Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins



Chapter 27: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 5/?

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A note from JeanDRacc

I told you guys this is a long quest. This chapter is one of two or three chapters that explain most of the world's building on the dream. I hope it isn't info-dumpy. I tried to make them entertaining. 

Sweet stared at the hovering rock which vibrated with over-excitement. It was suspicious... But it had his teammates, so he didn't have other options, right?

"So... Will you help me?" Asked the rock with an interrogation mark.

“Sure, but bring back my companions.” Stopping to think for a moment and before careful consideration, Sweet affirmed followed by a nod.

“Great!” The rock exclaimed as it made ‘Normal’ – the other rock – appear again. With that, the two rocks crashed into each other and produced three clap noises. After ‘Normal’ was bullied again, the question mark rock made Normal disappear.

“Ok done. Normal will readjust the other guys’ roles so they can see the movie with you. They were added to a new place as they got my ‘Permission’. Some things occur in the background, you know? You can’t expect everything to work without something or someone pushing you from behind.” The rock explained and three bunnies appeared from nowhere.

“Sweet!” - “Big Bro!” “Wait! I was about to-!” Cinna, Nick, and Jasper shouted at the same time, each with a different expression when seeing the place they appeared at.

“Guys!” Sweet answered their shouts and went towards them.

“Wow! You completed the test even before the tree’s core!” Jasper looked astonished and angry at first, but he hastily regained his composure. It seemed he was at the best part of some game and was taken out by force, making him grumpy until he found Sweet did what he couldn’t.

“Good Bunny!” Cinna patted Sweet’s head even though she wasn’t that much taller than him.

“Big bro, you are awesome!” Nick smiled with an innocent face.

“Okay, okay… Don’t shout kids, we are about to watch something important for your mission.” The rock redirected. “By the way, you can call me Dude. It’s pronounced Du-Dae. Like when some drops of a waterfall make a sound when falling into a small pot. Okay, maybe not..."

The bunnies made an odd expression hearing the name. The rock moved strangely and mentioned, “Well, you can also call me ‘Eh’. Like ‘Eh, I know?’ That’s what the question mark inside me is all about. It’s the sign of a quest! To answer things you didn’t know is my purpose, so ask me anything… I like answering things.”

“Eh, I know…” Sweet murmured.

“Oh, so you already knew my name or the answer to your questions?” The rock asked.

“No, I was saying your name…” Sweet continued. The other bunnies’ remained silent as if they were in the presence of someone they should respect.

“I thought you were going to call me Dude. This was unpredictable and turned into a very bad joke… Well, never mind that, say what you want…” The rock reformulated his previous introduction.

“Then Mr. Dude-“ Sweet continued.

“Just Dude is fine, no need to be so formal.” Dude interrupted.

“Okay… Dude, weren’t you going to explain the situation to us?” Sweet asked while the other bunnies’ gazes followed the talking ‘person’ in the conversation.

“Oh right!” The rock did a mysterious air circling and crystal chairs appeared from the floor. The rock stopped in the air and voiced out. “Fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take a flight to the mysteries of this land!”

“Eh! We are going to fly?!” Nick couldn’t remain silent and shouted.

“Nick be silent!” Cinna grabbed the little bunny making him show some respect to the rock called Dude.

“Hmph. What’s so fun about flying? It was more interesting to play games inside that other space. I almost won with my tactical approach… I am sure you stopped the game on purpose when you found out I would win…” Jasper muttered with an annoyed expression.

“It’s not a problem hero-rabbits, but it is better if you don’t scream and try to pay attention to the movie.” Dude explained.

The bunnies’ sat in their respective places. Nick was between Cinna and Sweet while Jasper was next to Sweet. They adjusted their seatbelts and the flying rock hovered as it waited for them patiently.

“We are ready.” Said sweet towards the rock.

“Good, then let me explain some safety measures for our flight.“ The rock moved in the air while voicing, it paused for a moment and did a slight vibration. After the vibration, a captain’s hat and two cloth ranks with 4 yellow strips appeared over it. (They are called epaulettes/epaulets and are stripes that determine a pilot’s rank.)

