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"You may now kiss the bride."

But no kiss came, the warmth of her hand suddenly vanished. The feeling of standing on stable ground was switched to the stomach churning pain of free-falling. And then my consciousness was severed.

I woke up on the cold hard dirt in the middle of a fantastical forest. I believe I'm not on Earth anymore. My clothes tell me I'm in a Renaissance Faire, but the sharpness of the sword in my waist tell me otherwise.

An itch inside my brain leads me to open a "menu", a few squares float in the air like magic or an incredibly realistic VR, they are buttons. "Status", "Skills", "Magic", "Items", "Notes", and "Messages". There's an "!" on the corner of "Messages" so I immediately open it.


Sender: God

"I'm sorry for this, but there's no way for you to go back."


I feel my "Sanity" stat decreasing.

Ripped away from the happiest moment of my life, I got stuck in a completely different world of swords and magic, alone. Monsters, hunters, dungeons, adventurers, levels, EXP, nobles, royalty, magic, slaves, gods, religion, sex and love, barely anything of my common sense seems to apply in this world. I will have to learn to how to live here, apparently I have much, much to learn.


New chapters Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8PM US East. At least 3k words each.


Additional Tags: Psychological, Romance, Magic, Male Lead, Portal Fantasy/Isekai/Transmigration, Polygamy, Slaves

Content Warning: gore, profanity, sexual content (male/female and female/female), traumatising content

What to expect: Slow story focused on the day-to-day life of a transmigrated man rather than on the plot.

The plot exists but it very slowly becomes relevant.

Detailed environments and extensive world-building.

Realistic and tactical combat instead of flashy.

Protagonist with a cheat but far from overpowered.

Lots of descriptive sex scenes, it is treated as just another part of life instead of merely fan-service.

A harem where the members actually enjoy living with each other.

Occasional weird wording and grammar, English isn't my first language.


