Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins



Chapter 12: Snared Origins Pt.4: Never Forget The Light


A note from JeanDRacc

Hi there Raccoon in a trashcan here, 

This chapter was made to help me expand the real initial chapters in this arc. It expanded towards a lot more chapters than people might like. But hey, I liked the dive towards the character's mind. I also hope you guys like thinking about yourselves before the plot of this not so little prequel is shown. 

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 I am diving. Where is the light?

Are we alive? Is that being in balance - homeostasis? Then, why do we think we are alive? Just, because we are intelligent? If that's the case then... kill me.

Does it sound creepy? Then why are you still live? You want to survive? Why do you search for light? There is only darkness deep here.

You breath so you are alive? No, dare to breath here and you will die. You feel, then you keep the air. Want to survive? Then fear, despair and understand...

Pain... It keeps you away... from... Self hurting. It makes us survive. We are intelligent, don't feel and we die, it's self-destruction. Welcome to the light called emotions.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Many described darkness as an ocean. Being alive has two POVs:

1. Definition of life.

2. Recognize that you are alive.

Definition of life: I have a harder concept. But in simple terms, anything that moves can be thought to be alive. Or anything that has cells... Well, hope you have also a good one. I am just defining it in simple for this is just like a starter of the step menu. 

Racognize that you are alive: Intelligence, means you can think of yourself as a living being. Do fish recognize this? Is this different from the normal "life" we know. 

Still, I will like to add surviving. Only those species that reproduced still exist. Cuz alien genetics and emotions.

But what do you need to survive? 


Time ran slowly as he gazed at his mom having a seizure. The boy's face was covered in blood, it looked like one of those ghostly apparitions in scary movies. He remained still while looking at the scene inside the white walls. The last part inside his mind struggled, as he opened his cleaved mouth whilst giving a bizarre shout.

The pain he felt became double, despairing and somatic pain added to the scream. This continued until only the deep darkness surrounding him was left. The words the spasming woman wanted to convey weren't pronounced well. Yet, even if that happened, the child had already fainted towards the oceanic depths of his mind.

A red light flashed as the screeching of a room's alarm could be heard at the entrance's door. It resounded throughout the whole floor, reaching the ears of the nurses and physicians at the counter.

The doctors and nurses heard an alarm made by the nurse that checked the scream. The flashing red light used in extreme situations, painted the area in its color. Red made the saviours rush towards the room, their blood boiling as the countdown of the seisure event tickled in a clock. 

A kid and his mother, both became patients. Product of ignorance and miscommunication. Those demons that usually crush relations. Now, a female physician was begining cardiac compressions, while the tickling continued on a digital device's clock. The whole team took on every measure to help her survive; the question was, was it enough?

Lights flickered in the room and another team arrived to secure the kid. They took him to the other side of the building. The area of the hospital for pediatric patients. He had to be given initial support on the emergency area before being acknowledged to get a room. 



The little boy was moved to another place, he felt his body weakening. The clarity inside his eyes vanishing slowly until all became dark. In his mind after having fainted, he started to remember a past occasion…

 “Come here my missing teeth!” A woman called a little boy towards the kitchen.

“Mom, why do you call me like that?” He asked embarrassed.

“Smile…” The woman ordered.

“…” The kid looked and made a smile, but he was missing the two front incisive teeth. They have fallen at the same time.

“Pfff… Little bunny you look really funny…” She expressed.

“No way mom! In school they told me I was a vompire!” The kid made a trying pose as his teeth pulled outside his lips.

“Hahahaha… It’s vaaampire…” The woman smiled and clenched his left cheek softly.

“Oh, I see… That’s why it sounded so different…” The kid gazed with belief towards his mom.

“Come here, you need to continue learning how to cook for yourself.” The woman looked at the almost 6 years old and smiled.

“Will you help me?" He asked with puppy eyes at his mom.

“I will not. Are you a good child?” She asked.

“I am a good child!” He shouted and jumped.

“Then, do you know what you have to do?” She questioned the energetically kid.

“Yes” He shouted again.

“What?” The woman was becoming impatient.

“Preparing breakfast!” The child spoke with exclamation.

“Okay, but what will you prepare?” The mother asked with a testing expression.

“Eh… Breakfast… Eggs… Eh…” The child started looking at his hands while trying to remember the things he needed.

“Heh! So you don’t remember after all this time. You were even trying to mislead me into believing you knew.” The woman smirked mischievously towards the child.

“Eh, wait… Bread toast… Butter and jam… Coffee... Bacon… And chocolate milk!” The kid moved his little fingers and then jumped giving his blood sucking smile.