“Bunnies and Rabbits, this is your Captain speaking. The Fasten Seat Belt sign will remain turned on till new orders. Stow your bags below your seats if you haven’t done so. Also, remember to go to the bathroom if you haven’t-“ The rock started to give instructions but was interrupted midway by someone raising a hand. “Yes?”

“Bathroom…” Cinna blushed while mentioning.

“I guessed that… Well, girls always need to go before a movie. It’s in the wall with the two fishes, just wave your hand over the pink fish over there and the constellation will open the female bathroom.” The rock added.

“Thanks!” Cinna answered and hopped off her seat. She then eyed Nick and asked. “Nick do you need to go too?”

“Yeah…” Nick murmured with embarrassment.

“Then come with me to the ladies' bathroom, it's better if someone is there to help you.” Cinna took Nick's hands and moved towards the Pisces constellation that started to blink after being lit.

The rock spun again, it seemed to have prepared for such circumstances. Still, it was somehow boring. “Hmm, well kids, we will have some ads running before they come back. Choose one of the two: Cat fails or Ant wars.”

“Cat fails!” Jasper shouted without doubting.

“…” Sweet looked a bit indecisive, but he knew that if he added a vote it would be 1 – 1, so he decided the same as Jasper to prevent a long arguing. “Cat fails then.”

“Tch.” The rock made a match like sound as a little spark appeared on it for less than a second. The bunnies didn’t catch the emotion behind it, but the rock just dismissed the event and moved. With that, cat videos appeared all over the place while their protagonists did some cool stuff.

After some laughing at the cat videos and some conversations with the rock, the two missing bunnies arrived and sat once again.

“Okay. As I have been telling you, I am your captain for this flight. I hope you guys enjoy and try to speak the least possible during the events.” The rock hovered in the middle of the spherical screen while explaining.

The bunnies made a nod stating they understood the rules. The other rock came towards them and started talking. It had a different outfit from the ‘captain rock’ as it was dotted with a blue miniskirt, a trapezoid hat, and something like a green and white scarf.

“Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, I am your Chief Flight attendant, Normal. It’s a pleasure to be of help to you today. On behalf of our mighty Captain ‘Dude’ and the entire crew, we welcome you aboard our Misty tree flight MT0001. Our flight simulation will show you the history of our lands and the current situation of it. For safety reasons, it is imperative to know what to do in case of an emergency… Position… Life vests… Fire… Forced landing… Medical emergencies…” Normal did an introduction followed by a safety presentation. The presentation was a bit funny because a rock didn’t have the means to insufflate the life vest. But it didn’t need to point since when it showed something, some glowing lights showed the bunnies 'the way'.

“Okay Normal that’s enough information. We can skip the last part.” Dude interjected as Normal vibrated and skipped the boring safety details.

“If you have any questions about our flight today, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you.” Normal informed with a robotic voice, at the same time Dude vanished from the crowd’s vision.

“Is it long?” Jasper asked the rock.

“It is, but worry not we have all services at your disposal since you have hero tickets that means you get food, beverages, and a full 5D experience!” Normal remained still in the air but its voice seemed to become less robotic and more ‘friendly’ after Dude vanished.

“Any more questions? Oh yeah before you ask there is a specific time for food so ask about it when the moment comes.” Normal asked and added the ‘food’ part before Nick who was about to raise his hand asked.

“…” The bunnies’ remained silent after most of their questions where answered and shook their heads in unison.

“Okay, that’s perfect then. Now we will adopt flight mode. Don’t be scared if anything happens, everything is designed with safety first.” Normal advised.

The rock moved to a higher position as the entrance of the room closed with a mechanical sound. All of the lights in the room turned off except for some small stars in the walls that made it enough for visibility. The floor below the bunnies started to move and they screamed with different emotions secondary to losing their foothold.

“At this time, make sure your seat backs are in their full upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened. Your seats will warm you similar to when you rode on Jugger-melon. Your portable electronic devices and hero spoons must be set to ‘airplane’ mode until an announcement is made by the captain. Thank you.” Normal spoke to the bunnies.

“Woah!” The four bunnies were sprayed something like water from some vines that hung in the darkness. They felt the smell of grass and wet earth arrive at their noses with the cold humidity that the spraying released. Their chairs moved with mechanical vibration, similar to a 5D cinema. They were diving from the sky as the chairs inclined forward making them feel the force of gravity.

