by Mirikon

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There are many worlds in the cosmos. Many of them have rules and laws that are utterly alien to the world that we know. Most never leave the world they were born into, never even know or suspect that other worlds even exist. Their souls simply go through the cycle of reincarnation again and again, always forgetting their past lives, and living as they please. But some few are given the gift of Transfering after death, to live their next life in a different world, with memories of their past lives to enrich the world they go to with new concepts and new ideas, and bringing back those same from the world they visited when it is time for their next cycle in their old world.


A young woman suffers a tragic fate, and is granted the ability to Transfer. She is reincarnated into a new world, full of monsters and magic, things that would be mere myths and legends to her in her old life. This time, she promises, will be different. She doesn't have to be weak here. She doesn't have to be a victim. She can be strong, and no one will ever control her again!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Foreword (Not a Chapter) ago
Prologue - Runaway ago
Chapter 1 - A New Start ago
Chapter 2 - Racing Ahead ago
Chapter 3 - Class, Attributes, and Feats ago
Chapter 4 - Finishing Touches ago
Chapter 5 - New Life ago
Chapter 6 - Unlocked ago
Chapter 7 - Combat Training ago
Chapter 8 - First Hunt ago
Chapter 9 - Trophy ago
Chapter 10 - Gathering ago
Chapter 11 - Honor Fight ago
Chapter 12 - Spoils of Battle ago
Chapter 13 - Consequences ago
Chapter 14 - Exile ago
Chapter 15 - Lord of the City ago
Chapter 16 - New Girl in Town ago
Chapter 17 - Practical Theology ago
Chapter 18 - The Embracing ago
Chapter 19 - Possibilities ago
Chapter 20 - Frostbourne Crypt ago
Chapter 21 - Into the Crypt ago
Chapter 22 - Shadow of the Patriarch ago
Chapter 23 - Just Rewards ago
Chapter 24 - Tales of Victory ago
Chapter 25 - Battle of the Dale ago
Chapter 26 - Battle's End ago
Chapter 27 - Traders ago
Chapter 28 - Leaving the Dale ago
Chapter 29 - The Worldspine Mountains ago
Chapter 30 - Ambush! ago
Chapter 31 - Desperate Battle ago
Chapter 32 - The Wolf ago
Chapter 33 - The Lair ago
Chapter 34 - Future Plans ago
POLL (Not a chapter) ago
Chapter 35 - Escaping the Mountains ago
Book 1 Epilogue - Towards Civilization ago
End of book 1 - Character sheets. ago
Book 2 Prologue - Blood Moon Howls ago
Chapter 1 - Plain Sail Tavern ago
Chapter 2 - The Twins ago
Chapter 3 - The Job ago
Chapter 4 - Curse ago

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Could be a lot better

I honestly think it’s cliche and unoriginal. She has an infinite amount of choices and she chooses two boring ones. After going through a severe trauma she is fine enough to live her life. You can’t just go from that to perfectly fine. And don’t you think growing up in a baby’s body would affect someone? Maybe the basic concept is good but think you need to rework the exposition and a lot of the plot so far. 

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Dice Rolling/Hit Chance killed it for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 - Trophy

I tried it, I really wanted to like it. I did like it. Until combat started and we start seeing chance dice rolls for chance to hit or how much damage you do...


Also the author doesn't explain what AC is, or a few other adjectives that when googled are from D&D.

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hard it immerse myself into the story

Reviewed at: Chapter 32 - The Wolf

Read up to chapter 32:


 let me say right away that the author obviously has experience and skill in writing.

The story progression is mostly fine even though it’s nothing special, unfortunately chapter release is really slow. 


For me it’s 2 things that take a lot of the enjoyment from the story it could be. 


1. First of as mentioned by  a lot of other people the diceroll/statcheck blue boxes ruin the immersion into the story a lot. No one want to read a bunch of numbers in the middle of an action scene.

Theory crafting with numbers in scenes dedicated to that are fine in my opinion and can even be a story asset (see i.e Delve ) 


2. secondly I think while the authors writing  style is grammatically impeccable it doesn’t really fit the story or isn’t well executed. It feels really impersonal and objective, often times more like a recap than an actual ongoing scene which really doesn’t mash with an action/adventure genre. 


I have read books before that used a similar similar style and while I was not the biggest fan they somehow made it work. This is not the case for me here. 


The author uses the I-Perspective, however it reads really external as if a retelling of the scenes in hindsight. First person narrative is used especially for its ability to let the reader experience the story from the mcs point of view, i want to read her fight and experience how she/I feels, not objectively being told the emotions she/I feel, if that makes sense. It’s a delicate balance I guess but it makes a world of difference. Also effects how strong I feel about the mc, quirks, personality etc, it’s all really muted :/ 

This coupled with my first point makes it incredibly hard to immerse myself into the story and find the excitement to discover the world with Mc. 


