My Monster Adventurer's Guild

by MDW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Cless was a girl with a sad fate. Orphaned at birth and born with a misshapen body, she would've died if the Church of the One God didn't take her in. Shunned by society, she grew to the age of fifteen knowing little love. Now it was time to leave the safe haven of the church behind.

The day of her rite of passage to adulthood arrived. All humans earn Skills granted by the One God when they pray for guidance during the rite. Skills could go from a lowly G-rank to a powerful A-rank. There was a mythical S-rank Skill in the scriptures but nobody ever earned one. Until Cless' turn came, that's it.

The world Cless lives in is a world full of danger. Monsters once prowled the surface and devoured humans. The One God created dungeons to imprison the monsters, but the dungeons are failing, threatening to spill wave upon wave of monsters upon the land.

After becoming an adult and leaving the church she was sexually abused by a vengeful classmate and learned how to fight back using her Skill. After that, she went on the fast track to becoming the world's youngest guild master.

With her dark heritage dormant, the girl will try to carve her place in the world. However, the kind of company she attracted might not earn her many smiles among her fellow humans.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 001 - When Cless received her Skill ago
Chapter 002 - When Cless made her first contract ago
Chapter 003 - When Cless unwillingly leveled up a lot ago
Chapter 004 - When Cless had a really bad day ago
Chapter 005 - When Cless found her 10th degree relative ago
Chapter 006 - When Cless felt guilty for some deaths ago
Chapter 007 - When Cless came out clear ago
Chapter 008 - When Cless tried to go out with her classmates ago
Chapter 009 - When Cless got a mentor ago
Chapter 010 - When Cless selected the wrong class and professions ago
Chapter 011 - When Cless founded her guild ago
Chapter 012 - When Cless first trained with her mentor ago
Chapter 013 - When Cless had really bad luck. ago
Chapter 014 - When Cless had her first guild battle ago
Chapter 015 - When Cless brought a big bad wolf home ago
Chapter 016 - When Cless' guild was dead broke ago
Chapter 017 - When Cless made one right choice about her setup ago
Chapter 018 - When Cless saved her guild's reputation ago
Chapter 019 - When Cless bit more than she could chew ago
Chapter 020 - When Cless' guild earned their first coin ago
Chapter 021 - When Cless bought a strange piece of armor ago
Chapter 022 - When Cless reviewed her Status ago
Chapter 023 - When Cless explored a haunted house ago
Chapter 024 - When Cless missed her morning activities ago
Chapter 025 - When Cless stood her ground ago
Chapter 026 - When Cless fought in a bar fight ago
Chapter 027 - When Cless felt like a trouble magnet ago
Chapter 028 - When Cless made a knight ago
Chapter 029 - When Cless had trouble with the law enforcement ago
Chapter 030 - When Cless got a mission ago
Chapter 031 - When Cless' guild sortied ago
Chapter 032 - When Cless hunted orcs in the woods ago
Chapter 033 - When Cless fought in a gauntlet ago
Chapter 034 - When Cless mourned the dead ago
Chapter 035 - When Cless talked about Skills ago
Chapter 036 - When Cless led a guerrilla ago
Chapter 037 - When Cless infiltrated deep into orc territory ago
Chapter 038 - When Cless met two strange fellows ago
Chapter 039 - When Cless raided an orc town and made a tough choice ago
Chapter 040 - When Cless avenged the dead ago
Chapter 041 - When Cless attempted Regiorkcide ago
Chapter 042 - When Cless mistakenly took the long way home ago
Chapter 043 - When Cless became really philosophical ago
Chapter 044 - When Cless talked and pondered about important things ago
Chapter 045 - When Cless made several bad discoveries ago
Chapter 046 - When Cless fixed a duel ago
Chapter 047 - When Cless fired the boys ago
Chapter 048 - When Cless visited the Priest ago
Chapter 049 - When Cless teased Karen too far ago
Chapter 050 - When Cless made a dress ago
Chapter 051 - When Cless learned a lot of magic ago
Chapter 052 - When Cless remembered she had Skills to review ago
Chapter 053 - When Cless went through Hell Week ago
Chapter 054 - When Cless got a history lesson ago
Chapter 055 - When Cless got busy downtown ago
Chapter 056 - When Cless met some heroes ago
Chapter 057 - When Cless pulled an ex machina ago
Chapter 058 - When Cless discovered something about set up ago
Chapter 059 - When Cless liberated the gnome village ago
Chapter 060 - When Cless went deeper than ever ago
Chapter 061 - When Cless had her first bout with the Inquisition ago
Chapter 062- When Cless played regional-level politics ago
Chapter 063 - When Cless met the Inquisition's appraiser ago
Chapter 064 - When Cless attempted to rescue the nuns ago
Chapter 065 - When Cless went through fifty shades of Inquisition ago
Chapter 066 - When Cless found truth trapped in a cage for a long night ago
Interlude 001 - Man without a mission ago
Chapter 067 - When Cless learned history from the horse's mouth ago
Chapter 068 - When cless built a road ago
Chapter 069 - When Cless found a business opportunity ago
Chapter 070 - When Cless went on a self-righteous mission. ago
Chapter 071 - When Cless tried to evict some tenants ago
Chapter 072 - When Cless stole the floor boss' kill ago
Chapter 073 - When Cless cranked up the evil ruler dial ago
Chapter 074 - When Cless changed classes to fend off winter boredom ago
Chapter 075 - When Cless said goodbye ago
Chapter 076 - When Cless suffered a lot of prejudice ago
Chapter 077 - When Cless brought down the house ago
Chapter 078 - When Cless met some neighbors ago
Chapter 079 - When Cless interrogated some smugglers ago
Chapter 080 - When Cless busted a smuggler ring ago
Chapter 081 - When Cless robbed the robbers ago
Chapter 082 - When Cless walked into a trap ago
Chapter 083 - When Cless went on the rescue ago
Chaptter 084 - When Cless delivered sad news ago
Chapter 085 - When Cless earned her bath time ago
Chapter 086 - When Cless accumulated more stress. ago
Chapter 087 - When Cless visited the Association in a big city ago
Chapter 088 - When Cless dueled another guild master ago
Chapter 089 - When Cless worked on her house ago
Chapter 090 - When Cless was offered no drinks ago
Interlude 002 - Lord's mansion, after Cless left ago
Chapter 091 - When Cless derailed her morning ago
Chapter 092 - When Cless got a roof of her own ago
CHapter 093 - When Cless secured apprenticeship ago
Chapter 094 - When Cless went beyond angry ago
Chapter 095 - When Cless sold confiscated contraband. ago
Chapter 096 - When Cless went to a strictly controlled Dungeon ago
Chapter 097 - When Cless met kindred spirits in the Dungeon ago
Chapter 098 - When Cless farmed for her Princess levels ago
Chapter 099 - When Cless met some unwelcome visitors ago
Chapter 100 - When Cless got a mysterious patron ago
Chapter 101 - When Cless' guild selected their fifth tier Classes ago
Chapter 102 - When Cless brought down the hammer ago
Chapter 103 - When Cless visited the City Planner ago
Chapter 104 - When Cless met some squatters. ago
Interlude 003 - Life sucks ago
Chapter 105 - When Cless hired three maids ago
Chapter 106 - When Cless twinked her maids ago
Chapter 107 - When Cless brought home a gloomy vampire ago
Chapter 108 - When Cless read about ancient history ago
Chapter 109 - When Cless had a confusing morning ago
Chapter 110 - When Cless got new properties ago
Chapter 111 - When Cless moved forward with some projects ago
Chapter 112 - When Cless did a hostile takeover to recruit some receptionists ago
Interlude 004 - It also comes in big packages ago
Chapter 113 - When Cless readied to clean her basement ago
Chapter 114 - When Cless tried to learn about fluid compression and hydrodynamics. ago
NOT A CHAPTER - Ongoing spinoff ago