“Ahhhh!” All the bunnies shouted as if they were falling from a rollercoaster.

The displayed image of the skies was cool but the bunnies were surprised to see a rock falling from the sky. It was like a meteorite and they were closing towards it from behind. The seats heated and they felt warmer to the point of being inside a Jacuzzi for a long period. Then the Rock fell and created a huge explosion in the earth. Flashing lights, sound effects, wind and vines that sent sand-dust when the explosion rose. In summary, they were experiencing the movie to the point of almost being there when it occurred.

“Woah! Special effects!!!” Nick shouted.

“Nick calm down! You can’t shout in the movies.” Cinna reprimanded the bunny and everything turned silent as a voice started to sound across the room.

“A long time ago, this place wasn’t how it was today.” Dude’s voice came from the surroundings.

“There wasn’t anything alive in here. The rock that fell from the moon took life into this place. With it, a big tree started to grow. The small rock held something inside that glowed with blinding green.”

“The surrounding area turned into a valley. Water started to flood it slowly to the point of turning it into a big lake.”

“The rock inside the lake used water to develop ‘life’”

“But the water had large amounts of-“

“CANDIES!!!” Nick shouted.

“Shouldn’t it be salt?” Jasper questioned.

“Nick and Jasper stop it! But yeah Sweet things are better.” Cinna interrupted them.

“So sugar?” Sweet also added to the conversation.

(Cough) The surroundings produced the sound as Dude’s voice came again from the walls. “Yeah its sugar water. Please try to not interrupt me so much, bunnies’. Normal give them some snacks so that they can munch and let me finish this.”

Normal appeared carrying a lot of stuff. He had caramel popcorn and beverages. He gave them to the bunnies that happily smiled at the snacks and started to munch them down. Jasper was the only one eating salted popcorn.

“Okay now that you have your mouths distracted listen carefully…” Dude’s voice sounded once Normal disappeared.

The seats started to move once again as the holographic images in their surroundings gave birth to an incredible scene. The Airplane changed form and became a small submarine. It entered a huge lake, showing the microscopic evolution as ‘Dude’s narrating voice’ explained everything.

The lake became the cradle of life. The explosion from the meteorite mixed the necessary elements for it to start.

The first microorganism created the air we breathe, then they started to group together creating bigger organisms. This took a long time until different species started to leave the lake and go towards the lands surrounding it. They started to show differences and create their own societies. 

These evolved lifeforms became able to live without the sugar water. They breathed the air around us and developed their own races.” Dude’s voice started to fade as the scene changed slowly.

“So are all of us part of that rock?” Asked Jasper in a low voice.

“Okay… You asked when the scenery is changing. Good timing. In summary, yes. But it was a long time ago, and there wasn’t only one meteorite.” Dude answered Jasper who went silent in thoughts while the scene changed once again.

At the bottom of the lake, a rock remained pulsing with a green light. It seemed to be alive but also confused after losing part of its ‘energy’. But destiny had an outcome for this rock as it started to create connections with its environment.

They were called roots. These roots became a tree and then the rock gained the ability to create fruits.

A huge tree grew as the ‘ship’ they were in jumped outside of the water and earth gazing at a huge tree that kept growing till it bared fruits.

There inside the tree, there was a little rock that pulsed green, and finally it could think once again.

“So it’s like an autobiography…” Jasper murmured.

“Jasper, why are you talking in between scenes?” Sweet asked.

“Because it doesn’t damage the flow,” Jasper answered.

Cinna and nick were watching the movie happily. Nick was eating popcorn while Cinna watched the little muncher with a happy smile and explained the things it missed without disturbing the others.

“It actually does!” Dude’s voice sounded from the walls making Jasper stop the conversation.

The environment in front of the bunnies changed as if they were a floating camera following a rock that floated in the air inside a crystal wood room. The rock was doing an introspective monologue in its confused state.

“Who am I?”

“I think I was something like… Eh, I know? That Dude there… Like a teacher or a gardener? Someone that knew science or life?”

“Never mind that. I need to get my self-composure straight. I came from the skies, or maybe the moon?”

“It doesn’t matter yet again. Ah, my rock surface aches… I am losing something important!”