“Pfff! You missed something.” The woman contained a laugh and then recovered her serious expression.

“Eh… What did I miss...?” The kid counted his fingers again. He had a serious expression while trying to remember.

“You forgot your mother’s orange juice… See, you chocolate sucking vooompire!” The woman grabbed his little cheeks again and did a joke towards the child.

“Ah!” The kid opened his mouth with a flabbergasted expression.

“Pfff! Now you remember?” The woman pushed a grape she grabbed into the kid’s mouth. He munched it slowly.

“Juice!” He exclaimed after gulping it.

“Right Juice… I already said it, bruh.” The mother smiled to the child.

“I forgot. Because orange juice is too sour…” The kid expression tuned thoughtful as he touched his lower lip with a finger.

“Well, that’s why you also add sugar. Remember it tomorrow.” The mother stated.

“Yes!” The kid went towards different places in the kitchen and grabbed some utensils for him to use. He then started cooking.

“You have to add a little less oil, if not the eggs will be bad for your health.” She corrected as she watched.

“Yes!” He shouted while moving his little hands.

“Put the cover and leave for a moment while you take the bread to the toaster.” She advised another time.

“Yes” He exclaimed while following the order.

“Okay, you have now little time to prepare your chocolate drink.” The woman gave him the approval.

“Yay!” He gulped while shouting.

“Add the milk, then add some strawberry jam inside...”The woman ordered with a mischievous smile.

“Yes!” The kid went for the jam and was about to add it to the milk.

“Stop!” The woman interrupted his action.

“Eh? Why?” The kid stopped with a stupefied smile.

“You were about to add a wrong ingredient to your favorite drink.” The woman shrugged.

“Eh? Oh no!” He looked at the jam package in his hands and made a sour expression.

(A smell of burnt food came from the stove.)

“You didn’t lower the fire, took you longer while searching for what you forgot and the eggs are started to burn.” The woman went to the stove and switched it off. She took the pan to a side and started to make breakfast. “Come on little voompire, help me. You will clean the bathrooms and dishes afterwards as a penalty.”

“O-Okay…” He looked down and went towards his mom’s side.

After his cooking disaster, he was having breakfast with his mother. When his food was over, he took one of the little dishes and started to pile them. He was full and the food was excellent, the chocolate milk was exquisite. Both of them were in a good mood and started talking like a family. But something appeared different from usual.

“Mom do you want something?” He asked to the woman.

“Nothing, son.” She was looking towards the sun and trees outside the window.

“Mom why aren’t you touching your food today?” He questioned with a caring attitude.

“Sigh… It’s nothing important little bunny, I just need you to mature quicker.” The woman answered while still looking at the window.

“Mom, but you are making a sad expression...” He said with a confused face.

“Am I?” Asked the woman while wiping a tear from her right eye.

“I-It's true mom, you look sad… Is it because I didn’t cook well? Is that why you didn’t eat? The kid looked down with depressed eyes.

“Little bunny what will you do if mom left you alone?” She asked with a thoughtful look.

“I will cry…” The kid stared at her and started to look teary.

“Sigh…” The woman got up and went towards the little kid. She gave him a little hug and kissed his forehead. Then she said. “Mommy will try her best, but you have to be strong…”

“Strong?” He asked without understanding what that meant.

“What is mommy’s work right now?” She asked towards the kid.

“To take care of me?” The kid answered with a question.

“That’s right, mommy’s work is to protect you.” She answered seriously.

“Protect?” He questioned again.

“Mommy needs to protect you, so that you can take care of mommy in the future.” She expressed.

“I need to be strong to protect mommy…” He looked towards his fidgeting fingers in a thoughtful manner. Then he exclaimed. “Mommy, I will protect you and become strong!”

“That’s the spirit!” She smiled.

After that, both of them walked outside the apartment. The woman told the kid that if he wanted to be strong he needed to walk without holding her hand. The kid looked sad at that outcome but tried to comply.

They went to watch some movies in a cinema and ate popcorn. Afterwards they arrived towards a clothing store and the woman bought some necessities for him and herself.

“Mom what’s that thing you bought?” He asked her.

“They’re suitcase’s, we are going to move in the future.” The woman explained.

“Eh, where are we moving?” He questioned sheepishly.

“Your mom’s got a job offer in another city. We are going there so that we can live better.” She ruffled his hair with care.

“Oh! Can we take my friends there?” He asked after hearing they will leave.

“I am sorry, but they have their own families here. You will make friends at the new schools in the city we are moving to.” She stroked the child a bit and gave him a little kiss in the forehead. She then muttered softly. “It’s all for us to live better, little bunny. Will you become stronger?”

