As everyone faced each other, they started to match up. On Deek’s side there was Lydia, Miki, Elaya, Astria, Salicia, and Carmine. Faeyna wasn’t present, but she wasn’t capable of combat anyway. On my side, I had brought Terra, Shao, Celeste, and Bernice. I hadn’t brought Garnet, as I wasn’t confident in her combat ability at all. It would have seemed we were outmatched, but Salicia suddenly threw out an attack at Carmine as they were running. Carmine lifted her shield and managed to block it.

“Hah! I was on Mistress’s side the whole time?” She cried out triumphantly.

“Yeah! We knew!” Deek cried out as I attacked him with my blade.

Bernice ended up facing Miki. Celeste ended up facing Astria. Shao ended up facing Elaya. Lydia ended up against Terra. As the girls faced off, they didn’t immediately attack each other. Rather, they were feeling each other out. They had never fought each other one-on-one like that, so it wasn’t clear who would win in any given fight. The one who was most confident in her match-up was Bernice.

She let out a laugh, stepping forward. “So, I ended up facing off against you? Little fox, aren’t you a spiritualist or something? What strength do you have to fight against me?”

“You think I’m easy to defeat? Then, give it your best.” Miki responded with a challenge.

“How pathetic. Well, Mistress did say I could kill you. At least, I’ll make it swift.” She pulled a gun from her holster and shot.

Her aim was exceptionally good, and the bullet struck Miki right between the eyes. A hole formed, and then blood fell from it. Miki collapsed to the ground dead just like that. Seeing this, some of the other girls gasped or shot Bernice a look of shock.

“C-concentrate on your own fights!” Bernice snapped.

She walked up to the dead corpse of Miki. “In what world could you defeat me?”

She raised her gun to put another bullet into the corpse just to make her point, but she realized that what she was holding in her hand was a banana.

“Wh-what?” She cried out, dropping the banana onto the ground.

It landed where Miki should have been, but her corpse wasn’t there.

“Foolish girl.” Bernice spun around to see Miki standing where she just was.

“H-how are you still alive? You were dead!”

“I walk the line between life and death, and you want to tell me you know death? Death and I are old friends. As for you, you’re outclassed.”

“N-no!” Bernice raised both guns and started shooting.

Miki suddenly moved, her body leaving afterimages as she dodged every bullet. She suddenly appeared right in front of Bernice and slugged her, causing the girl to go flying. She landed hard, rolling several times before ending up back on her feet. She immediately turned to face Miki, but her cocky demeanor was completely gone. Miki held out her hand, and then turned it over, sending all of the bullets Bernice had just fired to the ground.

“You… you can’t be that fast! How is this possible?”

“Hmph, we haven’t even started.”

“W-wait… that’s right, you’re a spiritualist! This is a soul attack! You’re attacking my mind! This is an illusion!”

“Heh… you figured it out? Well, it’s not like you can stop me.” Miki snorted. “I can make you experience your biggest fears. You’re in my world!”

“I fear nothing! Die!” Bernice began firing again.

The world suddenly went black. Arms reached around and grabbed Bernice. She let out a cry, but when she spun around, her guns were gone from her hands. Rather, they probably were never in her hands to begin with. She froze when she saw Deek standing behind her. However, he was completely naked.

“Wh-what is this?” She cried out.

“Bernice… I love you.”

Her face turned red, trying to avoid looking at that which was growing. “Wh-what are you saying?”

“I know you want me too. So, let’s make this official.”

“I-I don’t want it!” Bernice took a step back, but her knees hit something and she fell back.

Feeling both sides, she realized she had fallen back on a bed. Deek closed the distance, and she could no longer stand up.

“If you didn’t want me, then why are you naked?” Deek asked.

“What, I’m… ah! I’m naked!” she looked down to see she wasn’t wearing clothing.

She tried to cover her body, but Deek grabbed her arms and held them up over her head.

“You’re beautiful. Be my woman.”

“I c-can’t…”

“I love you. I love you…”

“I l-l-love…” Bernice screamed and thrashed on the ground. “Ahhhh! No! Please! Anything but this! Noo! Noooo!”

“What did you do to Bernice!” Deek shouted to Miki, who was standing over Bernice with three of her tails glowing behind her.

“Ah? I just made her experience her greatest fear.” Miki watched the writhing girl. “I wonder what she’s seeing.”

All of the girls looked at Miki warily. Of anyone present, she had dealt with Bernice before many of them had even made their first move. Could it be the one everyone considered the weakest in combat potential was actually the most terrifying?


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