Cata Maestra


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Forest Arc | Chapter 10: Arrival at Gantz City


"I'm back."

I can see that.

The time it took for Celes to get the stuff I needed was just about as long as expected: 2 hours. Surprisingly, nothing bad happened while she was gone, even if the chances were pretty low. It didn't look as though she was carrying more than before, but she's so mysterious that I won't bother questioning it.

[So, what did you bring?]

"It's easier if you see for yourself."

She pulls the bag she carries off her back and dumps its contents onto the ground. Despite its size, it holds a lot more than it should be able to.

In terms of clothes, there's a reddish-maroon poncho with a hood, a white shirt, a pair of pants, and... panties. There's no bra, as there's nothing there to give them purpose. Additionally, there's a pair of gloves.

...Gloves? I send a questioning glance at Celes. How am I supposed to wear these with my claws?

"See if you can retract those dumb razor blades of yours. If you can't, put those on to hide them. Don't worry about the gloves, there's a bit of extra space for your claws, and I highly doubt they'll be cut in any way."

...[How do I retract them?]

"Do I look like I have claws? How should I know? I mean, your demon cat there can just retract its claws on instinct. Probably."

...Demon cat? I glance at Cata, who meows in return.

I'll... pretend I didn't hear that.

"It's probably the same for you. Just try to flex whatever muscle's responsible for moving your claws."

I look at my claws. Nothing about them have changed since I got them. If anything, they might even be a bit sharper. Closing my eyes, I focus on my fingers and try to shift... something around.

Lo and behold, I can feel something sliding in my fingers. Maintaining my focus, I open my eyes once again.

...They grew longer. Five times longer. Each one is longer than the length of my middle finger. And somehow I feel like they became yet sharper.



Does this mean... the state when they're just a centimeter long is their retracted state, and that was me actually pushing them out? I can't be that unlucky, can I?

...Well, at least they're good weapons, but I'm going to have to wear gloves to hide them so it ruins the point. I've got a gut feeling that I shouldn't be showing them around, or I might just get myself into some trouble.

"Oh, almost forgot. I've also got this for you."

I turn back to Celes, who's holding a ring of bandages.

"You're gonna have to use these to cover your missing eye and... most of your face. Don't ask why."


"I just said-... ugh, it's... for your own good, got it?"

[That's s Got it.]

"Don't write "that's stupid". Just lemme clean you up, get you dressed, and we'll be good to go."

If you say so, although I have no clue how you're supposed to clean me up. My skin color's kinda mostly red at the moment from all the blood. Some soap isn't gonna do the trick at this point.

Suddenly, Celes passes me a metal tablet. I fumble around slightly before managing to catch it before it falls to the ground. At a closer look, it's more than just a metal tablet; there's a monster core embedded in the center, and all around it, peculiar runes are etched into the metal.

How curious. I push down on the core.


With a slight glow, I instantly feel a strange sensation covering my body. All of a sudden, the dirt and blood caking the entirity of my skin pops off, flaking down to the ground. My unnaturally pale skin is once again revealed to the world.

...Neat. I try to press the button again, only for Celes to snatch it away.

"It's already done its job. Pressing it more only wastes the energy in the core."

A pout grows on my face, but I decide not to retort. I quickly change into the clothes she put out for me, pants first and poncho last with the scarf wrapped around. None of them seem to be enchanted, so it's a little cold, but...

"There's a magic formation around the city that keeps it warm inside, so there's no point in wearing warm clothes unless you're gonna leave the city."

Yeah. Magic. Woo.

"Now stay still, and let me put these stupid bandages on your face."

Inwardly groaning, I comply and let her do as she says. I'd rather go without a struggle than get myself into trouble. By the time she's finished, the only part of my face that's visible is my eye and a little amount of the skin around it.

"Good, good. Now all that's left are my gifts for you."

