Beeing with Diana in his arms was a very pleasant feeling, last night he went all out, it was a surprise she lasted until morning. He waited a few more hours for her to wake up.
"Good morning Diana" said Biff with a smile on his face.
"Good morning dear" She was still sleepy, but she looked very cute in that state.
"I was wondering. You want to use me right ?"

She shuddered for a moment.
"What do you mean dear ?"
He smilled.
"Well, it's pretty obvious so don't lie to me"
She was scared that Biff would abandon her but lying wouldn't do any good anymore. Smiling akwardly she said.
"Is it that obvious ?"
"It is but I think that is not all"
"Well, is it that bad for a woman to be attracted to a capable man ?"
"I guess not"
"Yes, I want to use you, but maybe those words are a little too harsh, in fact I want a strong man to support me and be by my side"

"I see, any strong man ?"
"Of course not, I still have some bottom lines, he still has to have a decent character and be as close to my age as possible, I can't afford only to be used and thrown away at the end"
"You have a point, and you think I fit in these categories ?"
"Yes, you are the best choice I found during all this time"
"Why are you so sure ?"
"Well, you are around my age, you are handsome and powerfull and most importantly you care about the ones around you. When you defended Marta back then and almost stranggled me to death, that was the moment I knew "
"But still, the risks are pretty high"

"They are but my mother said that if I see a capable man and to my liking I need to make him mine and not let him escape.
A powerful woman needs a powerful man by her side."
"There is some truth in your words"
"I bet everything on you, that's why I even offered my virginity to you. If I fail then I fail, at least I tried"

He was in deep thought.
"Why didn't you wait longer but made a choice now ?"
"Good question, the thing is that I have another 3 step sisters and they don't like me at all. Very soon, my father will pass the family business to one of us. If one of my step sisters take it, then me and my mother will most probably be left out, excluded or worst killed; plus there are many beautiful women around I don't want someone else to take you"
"Is it that serious, what about you father, can he accept all this ?"
"He grew up stepping on others and he cares greatly about power and results everything else is secondary"
"I see"

"All my sisters have powerful and rich men by their side, even from our family most of the people support them and not me and my mother, we are in a dire situation"
"I understand, and how can I help you ?"
"Become as strong as possible and be by my side, let them see we have a strong backer. That's the main plan, the details you probably know"
"You said you don't want other girls to snatch me, that means you want me to stay away from other girls ?"
"If you were all mine, that would be perfect, but I know that is not very likely. I will be very happy if you help me resolve the crisis I'm in. I use you and you use me, if something more were to happen between us we'll see in time"

What should he do, meddle in other people's business, that wouldn't be wise, then leave her after he just took advantage of her, that was also not an option.
"I will help you, but I can't promise too much. Also, I want you to change your attitude towards commoners, after all I am also one, I don't want to help someone that will later opress the weak people, If I will find out you are doing this, I'll make sure you will become one of them, is that clear ?"
"Yes, I promise"
"Good, now tell me more about the situation"


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