My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

by whatsawhizzer

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Dungeon Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life

I'm poor. I'm fat. The girl I like just turned me down and I even got beat up for it. I just wanted to go home and play some video games. Now, My life is a video game called Dungeon Life, and I'm expected to risk it every day for rewards. Well, too bad I picked a supporting class and am too socially awkward to get by in a party. Wait... this world has slavery? I can have beautiful women fight for me, and then warm my bed every night? Perhaps this world isn't so bad after all.

If you've read Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, this is my take on the slice-of-life genre. It's about navigating dungeons, fighting monsters, and enjoying the finer things in life with wealth gained. Yes, the chapters are short.

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So right out of the gate, I will admit that the Harem trope doesn't bother me all that much and as long as it is done in a way to add to the story in a believable way, I am not going to complain. Per the works of E.William Brown, I am familiar with the concept and have seen it work well. 

The Isekai segment of transporting to another world is honestly the only lazy part of the story thus far. No real effort appears to have been put into explaining how this came to be and seem to be mostly ignored. 

The Class/Job system is also frustratingly vague but due to the short amount of chapters available, it may just be material that has not been presented yet. I also find it odd that nobody in a room full of seasoned adventurers has ever heard of a support job much less the White Mage class. If this is meant to be a rare class, the gravity of his choice is left entirely to interpretation and for each of the readers to draw their own conclusion. 

Beyond that, the characters presented seem dynamic and only time will tell how things develop. I can see a shield hero/Raphatalia thing developing between the MC and The Tigress Swordsman (slave girl) but again we simply don't have enough chapters to truly make any real calls. 

So for right now, I will give 3 full stars that may as time goes on and more chapters are added I may increase or decrease depending on the writing.  

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Are you on a toilet and have nothing better to do? If yes then this is the story for you!

Are you searching for a new story that will make you smile with every new chapter released? Sorry, i would not recommend this.


I am not a big fan of the standard review format so i will just wing this.

I started reading the story thinking this is the first story of a new author that will grow and get better as time progresses. I was wrong.

This author has his own website with a lot of stories and hundreds of released chapters. So if you happen to like this story i would recommend going there, its a nice website.

Upon reading the first few chapters i noticed grammar errors and they don't go away. I read up to chapter 50+ and the grammar stays the same. People who are bothered by things like this be warned.


*The author marked where one chapter ends and a new one begins so this next paragraph is outdated. Props for that. It makes the whole reading experience much nicer.

Sometimes in the middle of a chapter you might notice that the story seems to shift, as if there's a paragraph missing. Upon further investigation i noticed that its because the chapters we get here are the combination of  2 or 3 chapters on the authors website. No indication was made where one chapter ends and a new one begins, making the flow of the story really weird. It was most noticeable, at least for me, in chapter 2 where the guild receptionist out of nowhere suddenly knew the MC is a support class. I read the chapter 3 times and concluded its because she has an identify skill and was expecting it to be explained later on. I was wrong. It was just the beginning of a new website chapter and the MC probably told her hes a support class in-between the chapters.

The way the MC acts just rubs me the wrong way, hes just such a man child. Hes a walking stereotype to the point that his actions sometimes hurt my brain. As if that wasn't bad enough, fate itself seems to bend in the MCs favor too many times for me to just ignore it. Some coincidences that happen are just out of the world. But to the authors credit, the story is interesting enough that you don't really notice it as long as you don't question why some things are happening.

The sex scene that will happen later on was one of the most generic, boring ones i have ever read. There was no passion, no greater detail in moments where there was a need for it. It just felt dry and i would be much happier if the story just didn't have sex scenes if that is the way they are written.

After all those bad things i must say though, the game system of the world seems interesting. If nothing else i will check every chapter for level ups to see what new skills pop up and what they do.