“I need to overcome this situation. This new place shall bring me what I miss. It is the perfect sandbox to play and create my own world.”

“Yes let’s do that, a big tree is better than a castle. Fancier than just a bunch of rocks. I mean I am a rock… Why would I use myself to create a house? A treehouse is 100 times better… Yes, yes…”

With time I called myself Dude. As that was what I could remember. More importantly, I found a solution to my green light becoming dimmer as time passed. It was energy. Life needs energy, but not the usual type of energy something called homeo-something like balance…

The circumstances made me search for energy. And I found many types of them. The most important one was a compound inside the sweet water.

“SUGARRR!” Nick exclaimed and was quickly ‘shhhed’ by the others.

A sound like a rock falling came from somewhere unknown. The paused scene continued as the narrating voice answered the bunny.

Yes, it was sugar. Sugar gave energy to kids and it tasted good. It was a perfect way of getting energy, but it wasn’t possible for me to use it. I needed something extra.

The search for a process made me find a way when I mixed many things in the deep soils of the lake. The problem was that there was too much water! I needed to reduce the amount of it so that I could get more of the warm energy that came from outside its surface. Thus I decided to make the tree grow more.

“I shall call this sugar. It is the crystallization of energy. But it needs heat to transform into liquid and these other elements in the soil to become green energy. The more green energy I have the more I can do this process efficiently.”

“I will need to create a helper. Someone that can understand me, like myself…”

My gaze drifted towards a small rock in the lake. It was a fragment from the moon, similar to me I think. But it was almost deprived of ‘green’ energy. I decided to ‘inject’ some of it to the rock. It took a while and I felt drained until the next morning when it ‘moved’ once again.

“That sounds…” Jasper Interrupted.

“Mr. Dude, that is not child-friendly please watch your words,” Cinna muttered as she blocked Nick’s eyes when the rocks did a resuscitation experiment.

“Oh, sorry.” Dude apologized. “Then let’s continue with-“

“Your autobiography.” Jasper cackled interrupting the invisible rock’s voice.

“Well, its history and… science.” Dude’s voice became softer towards the end until the movie continued advancing.

Finally, a year has passed since I regained sentience, it was an interesting ordeal where I tried to survive. The rock I shared my energy with turned out to be a normal rock. Seems I overdid it… But somehow it worked. The rock became a ‘newborn’ rock. It was… Dumb… For an experimental subject based on me, this was… humiliating. Thus, I decided to name it normal.

Normal surprised me once I did objective tests on it. It was dumb for non-rational purposes. But when it came to organizing, collecting information and doing calculus it was even better than me. It made me ask myself if I gave it more than I should…

With normal organization skills, my wood castle became the most incredible place I have seen. It was an ice sculpture. Every little root, branch, and leaf was transparent like the purest glass or crystal ever made. I was…

“Stop!” Dude’s voice sounded.

“Eh, why did you stop?” Nick asked. He was totally entertained by the movie. The tree which looked like an ice sculpture in the middle of a beautiful lake filled with colorful corals was mesmerizing to the little bunny.

“Normal, change those words to handsome... Also, check all of the places where they are used and replace them. They sound odd in my magnificent presentation.” Dude’s voice resounded and Normal’s voice followed with robotic sounds.

“Oh, I see.” Jasper chuckled.

“What?” Nick asked innocently.

“I don’t know but Jasper has been weird since he used that bear suit,” Sweet added.

“Don’t worry Nick it might be something unimportant.” Cinna expressed to the curious bunny.

“Ok, let’s continue.” Dude dismissed their conversation. He vanished again and the video continued.


A note from JeanDRacc

This raccoon isn't handsome, I know. I am trashy, the cool guy over there believes in 8-block falcons... I haven't seen one in Minecraft, but there is only one in RR. I wanted that guy to beta read this but I waited too long so I posted it. Launches can't wait. If I delay it is because I want. I told I would force myself to write depending on pressure and I am relaxed, scratchy, drafty and... unedited for most. Oh united sorry. I am part of some weird discord alliance if you want to join.  (there are avengers there... we have like 3 or four cats...)

Next chap will take sometime. I am on a trip. So I think It will take about a week to have lone time to write. 

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