Meeting my inquisitive glare from the only visible part of me face, Celes smiles as she reaches in her bag. She rummages around a bit before taking out four different items: a leather bag, presumably filled with coins based on the sound, a pen and notebook for communication, a pack much like her own but smaller, and another leather bag, its contents unknown.

"As you can see, right here's a bag of cash for you. It's got five silvers and 25 bronze coins. Should be enough to last you till you can find a job, got it? Oh, and don't lose it."

I nod.

"Good. Now here's a pen and notebook. As you can guess, you're supposed to write in it. Please try not to waste the paper."

You're telling me the last part like you're assuming I'm going to waste it.

"Now we've got a backpack for you to put all of your stuff inside. Your spare cloak, your notebook, your money if you want, basically anything. Don't lose it."

I'll do my best.

"And finally, my favorite of the gifts, although the one I most hope you won't end up needing to use. There's a lot of sand-like stuff in this bag that I like to call self-defense powder, although it's really just sleeping drug. If someone's about to attack you and your cat isn't there to save you, throw some of this at them and they'll get knocked the fuck out."

[I can see why you call it self-defense powder.]

"Right? It's great. Don't lose it."

I-I'm not going to lose any of this stuff, okay? You don't need to tell me over and over! I quickly jam all of it into the bag, save for the self-defense powder which I tie to my waist.

"Phew... that should be it, I think. All we need to do now is enter the city. As soon as we pass those gates, we're gonna have to part ways."

I climb onto Celes's back, resting my face against her stuffed coat. It feels really... relieving to get out of this forest.

"Thank you very much, and welcome to Gantz City."

After Celes passes the guards five bronze coins and presents her Adventurer's ID, we pass through the gates and into the city. As we do so, Celes swirls around to make eye contact with me.

"Before we part, I've just got a few last bits of information for you. First however, I must ask: do you know your way around the city?"

I shake my head. I... can't remember if I've even been here before, so there's no possible way of me remembering the layout of this gargantuan place.

"As to be expected. Right, so if you look all the way north over there..."

She points straight ahead.

"...You'll see the Mage Association's building. There's not much you can do over there, but as you can tell, it's tall. Really tall. Since it's basically the furthest place north in this place, you can use it as a kind of estimate for where you are in the city."

Taking a deep breath, she motions towards the road we're standing on.

"Now right here's the main street in this city. It leads directly north, south, east, and west as long as you follow it. It kinda makes a big cross in the city, and separates it into four different squares."

With a short break for another breath of air, she continues on.

"The northeast square's got everything you need for daily life. Food, clothes, whatever the hell you want. There's also a few magical tool shops, but those aren't common here. You'd have to go to Salvaken City, and that's pretty far away. Getting back on track, the further out you are, the higher prices'll be. Common sense to have the most accessible places be the most expensive. It works like that in the northwest square too, which deals with inns and places to stay if you're not a resident of this city."

I signal her to pause so I have time to write in my notebook.

[And what about those who do live here?]

Using a bit of time to read what I wrote, she points off to the left.

"In the southeast square is where people live. However, the further you go in, the more it starts to become the place for the homeless rather than the place for home. If you can't find yourself a job, you might not have a choice but go there. However, it can get pretty dangerous, so unless you have confidence, I'd try to avoid that as much as possible."

I nod my head. Hopefully, it shouldn't have to come to that.

[And the remaining square?]

Celes grins, but the smile doesn't reach her eyes.

"...Adventurer stuff. Weapons, potions, armor, you name it. The guild's also on the northeast corner of the square, or basically right in the center of the city. A lot of the people are pretty rowdy, but only the newcomers are troublesome, since they don't really understand what they're in for. Still, they're a lot more dangerous than the experienced ones cause they're arrogant and less... tame. Veterans tend to be quite a bit calmer, like me."

You're not really that calm though. Eccentric might be the right word.

"And, well, that's all I have to say. Unless you have anything else to add, that'll be it."

...[No, that's fine. Thank you for getting me out of the forest safely.]

"Don't mention it. If you ever come across me again, I might be willing to help you out, so don't hesitate to ask, alright?"