This story is also on Scribble Hub, Novel Updates, Wattpad, Hentai Foundry, Webnovel, and MoonQuill. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: First Day ago
Chapter 2: Second Day ago
Chapter 3: Royd's Kerfuffle ago
Chapter 4: Nour's Gift ago
Chapter 5: A Companion's Promise ago
Chapter 6: Expedition ago
Chapter 7: "Good Luck" ago
Chapter 8: Guts and Glory ago
Chapter 9: The Good Days - Part 1 ago
Chapter 9: The Good Days - Part 2 ago
Chapter 10: Duty ago
Chapter 11: Vows - Part 1 ago
Chapter 11: Vows - Part 2 ago
Chapter 12: Morning Dew ago
Chapter 13: Growth - Part 1 ago
Chapter 13: Growth - Part 2 ago
Chapter 14: Responsibility ago
Chapter 15: Stand Beside Me ago
Chapter 16: Trust ago
Chapter 17: Eyes ago
Chapter 18: Shadows ago
Chapter 19: Coincidences ago
Chapter 20: Depths ago
Chapter 21: Bargain ago
Chapter 22: Baalfire ago
Chapter 23: Night Terrors ago
Chapter 24: Connections and Introductions ago
Chapter 25: Wisps of the Proud ago
Chapter 26: Paying ago
Chapter 27: The Price ago
Chapter 28: Circulation ago
Chapter 29: Nap Time ago
Chapter 30: The Tree in our Yard ago
Chapter 31: A Pervert's Vacation ago
Announcement: Discord, Patreon, Blog, and Schedule ago
Alissa's Origin: To Bring Honor to My Clan - Teaser ago
Chapter 32: Titans - Part 1 ago
Chapter 32: Titans - Part 2 ago
Chapter 32: Titans - Part 3 ago
Chapter 33: Bind - Part 1 ago
Chapter 33: Bind - Part 2 ago
Chapter 33: Bind - Part 3 ago
Chapter 34: Eccentrics - Part 1 ago
Chapter 34: Eccentrics – Part 2 ago
Chapter 34: Eccentrics – Part 3 ago
Roxanne's Origin: What of My Future? - Teaser ago
Chapter 35: Thesis - Part 1 ago
Chapter 35: Thesis - Part 2 ago
Chapter 35: Thesis – Part 3 ago
Chapter 36: Banter - Part 1 ago
Chapter 36: Banter - Part 2 ago
Chapter 36: Banter - Part 3 ago
Chapter 37: Memories - Part 1 ago
Chapter 37: Memories – Part 2 ago
Chapter 37: Memories – Part 3 ago
The Legend of Kaka Haere: The Broken One - Teaser ago
Hana's Origin: I'll Do What I Want – Teaser ago
Chapter 38: Last Days - Part 1 ago
Chapter 38: Last Days - Part 2 ago
Chapter 38: Last Days – Part 3 ago
Chapter 39: Scholar - Part 1 ago
Chapter 39: Scholar - Part 2 ago
Chapter 39: Scholar - Part 3 ago
Chapter 40: Departure - Part 1 ago
Chapter 40: Departure - Part 2 ago
Chapter 40: Departure - Part 3 ago
Interlude 1: Silvane's "Diplomacy" ago
Lina's Enchanting Lessons - Teaser ago
Chapter 41: Tease - Part 1 ago
Chapter 41: Tease - Part 2 ago
Chapter 41: Tease – Part 3 ago
Chapter 42: Eyes Wide Open - Part 1 ago
Chapter 42: Eyes Wide Open - Part 2 ago
Chapter 42: Eyes Wide Open - Part 3 ago
Chapter 43: Missing Piece - Part 1 ago
Chapter 43: Missing Piece - Part 2 ago
Chapter 43: Missing Piece - Part 3 ago
Ciel's Origin: Wanderlust – Teaser ago
Chapter 44: Extermination - Part 1 ago
Chapter 44: Extermination – Part 2 ago
Chapter 44: Extermination – Part 3 ago
Chapter 45: Mercy – Part 1 ago
Chapter 45: Mercy - Part 2 ago
Chapter 45: Mercy - Part 3 ago
Hadrian and the Guardian of the Sea of Trees - Teaser ago
Chapter 46: The Encounter - Part 1 ago
Chapter 46: The Encounter - Part 2 ago
Chapter 46: The Encounter - Part 3 ago
Vanea's Origin: Hardened - Teaser ago
Chapter 47: Paranoia - Part 1 ago
Chapter 47: Paranoia - Part 2 ago

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  • Overall Score

 Love the story, love the ultra long chapters, love the pacing etc. It's a story you jump on for the long haul like Savage Divinity, not a quickie you power through. 

Andrew Meyers
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Engaging and fun to read

I just finished reading chapter 21. Overall this is one of the best litRPG harem stories I've read so far, and it's probably one of the better fictions on RR overall. The R18+ components, while present, compose a tiny fraction and seem to be well placed as a mechanism for bonding between the MC and his partners.

Overall score: 5/5 for excellent fiction!

Style: The narration is straightforward and consistent. The pacing is smooth and easy to read. No complaints.

Story: Interesting, keeps you engaged in finding out what happens next. The MC finds himself teleported into a pile of confusion and insanity, but he eventually manages to begin to trust a few select others in the crazy world around him (his companions).

Grammar: Punctuation and grammar are almost perfect. There are a few run-on sentences and a handful of cases where 'at' 'in' 'on' or 'for' are interchanged incorrectly. Overall the fiction is readable and easy to understand.

Character: Every character has a soul, a backstory, and personal wants and needs. There is a clear understanding for the reader that every character in the story has feelings and history (besides some of the template 'guard at the customs point' people of course). Well done!

  • Overall Score

The begining of the story was a bit worrisome lots of stats and skill boxes. I personally prefer a more "realistic/natural" character progression(like atros Imperium). But the author uses them sparingly and doesnt shove blue boxes in text every 3 sentences.

The story flowed fine until the author couldnt stop adding girls to the mc. The reasons for them were weak at best like trying to find an excuse and the mc's reactions can be summed up as "well i quess thats fine..." . At some point even a nymphomaniac would start to think how much is too many? Also none of the girls have any conflicts at all? You dont need a harem to find conflict in a relationship. 

