He was yet again in front of Alexia's big palace. Going in he went directly to the area that he previously took the test.
Entering he saw everyone sprawled on the ground, resting.
"They went through a tough battle righ ?"
Drako came as soon as he saw him.
"Hey, thank you and sorry, I didn't know that those things were going to happen. Here are another 500 energy crystals for
the extra problems"
"You sure ? there is no need I don't mind"
"No no, please take it otherwise I'll feel very bad"
"Ok, give it here" Free money was always welcomed, he wasn't going to refuse twice.
"How is Isabella, did she found her uncle ?"
"Yes, thankfully he managed to get back but he is heavily wounded. Listen, Isabella told us that you saved her life and to treat you like family, thank you again, if I can be of use please inform me"
"Yea, no problem, so did you managed to pass the test or you'll have to be here for another week ?"
Drako smile akwardly.
"We all managed to pass it, some barely but we all passed, you'd be surprised what you can accomplish in a full week of isolation"

Biff laughed. Having a small chat with Drako was a pleasant way for the time to pass until their teacher arrived. Seeing them together, Gronas also came and joined their disscussion. Gronas was tall and full of muscle, he looked like a barbarian.
He was simple and easy going. They were all house mates and since they didn't have much of a chance to socialize before they started now. From the team of 6 Marta and Norton were missing, as for Diana, she was sitting in a corner.
"Should I go to them ?" Remembering the scene when Biff almost strangled her to death she got the shivers.
"Fucking shit, how come I punched an iron board ? I was careless, I need to do something, he seems..."
Thinking of various things she finally built up the courage and went to them.

Around 1.60, blue eyes, blue shoulder height hair and with that look of guilt plastered on her face, she looked like another person. She was dressed in black leather clothes, jeans and a sweater, simple but very comfortable, ideal for battling. The clothes were made from fine materials and had plenty of details carved into them making them look very extravagant.
"Hey Diana, why don't you come..." Drako responded, but stopped and gave Biff a look, he nodded.
"Come, join us, we are house mates after all"
She timidly joined their circle.
"From what are those clothes made, they look very...special ?" Asked Gronas.
"They are made from the leather of a special black fox, it's a present from my father" She made a pirouette and asked.
"Do you like them ?"
Gronas gulped, you could tell that he was sneakilly glancing at her well developed ass and breasts.
Everyone laughed.

"Hey Biff, Diana is my friend, her and my family go way back, I know you started with the left foot but I hope you'll both let it pass, what do you say ?"
Drako took the role of the pacifier. Like she was waiting for this moment Diana said.
"I'm sorry for beeing rude" Saying this she made a submissive gesture with her head.
"It's ok, I also went a little over board"
With that their relation turned for the better.
"How are your and her family acquainted ? If you don't mind me asking" Asked Biff curiously.
"No problem, it's not a secret. My familly handles some businesses in this city and her family works in the political area"

Biff thought it was indeed a very good combination. Having some friends in the administrative area could prove to be very useful for certain businesses and since nothing is for free, both parties have something to win, a win win situation.
"Well, that somehow explains her spoiled behaviour. It's a miracle that she didn't sent some assassins after me and chose to apologies, I wonder what is she thinking". Their small chat continued, Gronas came from a modest family that had a small business in the production of raw weapons. Gronas and Marta were a mistery, no one knew detailed information about
them. Biff knew more about Marta but he of course didn't tell them anything, as for him, he avoided the questions he didn't want to answer.

"By the way guys, In case you don't already know, some strange things happened..."
After some time, Alexia made her appeareance. Her long black hair coupled with her violet eyes gave the others a very otherwordly feeling. She was very nice to look at, but remembering how they suffered because of her and how she treated
them,the pleasure of looking at her was reduced drastically.

"Congratulations to all of you for barely passing, very brave and very strong" Almost everyone's faces were ugly to look at.
"You fucking bitch !" Many of them swore at her, but of course only in their minds.
"Some of you may know and some of you may not know but some special events took place while you were relaxing here. Many of our settlements from outside of the city have been attacked and destroyed. Many have been killed and many have been taken as slaves. Maybe you knew some of them. I suggest you train harder because the peaceful times won't last too much."

The news were like a huge earthquake for the ones that didn't knew. Drako already told them so Biff and the company weren't that surprised anymore.
"Since all this is not only the case for our city but for many others, The Human Alliance offers bounties for those that kill the enemy, save our comrades or provide useful information." Giving them a few more glances she continued.
"Also, our academy decided to open up our Forbidden Zone. In case you don't know that area is full of valuable resources and it opens only once in a very long time. There are a lot of resources but the danger is also very high. From beasts and of course from the other participants. The age limit is 20 and the spots are also limited."

"What ?! For real ?" Many of the students were excited.
"I have 2 spots, one is already decided, so only 1 remains. We will decide now through competition who will take it"
Said and done. She made some gestures and a ring appeared out of nowhere. The fights began. Most of them were at level 10 or below so for Biff who was triple or almost triple that coupled with his blood manipulation and movement technique it was like taking candy from a child. 1 hit was enough to send them flying.
"So strong!" Diana's eyes sparkled and she seemed fascinated by his strength.
"So strong and so young, how is that possible. Wait, is he like one of those freaks that can absorb a huge number of energy crystals every day ? That must be it, otherwise there is no way for him to be so strong. If I had him by my side then maybe..."

Diana was fascinated by Biff and was plotting something in her mind. Without any excitement or suspense Biff won the small tournament. The others had dejected looks.
"Man, you sure are something. I hope you will take care of me during our trip"
"How will you come if you don't have a spot ?" Drako smiled.
"Who said I don't have one ? haha"
"I see"

Alexia interrupted them.
"Everyone except Biff can leave, you have a break of 2 days. I'm sure you'd like to check upon your families or do something else."
Everyone dispersed.
"We will keep in touch, see you" said Drako and Gronas, as for Diana, she approached him and said.
"Hey, when you are free can you please come with me for a drink ?"
"I'll think about it"
"Sure sure"

Looking at her red face and how she asked made him have a boner almost instantly.
"What is this girl planning ?"

Everyone left. Alexia approached him and said.
"Congratulations, this is the entrance token, be sure not to leave the city with it otherwise..."
"I understand"
"There are a few more weeks until the opening of the Forbidden Zone, until then I will personally train you but I have a condition"
She was pretty serious.
"What condition ?"
"You will have to get something for me from that place"

"Hmm, she is going to train me or torture me ? I wonder what she wants..."
"As long as I will be able to do it, then I'll try"
If it will be too dangerous or he won't have the disposition he won't do it, but he couldn't say that to her.
"That is good enough, also you won't do it for free. We will talk again about this after your training."


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