I nod my head. She's done so much for me though, that it's really me that should do something for her.

"Well then, until we meet again."

[See you.]

Celes walks into the crowd, but soon stops right in her tracks, as if she forgot something.

"...By the way."

...She turns around, sporting a devilish grin. Her eyes hold an unbelievable amount of mirth, almost like she had been holding back some type of hilarious joke for hours on end. But despite all that, despite all the mischieviousness held in that gaze, I feel an almost familiar... warmth. Like she's seeing a very good friend she hasn't met in a long time.

"My good friend, cute little Maestra. You haven't changed much, but you're a little nicer compared to who you used to be. Don't give up."

She raises her hand, and with the snap of her fingers, disappears into thin air, leaving me alone with my shock.


̶͚̠̠͈͒̌͆ ̸̮̈̈̾͛͛̓ ̶̱͔̘̜̃̀̈̐̐͘ ̵̧͎̗̥̮̐ ̵͖͚̪̾̆̀̍͝ͅ ̷̧̯̫͚̹̈͛ ̴̱̤̓ ̶̨̗̘͇̱̆͆̀ ̸̪͔͙̘́ ̸͍̳͕͔͖̆̓̊ ̵̙̔͂ ̸̛͓̈́͋͝ͅ ̶̘͛̓́͒̂͌ ̶̧̼͍̺̠͈̆̎ ̵̫̳̯̒͜ ̴̖̂ ̸̫̃̆͑̔͐̚ ̶̡̦̮̬̮̃̃̐̑̅͘ ̵͈͓̖̲̼̪͒ ̴̗̫͙͉͑ ̶̩̄̈́ ̷̪͕͉̮̺̦̍͊̐̔̔ ̴̠̭̲̲̌͌ͅ ̶̤͚̔̾̏ ̷̦͋̑ ̸̡̲̺̈̃̒͊͝ ̵̡̡̥̟͛̑̇͒ ̷̭̘̽̇͒͛͠ ̸̧̛̮̓̕͝ ̸̖̝̞̓̐͊͒͠ ̸̨͖̤̮̇͘ ̴̗̮̾̈́ ̵̜̘̘̳̅ ̴͈̦̜̈͌̏̈́ ̵̟̘̻͛̈́͑́͜ ̷̡͉̖̱͔̹̈̌̈͌ ̴̢̰̣̦̻̤̃ ̸͍͙͚̤͎̝̌̌̿ ̷̲̩̟̱̌ ̷̜̦͙̣́̈́̈́͆ ̸̢̂ ̸̡̨̜͕̟̠͊̀ ̷̡̡̰͚̇ ̶̖̲͓̬͐̋͝ ̸͔̥͌ ̸̧͙̮͐̓͌ ̶̭̮̜͎̙̏ ̵͕̺́̈́͝͠ ̴̨̬̠̮̙̣̀̓̅̀ ̴̗̮̥̳̾̀͊ ̶̞̻̥̹̤́ ̷̫͔͌̈́ ̴̩̓͋͂͋͝ ̸̡̛̱͓̟̯̀͋͑̌͌ ̴̢̤̜̝̫͐͝ ̶̟̳̽̊̿͌ ̵͇͕̼̬̯̼͠ ̶̭͉͗̈́͜ ̵̙̖̮̆͌̄̑ ̶̨͍͕̼̮͓̈́͛̃ ̴̰̺̎ͅ ̸͙̠̕ ̴̝̪̪̗̳̥̌͝ ̴̡̼̖̤̯̳̂͌ ̶͉́̑͝͝ͅ ̶͓͕͇̞͚̏̋̂̔̀ ̶̝̽̑̑ ̴̩͇͓̃́ ̷̣̩̪͍͑ ̶̢̢̱̯̜̮̈́̿̉̑͘͝ ̴͈̈́̓̄̆ ̵̖͉͖͉̀̂̍̊̚ ̵̖̻̤̭̮̕ ̶̯̆̓̂͌ ̶̙̬̮͎̌́̅̆͘ ̴̝͗̆̆̈́̂̇ ̸̢̝̟̤̟̜̒ ̵̺͔͕̟̬͖̍̌̀̍ ̵͖̲̪͓̙̹̑̅̓̕ ̷̡͈̜̌͝ ̷̢̩̩͙̽ ̶͚̼͚̽̀̆̍̋͜͝ ̶̙̣̭͉̒̃̍̑͛̀ͅ ̸̖̤̍̿͌͑̿̀ ̴̠͚̗̩̣̉͐̎͗̔ ̷͓͙̀͊̕ ̷̱̬̬̼́̂́ ̵̡̱͖̳̝̈̈́͛͜ ̸̨̧̺̣̬̜͒̈ ̷̝͙̮͝ ̴̜͙̦̈͝ ̷̡̢̫͓̱̅̈́̏͒͊͑ ̸͔͔̝̏ ̴͔͓̐̐͂̅́ ̵̯̺́ ̴̧͉̭̳̹̄̊̂͂̇͐ ̴̦͍̔̃͝ͅ ̶̝̙̊̆͂̚̕ ̴̗̮́̉͌̌͘͜ ̴̳̬̐͗̕͘ ̸̱͈͛́̍̅́̚ͅ ̸̧̛̲̱̦̥̅̎ ̷̨̳̝̎̋̀ ̸̨̰̜̍͠ ̸̗̳͔̩̳͆̅̔̇͗ ̵̢͖̘̪̪̓̀̈́͒̌͝ ̸̝͎̇ ̸̧̙̌̈́̿ ̷̞̼̞̙̹̍̐̓̍ ̴̧͇̖͇͙̒́ ̷͚̙͍̇̀̄̉͝͝ ̷͉̑̅ ̵̨͒͑͛͒͐ ̶̱̆͗͘ ̴̛̱͖̟͖̭̥̉̌ ̵͈̞͇̆̿̉̉̐ͅ ̸̻̦̳̺̳͇͆̾̑ ̴͎̘̝͕̬́͒́̚͜͝ ̷̔̆̇́͜ ̷̦͑̽͋͘ ̷͎̺̬͍͋̓̉͆ ̶̢̨͕̝̊̉͛͋̾ ̴̰̼̀̏̇ ̵̡̞̲̝́ ̴̖̗̘͓̅̑͝ ̸̡̦̖̂ ̵̧̨͔͙̈͌̄͘̕͝ ̸̝̥͓̟̦̑͒̐̽̌͘ ̴̢̙͕̳͌͑̃͜͝ ̶̻̚ ̷̙̰̭̮͍͚̌̅ ̵̜̱̘̎͠ ̴̻̺̦͉̽͐ ̵͇͇̰̣̝̬̇̈́͊͝ ̶̍̂͜ ̸̪̈́ ̶͕͛͛ ̸̧̗̯̪̤̥̊ ̸̧̘̊̽͐͠ ̶̬̉̓̅ ̴̣̗̬͕̂̊̕ͅ ̸̛͈̪̈́̊̿͘ ̶̜̮̋̓ ̷̥̙̠̔ ̸̧̘͔͛̽̋ ̸̛̗̱́̎ ̸̥͓͎̙̒͌͐̂̚͠ ̷̝̞̯̱͚̚̚ ̵͉͔̣̗̫̻͛̇͒͘ ̷̢̛̯̪͑͛͊̀͌͜ ̵̧̡̘̝̰͖͂́̓̀̕ ̵̡̦̺͙̳̖͑͋͆̃́ ̶͉̱̮̗̼͖͋ ̴̛̹̑͝ ̴͎͇̩̥͕̟̐͒ ̷̞̻͔̦͂̇̿̎͌ ̶̹̲̺̌̂̓̓ ̵̨͇͓͕̬̒͊͗͘ ̷̖̺̺̮̚͜͜ ̵͖̭̤̉̿ ̵̞̃̅̐ ̶̝̬͚̏̚͘ ̴̨̧̺͓̣̊͂͊͌ ̷̨̖̦̥̖̳̽̈́̈́̔̀͠ ̴͚̆ͅ ̵̫̳̖̟͗͆̕͜͝ ̸͉̱̄͊̈́͜͝͝ ̸̨̗͊̍̂̍ ̸̛͇̖̭̣̼͖̾̑͠ ̷̡̛̯̼͆ ̷͇̬̱͈̞̋́̈̀́͌ ̶̹̼̅̽ ̶̯̫͋̕͘͘ ̵̧̛̣̞͛̉͛̀̓ ̵͚̲̱̩̂ ̵̢͈͜͠͝ ̵̨̞̣̳̀͛̂̆̊ ̴̞̹̤͍͆ ̶̻̈͑̈̒̆̿ ̵͖̙͖̲̃̔̕̚͝ ̶̟́̐̐̚ ̸̖͔͇̄̎̏́͗͘ ̴͕̿͝ ̴͍̝͂̾͗ ̷̥͖͐̃̆̐͝ ̷̡̬͙̰̺̔ ̴͎͔̎̓̅̀̃͠ ̷͖̯̱̔͌̂̆̄ ̶͇̱͉̙͈̫̑͝ ̸̟̀̕̚ ̸̻͖̩̜̅̓̃̇̆͝ ̴̒́̈́͝ͅ ̴̗̒̒̀ ̴̢̺̣͈̍ͅ ̸̩̠̟̣͑̔̑̽̚͝ ̷̜̾͊ ̷̤̑̃̔̃̃͗ ̵̨̳̼̰̤̈́ ̶̛̲ ̸̧̧̼̺̝̳̊͊͂͌ ̵̮̦̳͕̞͑̑ ̶̢̰̱̼̣̈̌ ̴͙̝̜̀ ̷̨̳̦̥͋͗ ̶̧̪̤̗͔̅͑̽̚ ̵̱̙̹̠̿͘̕͝ ̷̢̲͐̎͠ ̴̝͈̤͔̥͛̎͜

