Altered Realms: Ascension [completed] - Book 1 - A LitRPG series

by Branden R

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Altered Realms: Ascension is a LitRPG series, that focuses on its character's internal struggles and how they deal with adversity. Book 2 - Altered Realms: Uprising is currently in progress. I am also working on a collection of short stories called Altered Realms: Adventurers that acts as a small series of stand alone prequels.

Eli Miller lived an idyllic life with his family.

Until his best friend turned up dead, hanging from a tree.

Concerned  for his family's safety Eli rushes home, only to be slain by a group of Adventurers. Rather than finding himself in the afterlife, he awakens to the sight of a character creation screen. Life after death is never easy. For him, it should be impossible. Only the immortal Adventurers come back. Finding that he had changed in ways he never could have imagined, Eli set off to unravel the mysteries of his new life.

How did he come back? Why are mutants and undead monsters roaming the countryside? Who killed him? Is his family still alive?

Join Eli as he takes up his axe to protect his former home, and possibly the world, from the threats plaguing Entarra.

Ascension is the first installment of the Altered Realms series, a fantasy LitRPG that features adventure, city building, mystery, and magic.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Bliss ago
Chapter 2 - Monsters ago
Chapter 3 - Memories ago
Chapter 4 - Creation ago
Chapter 5 - Reality ago
Chapter 6 - Truth ago
Chapter 7 - Supplies ago
Chapter 8 - Issues ago
Chapter 9 - Bite ago
Chapter 10 - Blight ago
Chapter 11 - Spidersmash *Updated* ago
Chapter 12 - Stormcaller ago
Chapter 13 - PK ago
Chapter 14 - Killers ago
Chapter 15 - Magic ago
Chapter 16 - Leeches ago
Chapter 17 - Plans ago
Chapter 18 - Plans ago
Chapter 19 - Concerns *Updated* ago
Chapter 20 - Wilderness ago
Chapter 21 - Bear ago
Chapter 22 - Past ago
Chapter 23 - Goblins ago
Chapter 24 - Eldritch ago
Chapter 25 - Obsidian *Updates* ago
Chapter 26 - Troll ago
Chapter 27 - Clubs ago
Chapter 28 - Contracts ago
Chapter 29 - Consequences ago
Chapter 30 - Ruins *updated* ago
Chapter 31 - Unstoppable ago
Chapter 32 - Minions ago
Chapter 33 - Armor ago
Chapter 34 - Altar *Updated* ago
Chapter 35 - Beast God Aeryntorr ago
Chapter 36 - City building ago
Chapter 37 - Blightsend Keep ago
Chapter 38 - Class Act ago
Chapter 39 - Arcane Bridges ago
Chapter 40 - The Cabin ago
chapter 41 - The Horde ago
Chapter 42 - Madness ago
Chapter 43 - Consequences ago
Chapter 44 - World Event ago
Book 1 - Epilogue ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1 ago

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Worth a shot! 3,75 Stars XD

An interesting take on being stuck in a VR Game with a NPC becoming a Player. The reason for this bug, the learning ability and growth of Eli could have some serious implications on the real world and very weird consequences on the game itself as shown on some of the initial chapters. 

Eli itself is interesting if a little air-headed and single minded some times, which is probably about right of an AI that just gained self conciousness. His curiosity,  lack of prior knowledge and some of the bias against Players is on point. 

The system itself with classes, skills and stuff is slowly been shown which is good for the reader to learn some of the unique features availiable. Glad to see someone putting work on a truly game-like system. Reports, guides and even internet acess which to me sound like a real VRMMO should be like.

BTW long time since I've seem a character receive some good advice in a LitRPG, saving at least some of the points for the future before making any permanent decision on build is definitely the way to go (even more so for a poor noob like Eli).

Quite a few grammar mistakes that could be annoying for some readers (not me since English its not my primary language and I make some of them myself lol), some formatting problems as well but nothing that really takes away the ability to understand and enjoy the story. 

Dear author maybe slow down on the writing a little to fix the issues or if really on a roll and feeling it just finish the first arc and take some time to work on improving what is already up. It will make a better reading experience and should help your writing moving forward as well. 

