 

Style: I like the style, its good and maintains you wanting to know what happens next. If we are strict the style gets  3-4 stars. It is secondary to the initial part which has strange writing that keeps you from wanting to read. This is solved in the chapter I told above. So its a must to persevere through the first part. After that, the style flows on its own and the story becomes very interesting. 


Raccoons are bad with this, they have black eyes and scratch their pranking phone. No, we don't study symbols... We study plot-holes or trashcans. So this is not my area. But, in summary, it has correct grammar, better than mine probably. More than 4 stars in my opinion but I can't give a decent report here. 

Story score:

It's a bit slow-paced, which I like but makes most people that want fast start to runaway. The plot is still starting to take off, and seriously stories should have many chapters to have a nice review. But in RR you can review them even at 1 chapter. So I decided to review this since I liked it. If we are strict the plot will have 4 stars including the current stage of him entering an academy. We still lack a lot of information to have an idea of what the author wishes to achieve with this story. Added a note: Around the 40th chapters now and there seems to finally be a plot, somehow like what the title of the story is about. These chapters are incredible at least for me. If you wish to read try to touch them. I will add more info after some more chapters. 

Character Score: 

Its a story centered on Derek who learns about the world little by little. The character development is good but we may lack a bit of 'Character Insight' in the first chapters. In the later parts, we get to know him better. I corrected this as In the last part he added some surrounding characters and its plot is starting to become stronger. Rebekah, Penny, Mateus, Alice, Derek, Jared... Some of the names you should remember if you read. I am bad at names as a raccoon. 

In summary its a good story, still in a phase where we need to wait for more and think of its future potential. 


Why do I give five stars?

I am objective. That means either I review and give 5 or I don't. I don't like doing things the 'subjective way' since there are too many people. 5 if I am reading or no review if I go out. The 4.5 or 4 is usually given on a whim and I don't do that. It's my way, no offense. Everyone reviews the way they like. 

An interesting premise that has a lot of potential with technically sound writing. However, 60+ chapters in and the MC feels very flat and mary-sue ish. Other than some childish jealousy against his mother's apprentice which is somehow resolved off screen, he can do no wrong.
The  writings style is equally flat, with lots of telling and little showing. Lots of paragraphs of declarative sentences about the MC's thoughts or actual events rather than describing them with any emotion or color.
The book is fine if you want a pretty standard cultivation style novel but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement



An average story worth a read to kill time but not much else.

I find it hard for me to write a truly detailed review for this story as it is neither bad nor amazing. It’s a work to read to pass the time. It doesn’t do anything new or any interesting twists on old ideas but it’s not a terrible work. I think my only complaint, having read the first arc, is how incompetent and dumb both the patriarch and elder come across to the point where I really don’t care about the Thorne clan. Based on the leadership shown, the clan is doomed and, probably, deservedly so.

Not much else to say, the MC is treated horribly but has an OP origin that gives him an insane advantage over people of comparative age. The fights are ok and characters don’t really stand out (except in bad ways) as there doesn’t seem to be much characterization or depth to most characters other than a bit more for the MC. 


The MC lives with his sick mother, and largely due to the influence of a particular clan elder the two are poorly treated in the clan. This is to the point where at times they didn't have time to eat, which further hurt the mother's health. That is fine; I've seen this type of intro to wuxia novels before, and even if it is a bit cliche it

works. Except...

Spoiler: Spoiler



Enjoyable, interesting and fun

Characters are interesting and they seem to actually exist in the world, rather than just being pawns written for random reasons.

I like the style overall. There are one or two info dumps, but they are well written and the author has chosen to put these in purposefully. They describe the world and the system well, so no real issues.

No major issues spotted with Grammar, nothing annoying to me. 

Story is progressing at a good pace. Events happen for a reason, and they all push the story along interesting directions.


Great Story with Demons, Swords, and Sorcery

This is a very good novel that should be getting much more attention than it has. An interesting read with a lot of potential.


Check it out! Do it for for the love of chicken!

Silly review title aside. Only at chapter 12 but story is solid, well written and characters are cleared out not 2d or super predicable. Grammer is good with small mistakes that don't take away from story.