Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins

by JeanDRacc

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Mystery Psychological Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content



Many want to learn things from a story, while others only want fast-paced wonders. We are human and we like to dream, we are alive and we want to feel. Don’t wander outside before knowing the inside. Even if this is slow, it gives you the reader, things to behold.

This is a story but also knowledge. It isn’t fast or entertaining but makes you wonder. Everything starts from something unknown, we all want to know the untold. However, can you persevere if something starts being boring? Shouldn’t entertainment start from something unexciting?

Open a door to what you might know or not. Learn to dream in my unhealthy abode. Start from the garbage since that’s the place where I belong.


Welcome to Raccoon’s abode.

Breaking Horizons: Breaching the Fourth Dimension. A slow story that will take you on a ride towards the unknown.




PS: Will make things clear here. The actual main character is a human, the raccoon is a pet for the novel. So it isn't a raccoon Isekai or reincarnation as a raccoon. I still haven't added it to the story, as I am currently doing the intro. A long intro! So the start might feel off when you read it. 

The story will include many genres but starts with psychological stuff and low fantasy. The whole story is an enormous puzzle, but it starts with a tiresome beginning for many. There is a reason for that... 

If you want to know more about this story check my discord:

You can ask what you want to know there. 

Or join a bigger and cooler server where many authors hang out: (Its dungeon engineer and many cool stories' server)

 This is my own story, so its for me only. I will not have a schedule. I left it on hiatus for a while, can't write two stories, too busy. 

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Uraccsai - Flame haired blazing eyes pizza hunter.

The Days after Christmas
70 Reviews
Word Count (11)
The Cake is out of the Oven
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: A prologue that isn't a prologue. ago
Chapter 1: Amnesia? + 9th and 10th Fragment. ago
Chapter2: Fragment # 1: A Discovery... (Unreadable Title) ago
Chapter 3: A strange discussion. (Fragment # 2) ago
Chapter 4: A Fragment of Karlimea - Part 1: The Twins ago
Chapter 5: A Fragment of Karlimea - Part 2: The Queen ago
Chapter 6: A Fragment of Karlimea - Part 3: The Laboratory ago
Chaper 7: A Fragment of Karlimea -Part 4: The old man ago
Side story 01: Raccoon vs Doggo V0.1 (Parallel Universe Side story) ago
Chapter 8: Snared Origins: Prologue. ago
Chapter 9 - Snared Origins Pt.1: Karma and causality - The Unpredictable. ago
Chapter 10 - Snared Origins Pt.2: So, what's inside your mind? ago
Chapter 11 - Snared Origins Pt.3: Because it's plot armor. ago
Chapter 12: Snared Origins Pt.4: Never Forget The Light ago
Chapter 13 - Snared Origins Pt.5: Connection Lost (Quotes need recheck) ago
Chapter 14 - Snared Origins Pt.6: Under the Deep - Isolation. ago
Chapter 15: Snared Origins Pt.7: Under The Deep - Reminiscing The Surface ago
Chapter 16: Snared Origins Pt.8: A Vagabond And His Shadow. ago
Chapter 17: Snared Origins Pt.9: I'll Roll Without Spoiling ago
Chapter 18: Snared Origins Pt.10 - Unraveling Memories ago
Chapter 19: Snared Origins Pt.11: A Dream Inside a Dream, Home. ago
Chapter 20: Snared Origins Pt.12: The Stuffing Is All That Matters! Part1/3 ago
Chapter 21: Snared Origins Pt.12: The Stuffing Is All That Matters! Part 2/3 ago
Chapter 22: Snared Origins Pt.12: The Stuffing Is All That Matters! Part 3/3 ago
Chapter 23: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part1/? ago
Chapter 24: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part2/? ago
Chapter 25: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part3/? ago
Chapter 26: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 4/? ago
Chapter 27: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 5/? ago
Chapter 28: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 6/? ago
Chapter 29: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 7/? ago
Chapter 30: Snared Origins Pt.13: A Quest For A Seed Part 8/? ago

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I laughed I cried I cried some more.

Not gonna lie that first chapter gave me a sense of existential crisis, followed by dread. Eventually I began to doubt myself. Later I was wondering, what "I" was. What could possibly be experiencing this "I"?  And if that thing experiencing "I" was a thing, could it possibly be me? This led to further ontillogical and epistemological musings and eventually I realized that I was not going to get that chapter I was supposed to write done if I didn't break this connection...  Trash Panda, you're a monster.

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I don't even have the words

The prologue and first chapter seem pretty rough around the edges. But after that, I learned that it doesn't matter what happens because something even more crazy will happen after that. There is no coming back from the pit you have dug for yourself after reading this book.