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.. but something has been nagging me for a while.

The mc has spent her life in a very hostile environment and yet is inconceivably naive getting betrayed, trapped, and taken advantage of time and time again. She does not learn, she cannot learn because her recklessness in the face of imminent death is a driving force behind the current plot.

The author portrays the Mc as an exceptionally benevolent person letting enemies who intend her harm go with often little thought or without extracting much benefit (or giving unreasonable benefits to them). she very rarely seeks out any conflict on her own and that means outside aggressors are created one after another to fight (or at least compete) with her. To keep up the excitement she is perpetually careless even when this is in direct conflict with all the driving forces behind her character development.

Her behavior in face of a manhunt can only be considered suicidal, completely implausible. If she was an actual person she would either be way more cautios or she would have died 20 chapters ago.

Side note: I'm wary of stories where a god (-like) entity is the antagonist because that often leads to contortions to keep the mc alive and yet still in sufficcient danger to provoke reader emotion. This story is thankfully not quite there (yet?) but the smell is in the air.. 


I write this review after reading until chapter 111. I have mixed sentiments concerning this tale. The MC begins with an overpowered skill, after a few chapters has mainly a male harem ( exc pt for Venaris later)., Moreno she can take skills and give them, also for XP. She begins as an innocent girl, but interestingly is later ruthless in protecting her own. 

Concerning her origins and her protectors, they are also exaggerated and overpowered later.

Synt ax and spelling could be better, even in the latter chapters.

Finally, as indicated in my review title, I follow this story as a guilty pleasure.


A Slice-of-life and adventure for every taste

First and foremost I will say that it is a very good take on the fantasy genre. Many cliche esk things, but worth the reading. I intend on accompanying the girl on her adventures.