So i guess in the end it comes down to wether you like the authors writing style or not. He has published quite a few works on amazon -which I’m not familiar with- so I guess he won’t change his style even if other people feel the same. Plot, character and worldbuilding Is solid, nothing special but neither do I dislike it until now . 

I recommend reading the first few chapters and see if you mind the style, I didn’t really see complaints about that so maybe I’m just strange :D

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One of the worst starts I've ever read

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - New Girl in Town

I've read up to chapter 16 to see what one of the reviews was on about.


It's very difficult to write a review on this that doesn't sound like I'm insulting the author but honestly just get rid of the prologue. It instantly removes any and all expectations of anything of substance from basically any woman who reads this expecting an actual female protagonist and not this honestly gross attempt at one. 


If rewritten without the sexual abuse+torture = reason to want to be independent and strong.

Oh and the whole "I can't have babies" thing was the cherry on top of how dreadful the prologue was to read.


The rest of the story is honestly not that bad, if a bit standard for the genre. If she stood on her own instead of this awful, contrived and frankly, pointless backstory, then that would honestly put it in much better spot and the story itself wouldn't be weighed down by it.


I'm doing my best to not be rude here, but the whole "rape/infertility=determined woman" thing is so prevalent and dumb that it's almost become a troupe of it's own that makes no sense to literally any woman on this planet.

  • Overall Score

Let’s see where this story goes!

Reviewed at: POLL (Not a chapter)

Things have changed and the story is very different now. Firstly I am no longer worried that this story will turn into a harem type because the author has stated it isn't so. The author also said that this story would be along similar lines of how you would do a campaign in a D&D game. So this is awesome news for me. I am also loving the characters and how the MC is dealing with each situation the MC crosses. I also still love the fact that their arn't any secrets really and that how you see Gods and Goddesses are vastly different in this world. Things are about to get really interesting!

  • Overall Score

been spending the last week trying to find a D&D still book to read that wasnt a new writer that didnt understand systems. started searching the authors i follow to see if they had anything else and realized i hadnt checked mirikon in a while and like magic a new book with a D&D focus to the letter appears like mana from the heavens.

that aside i was mildly miffed at the type of character(ive played to many barbarian warriors in my life its who i am, axe face repeat) that was generated but ive read mirikons other works so i know he is a decent story teller so i pushed through my miffs and thorughly enjoyed how he grew the character the interactions and even sticking to the extreme's of showing dice rolls even tho as readers we dont care about the mechanics as long as the story flowed. im sure there was "good storetellying" involved in the rolls and how they landed but when your telling your own story as the DM that is more than your right.

my only disapointment is that i cant keep reading more. hoping that this story keeps on going so that i can enjoy the story as it continues on.

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A Bit Generic So Far but has Potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Into the Crypt

I like the concept of the plot/story but I feel the use of dice rolls, like in DnD games, for every action against/involving others, especially in battles, (as part of the world law/rules) to take away from the storyline and style. It breaks or dillutes my immersion and passion of the story.

My favourite part so far is the plot/scenario surrounding chapters 11-14!

I am optimistic and hoping for it to improve in later chapters either by correcting the dice rolling issue or improving the non-battle related plots/content so that we're focusing on the MC's political, social, or strateigic manueverings so that her Dominance is determined without use of a dice roll. Where it's all more focused on the content and planning than in battle! (Like in my stated favorite chapter!)

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Well it was an interesting  read different way to structure it

I dont know if I will continue but mirikon writes well it's just the beginning and I think that "growing up/ intro to the journey" arc is done well 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 tldr worth a try

  • Overall Score

Different and good!

It's different than his usual stories, which I enjoy too.

I liked the setting and plot so far. I like D&D as much as the next person, but I'm not sure if I like the constant rolls or not. I'll have to see when I spend more time reading it.


Very much looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Unlike your typical stories of mirikon this one doesn't seem to fit into his modus operandi. Besides a female mc there is the obvious lack of a harem tag so we can only hope for some single F/F action but let us wait and see. 

The story is written very well on a quality we all know from his other stories.

The only thing different is the obvious use of the DD RPG system which, I, frankly don't like. DD RPG is just too much dependent on RNJesus with no skill involved. but that's just my opinion. This system works very well for table top games but for a story? It's just too random for my taste. 

Nevertheless, i like how the story plays out so far, even if i, unlike regular, skip all the tables since i'm not interested in random dice throws.