Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins



Chapter 4: A Fragment of Karlimea - Part 1: The Twins


A note from JeanDRacc

Bonjour, Fellow Readers, and merci beaucoup for staying near my abode another day. 

Today I found a little piece of stone. It's black and dry... Looks like coal. 

You know, I think there might be something glowy inside of it... I smell it! But I don't have the method to open it... That's what happens with this prequel, It's a lump of coal, and the method to find its jewel is... at another place in another dimension or story. 

So... Well... here goes another cardboard...

It seems they like recycling at this place? Ups... a... shiny... fragment...

This is the biggest fragment, but it should be the last. It has around 4 parts. So 4 chapters... 

The idea of this fragment is to introduce the kingdom of Karlimea. It's a future reference again. Still, another boring thing to read if you don't understand the things that happened. 

The story being a prequel doesn't mean you should avoid reading it. In fact, it makes it more valuable. You will know this book but have to reread it afterwards, because you'll want to see how many things or hidden plots you missed. 

“Verisa, my daughter. How many times do I have to tell you to stop going to that place!”

The sound came as a righteous, sonorous and masculine voice; while resonating all the way to the entrance of the palace.

“Father, why are you always against me! My sister goes all the time to visit grandpa Ludi and you don’t say anything at all!”

A little person walking towards the palace center interjected.

The man looked at the place where the voice came. He already knew she was waiting outside, as he was the one that called her. It's all happening because she was being manipulated by a bad influence. He had to do some magnificent fatherly work today.

Almost at the same time, a figure of a girl about 12 years old, appeared in the inner hall.  As she advanced, her long blue hair lifted slightly in the air. Her calm eyes were focusing on the man seated on the blue-silverish throne.

The girl had a dark blue dress which covered her little figure. The dress had little trims of silver color that adorned it. She wore a pair of beautiful white boots with silver engravings. 

Each step she made was muffled by the material quality of the boots. Her walking mannerism was rhythmically supported by the movements of her upper extremities. Two white-silver gloves of the same quality as her boots covered most of her arms, but they left her fingers breath some of the air.

Pieces of silver-white shiny jewelry adorned her whole dressings. Partially hidden earrings infatuated her beautiful pair of innocent and deep blue eyes.

Finally, she arrived at the center area of the hall, the blue hair which was shining with specks of silvery glow, stopped flowing. Her childish body had some sort of tribal tattoos, that glowed symmetrically around all of her visible face, arms, and legs. The whole world seemed to become silent as she stopped her pace.  

She looked towards the man, who was finally left alone in the hall. She had to wait outside the hall for something her father thought wrong, but she did not. She had to persevere as he had a previous appointment she didn't know. 

She lifted her face meeting the gaze of her father. Following that, she made an elegant curtsy and added the hand movement that expressed a formal greeting to him.

The father nodded as he finally took the opportunity to continue the reprimanding event. 

“Verisa, you should stop thinking about all the things that guy talks about. Although he is a fine contributor to our kingdom, his ways of doing things are utter madness!" The father grumped at the daughter.

His eyes glowed and his voice then changed to a caring tone. "You’re still a child so it’s normal for you to be easily manipulated. That guy is a mad scientist, even if he is old right now, his creations were devastating during the unification of Karlimea, it’s not something my beloved’s heir should learn.”

"Father!" The girl whined and pouted. She didn't like her father giving her such a sermon.

The father frowned at his daughter's expression. He raised to his feet and walked towards the little girl. His plan was simple, talking near his daughter was more reassuring. Well, at least that's what an observer would think.

He was clad in a silver dress with bluish patterns. Long silver hair fell below his shoulders, as he stood from the throne's seat.

He moved his hands to his back as some Chinese ancestor would. However, his aura was more comparable to one of those high elves.

Same as his daughter, horns were on his head. A total of three; one near the middle, and two on the sides of his forehead.

The horns were all symmetrical in shape and size. They did a curve upwards and then downwards as if following his hair without touching it. They were solid with a texture like metal. Similar bluish tattoos to that of his daughter could be spotted. They glowed with constant light as the patterns made the horns stand out from his silvery hair.

Each horn accentuated the aura of majesty that the man gave. This was even more visible when paired with the jewelry and attachments that depicted his status.

He stared constantly towards the girl's eyes, but when he was about to talk again, he was interrupted by her little voice.

“Father you know he isn’t teaching me that, he is only teaching me things to make life easier. Even if I asked, he wouldn't tell me about all those weapons and strange machinery." Verisa said while biting her lower lips.

If you looked profoundly at the girls back, one little protrusion could be seen. It surfaced on the back of the girl’s hair, depicting a little silver horn covered with soft materials.

The man didn't like the way the conversation was going. He needed to instruct his daughter towards the right path; as such, he gave another push.

“Verisa, your father cares for you, grandmaster Ludi is respectable and I acknowledge that..." The man sighed and rubbed her forehead. He tried to act discouraging while speaking. "...But, my precious little girl... Many say, that he has crazy flashbacks now and then. It’s not impossible for some bomb or experiment to fail and!Kaboom!" The father raised his hands doing the mimic of an explosion before continuing.

"I can’t lose my daughters like that, can’t you understand the worryings of your father!?” A preoccupied expression appeared on the father’s face.

He looked at his daughter with uncontrollable emotions. Making sure his speech was enough, he ran towards her and spread his arms. He was trying to use the weapon called 'Fatherly love' as the last hurdle. He ended giving his daughter a bear hug and lifted her to the air.

“Father, stop... it's embarrassing…” The little girl called Verisa exclaimed while pushing the arms of her father outwards.