Stephen Lewis
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Early review: easy chill read


So far it seems a little bland but not In a bad way

Not enough content yet to decide how I feel doesn't really get any negative demerits in my opinion (I hope the mc isn't going to be a pushover)

Chapters are a little short( but author says that in the synopsis)

I am interested in seeing how this develops

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Fast paced and entertaining. Not a fan of girly anime tropes but was very little of it. Grammer mistakes happened a lot though, but they were mostly of the wrong word or single letter kind, and not overall bad sentence building that ruins stories. Looking forward to reading more when it's out. Overall the story is fun,a to me at least it's a very unique take 👍

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Isekai? Slice of life? Actually good?

I never thought I would see the day that Isekai, slice of life, and good without a negative prefix could cohabit the same sentence.

This novel is good, slice of life, and isekai.  The isekai doesn't even involve Truck-kun!  I am flabbergasted.

The MC is reasonable, down to earth, and doesn't flounce off to become OP with an attitude worse than Kanye West.  It is downright disturbing!

What has the multiverse come to when the cliches are told differently, without copyright infringement, and no censored jokes?  Astounding, I know.  Fortunately, that is the age this novel aspires to and ushers in the new era of cliche departure.

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Hope for more chapters hosted here

What looks like a wish fulfillment novel destined to go busy is actually saved by the introduction of tough luck and Willey operators. 

Its awesome seeing him succeed when the odds really aren't in his favor and Whizzer has proven in past novels he isn't above giving the MC a low blow to bring him down. I look forward to the little guy growing into the harem guild master he is meant to be.

My only compliant would be a wish for more chapters to be hosted here and a wish for more chapters overall. But hey what can you do.

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Well lately I'm not attracted to the Harem genre. While I read things like: Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, the time came when I could not stand the development I had and I dropped it. For that reason I doubt that in fact it goes to follow this history faithfully.
But the suggestive cover and the fact that at the moment in which I write this review or critical only has two chapters in RoyalRoad, I was attracted enough to read what is published.
And so far it looks like the typical story of being transported in another world and the fulfillment of your dreams or fantasies.
The writing is understandable, although I can not give a true review of the theme.
For all that I wrote so far, this story, even though it is new, could earn a rating of 2.5 from my perspective. This qualification would increase if it had more chapters.
If the author maintains the quality of writing and achieve a pleasant development could even reach 3.5 or 4 stars. It only needs more chapters.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 As a slight support to the author, I raise the rating that I give in RoyalToad up to 4.5 star.
This qualification is not completely reliable and does not have a reasonable justification.
But what I read about the story is understandable and even though it's not my favorite genre. I must say that as a man I am still attracted, even if it is somewhat questionable.
The true rating I should have is 4 stars at most, if I were consistent with the first part of my review. But I give him a .5 more for the low scores he already has and the future ones he will get from the trolls who do not even make a criticism.
For my part I will not say that I was never a troll. But even though I do not usually review or criticize the stories I read and I usually give an anonymous rating to the stories. The score I give is usually 3 stars or more. If I do not like the story, I just let it drop and it's really weird that it gives a Rating of 2.5 or less.
I don't usually give a review or criticism because:
1) I have nothing to add to those who already gave it, so usually I just give a thumbs up to the review that I like the most.
2) The fact that English is not my native language and sometimes my writing is unintelligible. 

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Solid Start (As of Chapter 3)

I'm rating this 5 stars and leaving a review because the first three chapters are short but they are solid, contain somewhat realistic characters (in the context that they've all had one or two interactions with the MC and no one is behaving as weirdly as Isekai characters usually do). There's no reason for a story of this... all around solid quality to be rated as low as it is. And apparently, there are more chapters out there on another site? I'm gonna go give them a read right now. 

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The original was bad and the remake is worse...

So I read as far as the nsfw chapter... And yeah it was crap, like a transcript of a doujin a particularly bad one. 

Like many other stories around here it has a strong start before evening out before rapidly descending. This is usually around ch. 20-25, not long after they usually plummet. In this case the cringey protag. and the dialog and interaction between him and the love interest does it.

So yeah not really anything to see here, will probably be bumped out of trending soon.

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pretty good start, im hoping it goes on for a while.

maybe when MC clears the first dungeon he goes back to real world(temporary) and notices his life is a little better and maybe a mystery account has a few dollars or something? could be a reason to dive back in as well :) looking forward to more