by Mirikon

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There are many worlds in the cosmos. Many of them have rules and laws that are utterly alien to the world that we know. Most never leave the world they were born into, never even know or suspect that other worlds even exist. Their souls simply go through the cycle of reincarnation again and again, always forgetting their past lives, and living as they please. But some few are given the gift of Transfering after death, to live their next life in a different world, with memories of their past lives to enrich the world they go to with new concepts and new ideas, and bringing back those same from the world they visited when it is time for their next cycle in their old world.


A young woman suffers a tragic fate, and is granted the ability to Transfer. She is reincarnated into a new world, full of monsters and magic, things that would be mere myths and legends to her in her old life. This time, she promises, will be different. She doesn't have to be weak here. She doesn't have to be a victim. She can be strong, and no one will ever control her again!

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As of chapter 16, the story and characters are par for the course compared to other stories in the litrpg / portal / reincarnation genres.  I've given a low style score due to the over excessive usage of immersion breaking dice roll text boxes during combat and other scenes.

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Could be a lot better

I honestly think it’s cliche and unoriginal. She has an infinite amount of choices and she chooses two boring ones. After going through a severe trauma she is fine enough to live her life. You can’t just go from that to perfectly fine. And don’t you think growing up in a baby’s body would affect someone? Maybe the basic concept is good but think you need to rework the exposition and a lot of the plot so far. 

Stephen Lewis
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Well it was an interesting  read different way to structure it

I dont know if I will continue but mirikon writes well it's just the beginning and I think that "growing up/ intro to the journey" arc is done well 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 tldr worth a try

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Different and good!

It's different than his usual stories, which I enjoy too.

I liked the setting and plot so far. I like D&D as much as the next person, but I'm not sure if I like the constant rolls or not. I'll have to see when I spend more time reading it.


Very much looking forward to more.

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Good job, I am really enjoying the story.  My only problem comes with the system you are using.  I find it uninspiring.  That said, your writing is impecable and the characters feel real.  I look forward to reading further.

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melinda is a great character she is independent and fierce I adore what you are doing with the story and I am very glad that even though this is reincarnation based you didn’t spend too much time as her as a kid just a nice overview. The world so far is interesting and I like the barbarian view point. I can’t wait to go on further journeys with her. 

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Unlike your typical stories of mirikon this one doesn't seem to fit into his modus operandi. Besides a female mc there is the obvious lack of a harem tag so we can only hope for some single F/F action but let us wait and see. 

The story is written very well on a quality we all know from his other stories.

The only thing different is the obvious use of the DD RPG system which, I, frankly don't like. DD RPG is just too much dependent on RNJesus with no skill involved. but that's just my opinion. This system works very well for table top games but for a story? It's just too random for my taste. 

Nevertheless, i like how the story plays out so far, even if i, unlike regular, skip all the tables since i'm not interested in random dice throws.  

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Its an easy equation

I'm a simple man.  I see a good dnd story, I upvote.

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MC revenge is always awesome!

As I said before MC revenge is always awesome! So other than that, I like that the author is trying to make the character not so OP, with obvious weakness (ex. vulnerable to iron). I also like how the people around the MC know the she has memories of a past life and that while a baby her parents treat her as an intelligent person. Which is very interesting and something I haven’t read before. 

If I had to say one thing I am truly afraid of it is, seeing this story turn into a harem style story. Which I find really sad for me because I don’t enjoy harems all that much because it can turn into. Too much romance and erotic if they add that. Which than leads to less of a story. Their is also the fact that the MC is either adored waaay to much, or they are treated like an idiot. Which is something that I just can’t stand. I want to read the story, the growth of the characters, the history and way of their world. If I wanted romance and sex. I’d buy a smut book. Not a fantasy book.

I think the coolest thing would be if the author did the opposite of a Harem type character. Which would be a Aromatic type character. Mercedes Lackey wrote her latest book and used that type of character. I quite enjoyed it and thought of it as an interesting experience to read.

This is my personal opinion and I am not forcing the author to do anything they don’t want to. It’s their book and they can write whatever they want!

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Mirikon Going at it again! xD

yet another masterpiece by mirikon, a bit different from his usual style but still top quality work!.. for those who don't get what that entails just read it...