With an energetic struggle, the little girl finally got free from the excessive hug. She huffed and distanced herself from him.

Upon noticing the sudden action of his daughter, a flood of anxiousness washed over the father's expression. His movements became slow, and his majestic demeanor started to fade away. He quickly changed his sublime posture and started a show not fit of his status.

“Wahhh! How can you girls grow so fast! T-To stop loving your cute father!” The father acted trying to show his suffering. His whole self expressed and exclaimed, emphasizing his exaggerated 'daughter love emotion' and the word 'cute'.

“Hmph, you’re not cute father, more like hairy...” said Verisa

The father stopped his intention of trying to hug her again. A simple thought clouded his mind: 'What d-did I hear?!'.

His expression became as if time had frozen for eternity, with his mouth moving like a cranky puppet. His eyes opened wide and anyone could associate this, with one of those strange big-eyed fishes searching for lunch.

"Father you look like those things in your aquarium..." The little girl murmured. It was the finishing blow to the almost heartbroken father.

His fingers trembled and stretched like holding something as his arms were left still. This body language was similar to when someone danced closely with a girl, and the girl stopped him from moving his hands lower. He stood there, his arms at almost 90 degrees by his sides, hands wide opened, dumb faced and petrified.

As a father, he could only stare at his daughter, for he didn't know what he did, to warrant such injust comment.

“Pffff…. Huhuhu” High pitched giggling sounds came from behind the throne beside the one the father was seated before standing to hug Verisa. Something could be heard rolling behind of it.

“Solfe I know you’re there! What have you told father for him to start nagging so much?” Verisa shouted timely as her brows curved downwards.

“Huhu you got me… huhu, huhu… funny… Look at father he is so cute” Said another little girl with a similar appearance to Verisa. Her giggling and demeanor gave the impression of a mischievous child. 

The man whose expression was frozen reacted. The unmentioned word in this family gave him the fuel he needed.

He started gaining power from a strange heavenly law. He still lacked the air of an emperor, but he didn't care when in front of his little girls.

He just opened his arms again and shouted: “Right, right! Solfe you understand your dad the best! Verisa do you see, Solfe is so loving; when you twins were born, I, your cute father though I would get twice the!"

"Ah! Such a good omen! Our race needs a queen and having two is clearly better... You both are my little treasures... a gift from the heavens… a blessing for such a cute lovingly father!!!”

“So creepy… and hairy” said Verisa.

“Who’s teaching you such things! it should be that guy right?!" Said the man with an annoyed expression. He seemed to really hate such a word. He expected her daughters to shout with him about his... Nevermind.

“No way! grandpa Ludi is so good, he teaches us a lot of things. He even cooks for us... and... he also tells us a lot of stories about other worlds!” Expressed Verisa as she pouted and rebutted in defense of her idol.

“See he is crazy! What other worlds? We don’t even have the ability to go out of this one."

Munching sounds came from the stairs where the thrones were at. Solfe was seated there holding a bag looking comfortable as if watching the movie in the hall's center. She was eating a strange type of triangular cookie. She seemed addicted to those, smiling while watching with foxy eyes. 

The father looked at Solfe, but then remembered something and added while looking at Verisa. "Hmm... Veri my little treasured daughter... Our race isn't hairy as compared to those stinky imps of the other kingdoms. Calling your dad hairy is denying your blood! It is denying the cuteness of our race!" The man scoffed while exhibiting his hate to an unwanted foster parent stealing his place.

Verisa grimaced, she didn't want to answer or instill her father towards another sermon.

“Daddy doesn’t worry, it’s not him teaching sister those things... Also, you don’t have to be jealous of him; we love daddy the most!” Solfe finished eating her current snack. She walked towards her father and kissed his cheek.

She was of the same stature as Verisa, so she had to jump before reaching his cheek.

The only difference visible between her and Verisa were the tattoos on their body. Although most of their observable characteristics were comparable to humans, their true nature was farther from that. Those tattoos had a different texture from the non-patterned zones of the skin. If anyone looked at them with a microscope, there was no mammal skin but some type of little bluish scales.

They were similar to osteoderms in reptiles, but the structure seemed to use another component as its basis. It also had a lot of vessels and nerves... But we should do another study to determine what each vessel was for... And if they also transported blood. The only premature speculation was an energy dissipation structure; that created the bluish glow for those patterns.

“Sooolllfeee! You cute girl, you understand daddy the best!!” The father gave a manly shout, his face revealing a drooling smile after the kiss. He was filled with confidence as the known heavenly law descended. 

After finishing the shout, he made a self-satisfying pose, cleaned his drool and blurted something that stopped his trains of thought.

"But... if that guy is not the one w…wh…who robbed me from my Veri’s love, then who the fuck changed my pure daughter like that!!”. The father gritted his teeth and started shouting towards the end.

“Creepy…ugh... a father shouldn't teach his daughter's such words...” Verisa lowered her face while muttering.

"He is... But that's what makes him so cute..." Murmured Solfe while munching another cookie from the bag she was holding. 

While the king was having his shouting number in the middle of the hall, the doors on one side of it opened. A group of guards and followers walked as if announcing something.

The man stopped and looked towards the event. The silence made it possible to hear the movement of an important person approaching.

The silhouette of that person made everyone look. It was a woman with long blue hair who arrived at where they were having a discussion. It was the Queen.

A note from JeanDRacc

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I can post them all, but I find myself having an easier time giving little bites here. I usually write without naming chapters... So I am taking my time. This will make it easier for future corrections and indexing. Although it makes the chapter smaller. 

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