Second, and a warning, the first few chapters deserve a rewriting to fix a few cohesion issues. Not bad, but it makes one frown when something repeats or someone deduces something that was already a fact before. 


Third, and for that I will include a SPOILER ALERT here.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Overall a nice addition to RR and the world of fantasy books. I like the idea of a human-centred world with fantasy creatures ostracized and trying to survive. I would add in the future Cless trying to find them to build her kingdom.

Just one more thing, the cover deserves a revamp. Not a serious kind art style, but something more appealing. I must confess that I neglected reading it for a while thinking it was not something I wanted to read because of it. Maybe because the title suggests a Guild you could find a nice image for her guild building as a cover.

Thanks for writing this story, keep up the good work!


I love these ugly bastards

I am leaving this review early on, so things might change, but either way I would still recommend this story even if it was dropped, even if just to make a tiny bit more people want to read it, because even if you don't spend hours you were supposed to sleep through on this like me, you will still get a sleepless night. 

Seriously, this ogre faced bastard is just a genius in describing feelings and essences (read it and try to find something to substitute that last part with, please, because I am most definitely terrible at this), like, I still don't know what kind of deformation the main character has at this point, but I sure as hell can understand and relate to her. Depression aside, I really want to cuddle and protect that little girl by now, though we're about the same age, 

e g Jameson

I read this of my own free will. No regrets.

This is the third story by MDW that I'm following now, and they just keep getting better.

The first is about a troll, and it was fun, if a little heavy on stat grinding and being OP. But some people like that.

The second was about a princess and being kidnapped. MDW starts dealing with some complex issues with that one, like sexual identity and dragon/pigeon hierarchies. This is one of my favorite finds on RR, and I highly recommend it.

After 11 chapters, I'm already hopeful this new story will be every bit as good or even better.  The author's style tends towards short, fast-read chapters, and lots of them. But each chapter has a point. Either character development or plot advancement or general world building, but not a lot of rambling or wasted opportunities.

And it's fun. Good description of action and fairly straight forward motivations. If it does have a weakness it might be that the characters are almost too simple. Not 2-dimensional, but maybe not as complex as they should be. Good guys are under dogs with hearts of gold. Maidens are distressed. Villains may not wear black hats, but they could and nobody would be surprised. So a little cliché, but those can be fun and useful.

The author also tends to focus heavily on small group dynamics, but the rest can be let wanting. As of chapter 11 our MC has quite a group following her, but I only know the names of two. The rest of the names are just listed out and skipped over as I read. Lots of potential here.

In the end I'm recommending this one to everyone.  Like I said, the chapters are short, so you'll either gobble them down, or decide it's not your cup of tea and not have wasted much time.

Keep 'em coming MDW! 


I made it up to the enslaving of the werewolf. It was just too much.  I realized then she is just going to use her power to get slaves. Rinse wash repeat.  Maybe I am wrong but it just got too repeatitive and took away any originality,


First of the stories by MDW I tried, I find myself during slow parts of the day refreshing my bookmark page just to get more. It is addicting, like a typical litRPG got smashed together with a slice-of-life teen girl drama. Cless is an absolute peach to read about, only wish there were more moments to explore all her monsters, get more depth of her monsters other than just having them hang around or make a quip or two.

I do worry - as of the last couple of chapters - that power creep is going to make this a raging OP fest going forward, which I hope isn't the case. Thus far she's been able to win with wits more than strength and there are so very few stories were this isn't the case. Some people would disengenously think this story's pacing is slow, but I have no problem with the pacing, comes off as refreshing. What I do have a problem with is secrets for secrets sake, which only recently got some resolution but I felt didn't give enough reason for it (and a reason is given, just not a satisfactory one for me).

The grammar is better than 98% of RR, but I have high standards.

I would also like more steamy scenes or to explore more taboo topics, but if not then I'll head over to MDW's other story, How To Kidnap Your Princess. Which, while I like Cless, MDW needs to get me more Dawn and Co before I hunt him down and make him regret his poor life choices.


This was a very good story. I don't have anything else to say beyond that. So I'll just say it again. This was a very, very, good story. Yes it has certain content and one might argue that it's only there for shock value (I certainly did and butit almost made me drop the story) but the author did an okay job of handling it (at least for the most part...there were some points where Iended up just shaking or scratching my head) and giving those events narrative depth.  Plus, darn if I didn't love the characterization for the rest of the story. so yeah....if you're bored and looking for a story read this one.


Don't read this review just read the story!!!

  • I am bad at writing reviews so I will make this short your time is better spent reading this story then a review of it. But if you made it this far we have a nice op female hero trying to find justice with a skill most would use for evil. Once I started, I read all i could and asked for more
Daniel Adamsson

Intersting world that is being built.

I have come to look forward to every new chapter that is relest. It a great story with an intersting world that is being built. I love the main character and how she is developing and i look forward to se what she dose next.