“I will!” The little boy smiled towards his mom with his missing teeth. He hugged his mom and made an everlasting memory of this moment.


A month after that the woman looked at the child eating his birthday cake with rapaciousness. They were celebrating it in a store near their apartment, one the little kid was in love with. He loved this chocolate cake so much, that he couldn’t stop eating it.

With a caring smile the woman wiped his mouth as the kid finished gulping. “Thank you mom.”

“You are welcome. By the way, why haven’t you opened your birthday present?” She asked.

“Because it’s the most important present you will give me right?” He asked.

“Well, that depends on how strong you can become.” She answered.

“Hm. Hm.” He nodded twice and continued. “I will become strong enough for you mom!”

“Well open it.” She hurried the kid.

“Hm.” He nodded and started to open slowly the present. He liked to fold the present paper since he didn’t receive presents from another person. Even in school it was strange to receive a present. Although they did buy cake and do a little party, it was mostly for everyone that had a birthday in the same month.

He opened the present and stared at two things inside the little box. A pendant made in a fusiform golden scale shape, it had a 4 loop Celtic cross engraved over it. Inside of the cross, it had a small needle that moved with magnetic field. It was a compass. The other thing inside the box was a book. The book had many sketches and was totally handwritten.

“Mom did you draw all of this?” He asked his mom.

“I did, it’s my present for you. But maybe the things inside can be hard for you to understand, even with the drawings. So you need to keep reading it to become strong. I will not help you till you can decipher the little puzzle of the book.” She said.

“Hmm. I will do my best mom!” He answered.

After that they went out to buy the things they needed to move outside the

“Yeah it’s-“The mother didn’t finish what she was going to say. Someone said her name and was waiting for her to answer.

“Little bunny can you open the door alone?” She asked her son.

The kid looked at the woman that was waiting for her to answer. She was a pretty lady wearing costly clothes. She had a golden bag and sunglasses that covered her eyes. She wore a big hat and had long blonde hair. It wasn’t normal for such lady to be seen in this town.

“Little bunny take the book and go home, I will go back in a while.” She stated.

The kid nodded and left towards the apartment after nodding. He didn’t know what the lady talked with his mom. He just threw everything over the table and tried to watch from the window while the two women went towards a café in the corner of the street.

“Who is that woman?” He asked to himself.

“Let’s see moms book…” He took the book and looked. It had many drawings about a little bird that had to fly away from home at some point. He read part of the content out loud. “A bird needs to leave his mother’s nest when the moment comes. It is inevitable, something that transforms you into a stronger person…”

He continued reading as a little story about a blue bird had been left alone because he couldn’t fly. The parents migrated and he stayed alone in the environment. He grew up and made a nest of rock instead of straw or branches. The other birds of species that didn’t migrate laughed at the bird for not learning how to make a nest. The blue birds always migrated for their nests were special.

Still the little bird didn’t give up, he needed to be strong and survive. This way he could see his parents that had to leave. It developed a way and with lots of effort it finally made his bird nest. The other birds looked at the blue bird with doubtful eyes.

The weather changed and the stone nest was the only one that resisted the events. It showed how perseverance helped the blue bird. Then his father and mother came back and he made a stone nest next to his. They lived there happily after learning how to protect themselves from the weather.

He looked at the first story and continued reading. After reading most of the story he arrived to the last one. “Hmm, this one is a story of a bunny?” He murmured while looking at another of the drawings inside.

When he finished the book, towards the inner side of the ending cover, there was a colored drawn image. He looked at the bunny that stood over a dark mountain that spewed red hot rocks. It also had white smoke, something akin to lava and columns of fire above. Despite that, the bunny stood there with a magnificent pose as if they were only fireworks in the background. It was pointing towards the sky where the clouds separated and light shined upon its little silverly white fur. Below the bunny, there was a phrase written with exceptional calligraphy. The first letter of every word capitalized on purpose. The curves of the message were captivating as he stared at them with astonishment. The dynamic calligraphy made him exclaim while doing the bunny’s pose over the table.

“I’m Fluffing Awesome…. Because I Am Strong!”


A note from JeanDRacc

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the strange feeling this story might give. Just noted that I needed to make things better since I love this story, but it takes a while to adjust my big puzzle in a way that works. 

Also I seem to have given into high fantasy for this prequel... But it will only be for the time children can dream, since it can somehow allow that. Afterwards he has to return to reality where things also get interesting in my humble opinion. 

Next chapters are a little depresing, maybe?

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