Keep the good work! Will update this in the future (Review made at chapter 13)

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Really enjoyed this one. Interesting concept. The story is emotionally charged and full of lore and history, both of which I love in stories. All of the character reactions make sense and don't surprise you. Eli, the MC, is very flawed at the start, but grows in subtle ways throughout the story. There are a lot of things that become clearer as the book goes on, so make sure you read all the way to the end!

  • Overall Score

One of the better GameLit that I've read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - Obsidian *Updates*

There is more depth and history to the characters in this book than in many LitRPG/GameLit I've read. The emotions and reactions make sense given the context and aren't just tossed in to add drama then forgotten moments later (Thank you!).

The beginning of this story is truly painful in an "I don't want to ever experience this!" sort of way. I'll admit to skipping a certain scene in the beginning for this reason. However, the event is necessary to the story and less squeamish readers won't have a problem with it. For those of you who wince and think about quitting, just skip ahead. The rest of the book is worth it.  

The stats are relevant and not overdone. So far, the game  structure makes enough sense to me that I'm enjoying the challenges along the way toward solving the larger puzzles of the story. 

I appreciated the unexpected shift in the main character's social perspective early in the book. He is forced to reevaluate his beliefs and world view in a way that shifts his assumptions significantly. Rather than sticking with group stereotypes, there's nuance in who is good and evil based on individual choices.

The mystery of how the main character came to be who and where they are offers interesting questions arising as a backdrop. I'm looking forward finding out what happened. 

This looks like it will be a series for which I'll eagerly anticipate the sequels. 

Carl Stubblefield
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A lot of stories start out strong and then by chapter 10 I'm losing interest, but this one has exceeded my expectations.  

I hope the author has plans to continue this one past the first book. 

  • Overall Score

I am pretty new to LitRPG but I always enjoy a good story. I love the characterization, I love the setting and the main character's origin seems very unique in a great way. I don't want to give anything away and diminish anyone's joy of discovery so I won't say anything more but I encourage everyone to give this story a try!

TJ Reynolds
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Quick start and like where it’s going!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - Bliss

Awesome story so far though I am just starting. Like how it is a trapped in game scenario but the MC knows about it and heads in anyhow. Haven't read that before. Also, action by chapter 1... my kind of story. I'm in it...

Lyv Harding
  • Overall Score

Great story line, really love the author's style. Looking forward to re-reading the updated versions. Keep it coming, author! 

  • Overall Score

Fun Read, Interesting

Reviewed at: Book 1 - Epilogue

The story is great and I liked the logic behind how and why everything was happening with the system bugging out. That was clever. The story is set up nicely and it's a fun read. It's got depth, likeable characters, and decent world building. I wish it were a bit more immersive? Hard to explain but it's I'm like half sucked into the world, but also still very aware that it isn't real. I don't know how to achieve better immersion, not a writer, but that's just my gut feeling. 

It's clear that the story is a draft though because you'll see some minor errors here and there (doesn't detract from story), but if you reach the end of the book, the author says he has an editor now working on going through his book so they'll probably be fixed eventually. I was too lazy to comment the errors I found while I read, but given that I'm taking time to write a review anyways, I might as well list them here. Which means the following paragraph will contain spoilers.

As for what they are, big spoilers coming, if I remember correctly, Eli throws down his bow down during his first fight against adventurers after it cracks or something but he has it again later on when he uses it to finish the fight after tossing his dagger as a distraction. He loots a sword from one of the adventurers after that fight, but we never see it again. When he gains the skill "analyze" I'm pretty sure it was spelled "analize" or something (I remember it had an "i" instead of a y). He gains a skill to 1% chance of detecting if someone is lying. Skill never gets triggered. I assume it had a purpose at one point, so I hope it gets utilized eventually. That's minor,  but the biggest unexplained plot hole so far is that the guards recognize the death of his former self and his family even though we later learn that his existance gets replaced by a new replica of them, meaning the guards shouldn't recognize Eli, Kata, Savannah, and Eric having ever died at all. Not to mention, his gear also duplicates by having two Eli's. However, new Kata does mysteriously ask if Eli's name is Eli Miller, so it's confusing now, but perhaps it gets explained in book 2 on how that works from a logical standpoint from the NPC's view?