2 weeks later.
"Finally, fucking finally, I thought I was going to die"
Biff looked like a truck just hit him. He lost count how many times he fought monsters during the past 2 weeks. He fought and killed many kinds of monsters, some of them were so weird that he wondered how was it possible for such creatures to exist. Alexia provided him information about their weak spots and so on. The worst times were when he had to fight with
her. She beat him into a pulp every now and then. He couldn't relax at all.

He suffered greatly but his reward was also great. His blood supply was over the roof. Now he could form blood wings and even fly, his control over blood increased by a whole level. Furthermore, he gathered a staggering amount of energy crystals from the monsters he killed; plus Alexia gave him every day that he didn't die huge amounts of energy crystals.
"She is filthy rich alright"

During his training he advanced only by 5 levels, reaching level 30. This was not due to the lack of resources, on the contrary, he had so many energy crystals he feared that if he absorbed them all he would be able to defeat Alexia. Defeat her maybe was a little too much said but with her coming and fighting him once in a while she would clearly notice the
huge changes, he wanted to avoid that, at least until he reached a higher level. She teached him various methods, like how to control and hide the energy fluctuations around his body in order to hide them and many other.

He went directly to his dorm. After cleaning himself up and changing his clothes he sat on his bed. All around him were energy crystals.
"Hehe, time to level up" As long as he didn't have to spar again with Alexia or be forced to use a certain amount of strength, he would be able to hide his strength using the method she taught him.

Level up!
Level up!
Level up!
Level up!
Level up!

"Hahaha, It feels fucking great"
He was now at level 56, the huge increase in strength made him feel almost invincible.
"Was it worth it ? well, I'll say it was"
He still had energy crystals to spare, but he kept them for other purposes.
"I want to relax, but first I need to get used to my new strength. Hmmm, since teacher said I shouldn't leave the city then I'll go to the training area"
Said and done, without delaying he went straight to the middle of the student's area, the mountain that had it all. He rented a training room and for 2 days straight he got accustomed to his new power, tried to form diverse things with blood and so on.

"Pheww, enough is enough, time to relax"
He sent Marta a message asking her to come out with him but she refused telling him she had something to do.
Thinking a little he decided to respond to Diana messages, she texted him almost every day.
"Hey, I am free now"
Next he wanted to ask her if she wanted to go for a drink but didn't even managed to write a few words and she already responded.
"Hey, that's great, let's meet up, where are you ?"
He told her his location.
"Wait me there I'll come pick you up"

After just only 10 minutes she arrived. She wore a long tight black dress which had a side slit starting from her hip. He could clearly see her curves and that enticing leg of hers, he even saw her panties; black and with lace. He gulped.
Seeing his expression she was more than satisfied.
She approached him seductively.
"Hey, nice to see you, how have you been lately ?"
Biff was a little overwhelmed but he calmed down.
"Well, I won't lie to you, the last couple of weeks were very harsh, I barely had time to breath"
She smiled.
"Since you had such a harsh time, now would be a very good moment to relax a little. Do you want to go to a certain place or ?"
"I don't have any specific place in mind so I'll let you decide"

She thought for a little then said.
"I know the perfect place, come with me" Then she extended her hand. Grabbing her soft arm they got inside the transportation disk. It looked normal from the outside but inside was totally different. It was like the room of a 7 star hotel.
"Pretty nice for a transportation vehicle"
Diana laughed softly
"I'm glad that you like it"

In around 10 minutes they reached their destination. It was still inside the city but he didn't recognize where exactly.
He was a little cautious in case something wrong where to happen, but with his new acquired strength plus his wings he was almost sure he would be able to escape. Looking a little around he was surprised to see a humonguous tree in the distance.
Diana saw the confused look in his eyes and told him.
"We are pretty far away from the academy, more exactly in the center of the city, which holds the biggest park. It has a lot of beautiful places; restaurants that serve special drinks and food, in short it is the greatest place to relax in the whole city." Biff was eager to see it so they entered the park. Trees and plants of all colors, restaurants that were built
in trees or on water and even deep in some lakes. Beautiful birds and small inoffensive creatures. His mouth was opened almost all the time. Never before did he saw such luxury and beauty.

Diana was a good company, she talked about various places and things, she knew how to keep a conversation interesting.
"Looks like I've misjudged her, she is like a totally different person.Hmm, but still on a second thought I think that she only respects the powerful. This probably explains her behaviour from back then and her behaviour now"
They went from place to place and tried diverse drinks and foods, all was payed by her.
"Well, everyone is free to be as they desire who am I to judge ? Since she marked me as a powerful person, let's not dissapoint her"
After visiting a few more places they finally reached the big tree.
"I wonder how big is this tree, the view is surely great from up there." said Diana
"Well, let's see then"
"Don't joke around, the tree is off limits and it's surrounded by a force field that is several hundred meters high, there is no way we can go over it"

Biff smiled. Coming closer he took her in his arms, from his back, long and beautiful red wings formed. With a jump and a flip from his wings they were already high in the air. In just a few moments they were so high up that they could be barely seen from below. In 2 minutes they were already on top of the tree and he didn't even used his full strength.
It was evening, the sky was free of clouds, the sun was setting, it was perfect. Biff took 2 bottles of wine from his ring, gave one to her and one he kept for him and said.
"Well ? do you like the view ?"

She was stunned. Biff smiled and let her process the new information.
"How, how can this be ? this level of strength..." She just couldn't figure it out how was he so powerful.
"He is the one, I must have him by my side no matter the cost" Taking a big gulp of wine she said.
"What a marvelous view" then she finished the bottle of wine in a just another gulp and threw it away. Slowly walking towards him, she grabbed him in an embrace and kissed him.

Under the setting sun their bodies united and became one. They played together until morning. Biff could finally let go of all his accumulated lust.


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