Introductory Arc END

̷̫̀̄͐̿̚͠ ̸̦̏̆̓ ̴̢̘͙̽̈́͘ ̴̪̎̔̇̃̕̕ ̴͓̦̀̀̈͌̈́ ̴̻̠͚̜͈͗̐̌̽͜ ̵͉̻̙̏̂̓̚ ̷̨̛͆̄̋̈́̆ ̸̪̘̹͎̪̳̏̄͐̍̚ ̶̨͚̏̍͂̿̈ ̸̧͎̯́̎̏͠͝ ̸͉͓͔̠͑͐̿ ̴̲̦̯̲̗̓͌̎ ̵͕̲̇̐̌ ̴͕̱͕͕͖̝̍̐͠ ̸̢̯̝̙̺͌̔͒̂̋͠ ̸̢͙̃̈́̅͝ ̷̪̖̎ ̴͕̤̖͆̕̚ͅ ̸̡̺̯͒̔̋̃͜͠ ̵̧̺̭͔̻̅́̄̈́̔͘ ̷̧̯̘͎̥͈̆̎̓̈̅̓ ̵̥̭̖̿́̑̑̌͘ ̷̜̯̪̗̞̽̈̈̇̇̈͜ ̷͚̝͒͛̒͝ ̶͔̯͔̫̠̎͊̓̀̓ͅ ̵̣̬̫̺̊̎ ̸͙̝̼̬̟̔͜ ̶̥̼̲̖̈́͐͌͊̑ ̶̜̫̓̅̐̅͛ ̷̺̣̪̘̈́̍ ̴̳̖̃̄ ̴̢̨̤̦̪͍͛̊͌ ̷̳͍̩͉̗̌̊̀͂ ̵̻͙͒͂̅̑͝͝ ̵̖̖̩̭̩̫͂͝ ̶͕̬̟̜͇́͘ ̴̭͙̯̬̺̬͒͌̏ ̵̘̣̱̂̓̊̀̏̕ ̴͎̱͍̻͉̒͗͒͊ ̸̮̆ ̵̢͓͍͎̆̌̍ ̵̙̼̟͚͎̫̒͊̄͑ ̸̡̩̱̂͠ ̷̛͎͓̖͚̃ ̴̹͊̃̋͠ ̸̫̰̾̌̈͝ ̷̜̉̑ ̷̜̗̞̥̼̹̌͐ ̶̧̡̛̮̫͉̺̋̈́ ̴̧̳̤͊̈́ ̶̹́̐̈́ ̶̮̯̻̖̙͕̕͝ ̴̡͌̅̈́̅ ̸͍̪̼̮͎̝̉̒͝ ̸̺̗̙̩̝̫̈́ ̴̤̰̭̩̘̮̀ ̷̧̛̟͎̬̈́̂̋̑͘ ̴̙̩͖̟̒ͅ ̶̭̠̈̑͑̾ ̸͍̯̙̆̌̎̂͋̚ ̸̞̼͌ ̴̩̪͋͝͝ͅ ̴̢̥̞̰̞̭̓̄̀̈́̈́̏ ̴̺̰̳͎͎̋ ̴̰̥̠͇̦͐̃ͅ ̶̧͕̰̫͈͒̽̃̂̽ͅ ̴͉̥̦̱̘̦̿̈́̅̿͑͆ ̸̡̗̬̮̭͎̀̄͋͌̂ ̵̯̬̘̗͉̟̓̈́̂́͋̔ ̶̨͛̆̉̎̆̀ ̸̜͘ ̴̰̙̝͉̤͖̀́̓̀ ̴̛̣̦̖̯͔͒̈́̒͊͝ ̷́̍̌͒͑͜ ̴̻̳͑̇̔̇͋ ̵͙̜̪̒̔̐̔ ̶̢̛͎͎̱̀̐̈́̽ ̸̞̜͓͇͚̒̊ ̵̩̮̖̊͋͌ ̴̺̋̀̕͝ ̷̯̌̔̇͒̓ ̶̗̼̟̼̰̼̆͒̄̕ ̸̻̃͑̒ ̷̨̼̤̟͓̓̽͗ ̵̢̜͙̰̜̾͛͒͒̕ ̴̻̬͓͕͙́̒͌͊̑͠ ̴̲̮̭̩͖̀̽̇̾ ̴͈̹̈́ͅ ̴̝̻̞̜̿͑̍ ̶̼̲͓͙͗͂̌̓̓ ̷͎̐̑̿̋̍͊ ̷̧͕̟͈͔͛ ̸̨̥͇̘̳̗̈́̓͝ ̶̡͈̱̪́͝ ̵̛̮̅͗̊͊̾ ̸̡͖͎͊͑̇ ̶̛͖͚͖͕ ̴̛̺̜͙̹̰̅̅̋̚͜ ̷̛͓͓̜̓̽̌̑̕͜ ̴̝̜̌̀͋̊ ̷͉̪̤̈́ ̶̹̇ ̵̧̹͚̬́̚ͅ ̴̤͉͇̱̍̇͝ ̷̢͈͎͇̣̯̀̕ ̸̼̯͇͌͌̿ ̸̺͂̎̾̀͊ ̸̲̿͊̍͛ ̷̛̱̼̎̀͜ ̵̨̛̄͛̃̎͘ ̵̻̀̾͑̚͠ ̶̡͑ ̶͖͇̞̬̒̂͆ ̶̟̻͓̯̐͂̎̿͊ ̵̖͚̭̗̎̄ ̸̨̧̺̖͓̉̆̾̃͛̈́ͅ ̵͍̰͛̀́ ̴̣̟̊̄͗̓̄ͅ ̸͔̘͂ ̷̧̜͊̄͂̄ ̴̢̢̝̟͎́̋͌́͝ ̴̤̭̟̦̙̌͊͑́̔͝ ̴̪͛̂ ̴̭͖̐̈́͒̏ ̸̧͚͔̭̳͎̾́͝ ̷̡̦̩̣̜͓̈̋̄͊̚ ̵̦̾̒ ̷̙͓̱͐̓ ̵̡̟͈͕͉̈́̾͒̑͠͝ͅ ̸̡̮́̊̑ ̵̞͙̩͙̤̿́̕ ̸̣͕̬͉̞̽͗̄ ̶͎̩̂̇͌ ̴̦̱̰̱̊́̽̉̒ ̵̨̱̙̙̂͗̇̕ ̸͔͋́ͅ ̴̤͉̬̹͙̍̈́ ̶͙̼̦̒̎́ ̴̛͔͚̐̂́͂ ̸̟̎̆̿̑̚̕ ̸͉͍̬̠͑́͆͛̇̕ ̴̨̱͕̝͂̐̃͂̈́̕ ̴̢͎̻̳̻́̾̈͘̚ ̴͙͚̳̦̳̐͒ ̶̖͔̞̟̰̓̏̌ ̴̾͊͂̎̑̓ͅ ̵̞̃̎̅̐͂̈́ ̷̭̲̅̐͊̑̄ ̴̧̢̣̠̟͑̏̄̂̅ ̸̛̣̹̉̎̂ ̸͔̖͊̈́̂̆̑͘ͅ ̴̝̣̗͇̞̈̈́ ̵͈̭̙̭̤̖̈́̽̐̑̔͘ ̵̺͆̋̌͠͠ ̶̥̈̎̋̋̇ ̵̡̣̻̜̩̭̓̈́ ̷͔͓̼̻͚̒̏̽̍͘ͅ ̸̡͕͍̓ ̸̲̤̳̾̎̑ ̸̻̀ ̸̠͓̮̪̝̻̕ ̸̨̠̙͍̹̍̆̑̇́ ̷͈̐ ̴̧͌ ̸̧͉̤͚̋̿͜͠ ̸̢̙̺͋͑͆͊̽̚ ̴̬̦̮͊ ̵̯͎̭̎ ̷̱͉͚͓̀ͅ ̶̢͔̂̐́͘ ̵͍͋͠ ̵̟̺̗̲̗̩͂̂ ̵̢̻̜̟̘̼̒̏̅̇ ̵̟̩̜͝ ̴͈̰́̆͝ ̸̨̖̬̣̻͂̊̋̄̚ ̵̪̲̩͙̊̎̔̋͂ ̷̨̘̩̫̩̓ ̷̭̞͋́̿̒̕ ̶̛͚̰̾̽̔͂ ̶̢͂̊̈̈́ ̷͍̬͋ ̵͉̩̭̺͐̽̾̈́̋ ̶̧̛̼͍̟̮̂͒ ̵̢͚̽̀̊́ ̷̮̠̖̂̿̂̊͗̉ͅ ̷͇̻̙̥̘͇̍̔ ̵̛̪͕̺͛̅̈́̚ ̴͕͚͇̥̐̀̃̌̃̔ ̵̜̈́̿̎ ̶̢̬̜̰̙̗̎͂̈́̿̈́̎ ̵̧̻̘͒̈̈́̓͝ ̶̨̧̬͔͐͊̍́͝ ̴̢̡͍̬͚̐ ̷̰̞̔̂͝ ̶̝̳̏ ̷̡̳̙̫͉̀͠͝ ̶͍̹̗͚͖͌̋̑̕ ̵̤̹̟̥͓͎̃͌ ̸̢̹͕͔͎̥̒͆̓̏͊͝ ̸̡̘̄̄̈́͛̓͒͜ ̵̖̩͛́̔̓ ̵̩̗͔͓̱́̅ͅ ̶̻͋ ̵͇̏͛̓͗ ̴̨̛̙͇̰̜͔̉͠ ̵̧̛̜̟͎̩̱͋͗̌



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