Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins



Chapter2: Fragment # 1: A Discovery... (Unreadable Title)


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A discovery... (Unreadable title) Part 1

I don't know what happened, but because of this little thing... I gained sentience or maybe recovered my sanity.

I don't know if I was going to achieve this state at some point in the future, but things just happened.

The budding intelligence in myself gave rise to this concience.

But why did it happen? I would prefer to remain being the scavenger I was...

Nothing will change in this pithole... I can only strive to get out...

Like the saying goes, once you realize you are trapped you try to create the opportunity. You get a goal to escape and see what's behind the walls.

But I can't go outside this wall... Should I go backwards?

Things behind me look so small... If I do things like in the past I will probably...

Yes, this is better. Just a small part... The answers should be there.

Wait for me little thing, I'll get us something to overcome this trap.


A discovery... (Unreadable title) Part 2

Page number three: The first sightseeing. Taken from:

There was a woman that always stated that the world would end at some point.

No one knew if the woman ate happy mushrooms for breakfast. What was sure, was that everyone avoided the trouble of listening to her blabberings.

It was that day, that I received a letter from such mind broken idiot.

The letter remained in my desk. I remembered the other guys talking about burning such letters sent to them.

'Seems like that ugly frog sent letters to everyone...' I though while frowning.

While proceeding to throw the trashy paperwork to the fire, something stuck my mind. 'There should be... at least one person reading it, right? Should I give it a try?'

In a fight between my helpful and indifferent personality, curiosity picked up remaining tryumphant.

I didn't open the letter while giving her the importance that she wanted. I accesed it because I was curious. Maybe I would have something to talk about with all those old fogeys.

Inside the reports were some essays and three pictures. The pictures were as expected... in line with that woman's usual work.

Gazing to the so called space was something almost impossible to our world. It was losing one's time.

I decide to burn the uninteresting stories, or that's what I was supposed to do.

While taking a hold of the papers, something picked up my attention. I became inmersed and looked at the picture that was referenced.

What I saw gave me the creeps...

(The next wordings became unreadable)

Page number five: The black sun. Published on the morning documentary by KWC.

Hello, Harslu here with your news for today.

-As you see, here at the Tarkal mountains the weather has been producing exuberant changes. The erosion of the mountains walls, led to many mines established here to close for security purposes. There were no people dead, but around 200 were hurt with 18 in critical condition.

-We also have some reports on the glaciar zones breaking and creating an increase in the levels of ocean waters. Many port towns and coast cities have been submerged under water. The search for survivors continues as the rescue teams try to reach the signaled areas.

Hello Anika, do you have any news about the current phenomena?

Hello there Harslu! Anika here!

I am currently here at the Monsaicles observatory created for that purpose. As seen from here the little dot that once appeared on the sky, has been growing day by day. Right now, it's size has become a little big bigger than the sun.

The National security and world committee have been...

(Everything else was undecypherable)

Page number eight: The screeching night. By an unidentified local witness on such date.

I remember all... As if it was yesterday...

My world turned upside down, enveloped in the desolate darkness that represented what I deemed impossible, but appeared real.

I walked to the window whilst looking at the sky. The thing called the heavenly line could be seen.

No one knows when the darkness first appeared, but it was the halbringer of omen. The vibrating sounds it produced as it separated the sky were nerve-wracking.

The atmosphere was butchered, if there even was one. Darkness with little stars could be seen at the sides of such line.

'That should be the so called space.' I wondered after reminiscing the strange picture that once was through the window.

There were many stars in space the first time I looked at it. Instead, the image I see in the present, is nothing comparable.

Memorizable moments won't work... Because everything is probably doomed.

Everyone felt it. The abyss... True darkness was looking at you.

Even if the distance was insurmountable to us, you could sense its preying gaze.

This little world, was nothing when seen through its countless eyes. Well, who knew if it had eyes... It was just black, overwhelming dark. There was no extra sound, except for that grim rippling of the heavenly line.

Stars, suns... Anything entered its cold and invisible mouth. The only thing remaining was the heavenly division, vibrating with that shrill.

The days passing without light in the sky were difficult to count. How could we eat or bath when such a thing was selling darkness at our door?

There wasn't much to do, maybe to cry or live the last moment. No one cares anymore, except for that...

Who knows how much it would resist... How much time did we still have?

After reading the incomplete documentary you start to figure out more about the little book that Jarl gave you.

But still, nothing makes sense. There is too little information to get something out of this.

You search for the next thing to read. By looking at the material of the pages, you know there is almost no similarities in all of them. The writing style, materials, colors and titles don't give any clues.

You wanted a quick answer, but the fragmented stories or short events in this journal are not enough to draw the big picture.

So you turn your page to the next story.

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