The story is leagues above a usual isekai novel but still falls hard into the stupid tropes. All is not lost of course with a bit of work it could become a great novel.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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How progression should feel like

 Well, how should I start this one...

First things first, the length of each chapter is proper, as long as it needs to be. It details as much as necessary, explaining the world and some lore to the reader, but not leaving the story behind just to build it.

Got to give it credit to the intermissions, they are on point. Short, showing the point of view of one of the other characters and explaining some of the rationales of them.

The characters change, they are not one dimensional. The 'wives' open up, deal with issues, help him and are helped. 

The battles are on point as well. NOt really a fan of battle scenes, but this ones really make me feel like the character is struggling to keep up and is trying really hard. His strategies, in the beginning, seem a bit too much, just as if he was born a fighter, but with time is easy to understand that he actually is quite talented.

The 'armour plot' is not as thick as you would imagine it to be. MC has a propensity to get into trouble and depends on his companions to get saved a lot of times. You could say that the same armour that saves him is the one that attracts the trouble. That same armour is the one that put his wives in his path.

Sure, some cliche things like harem/isekai/slave things, but the MC is not actively searching for more wives. The plot explains it, not clearly, as something to do with the Gods. 

The system is quite good, takes effort into account, Titles are mostly titles and not supper passive buffs, magic is being researched and your achievements are actually helping the world is a better place... MC is not trying to bring industry and modern stuff to the world, but still, like to do research (which is something I approve).

I think that this could be a Book one of something great. He started his path, dealt with many of his internal issues, found his comrades. Book two could be his journey when he finds a purpose. It could be something more abstract as bringing prosperity to the world, spreading knowledge or simply defeating some evil that is threatening the forest. A second message from God or something like that can start it. Just hope those little skirmishes with monsters are just the gods testing him.

First is a Bear that got him started. Then an Orc that shouldn't be there. Then a Super spider that got lured into him. Thieves make him deal with killing another human. The pain of losing someone he was trying to save is the last one, dragon bites.

Now he has more experience, he just needs the resolution to start his 'quest'. 

  • Overall Score

Wish fulfillment story

Decent plot and characters. Isekai, harem, smut. if thats your thing go for it. i tried to stick around but lost it after chapter 11. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


Lots of focus on the MC train of thought. Can get heavy to read and slow paced but it provides a much closer look to the personality of the MC than most novels do.

There's also a lot of exposition, makes sense since the MC got thrown into the world completely blind but Jaysus! Move the damn plot!



Talking about plot. There's little plot so far, MC got thrown in the world for a reason but nothing about that reason is known yet. The harem talks about being "led" together but nothing else came after that.

Up until chapter 21 some conflict arises but there's still no sight of a main plot. I guess this is kind of fine since it is tagged as "slice of life".

The story is nice and well written and like I said, there's lots of lore and exposition, but sex slaves. It weirds me out a bit seeing sex slaves but I can handle it.

The author has a boner for architecture, for the first time in my entire life I learned what is "loggia", "quoins" and "corbels.

The dungeon exploration is actually good, the combat is interesting and based on teamwork. No wuxia "I have more soul/chi/mana/whatever bullshit more than you so I immediately win"


Character Score:

Sex slaves. Lots of girls are thrown quickly at the MC but it "kind of" makes sense. At least there's development, they change, show emotion and have a bit of independence. They do rely a lot on the MC but they aren't show as "yes" machines like some novels turn the harem members into.

Finally, smut. Lots of sex and descriptions, not really the flowery kind but more raw and realistic.



Well, the author doesn't use "..." to show dialogue but uses -...- instead, weird choice that pulled me out of the story a bit but I'm getting used to it.

Aside from that I don't really see any problems with grammar.



It's growing on me, I wanna see more of this world.

  • Overall Score

This story hits all of the chords of what I like to see on this website. Action Adventure and Adult Themes. Thats the AAA baby!

  • Overall Score

Nice a little too much fanservice but nice

This is a nice story. I was a little on the fence at first. The mc was kinda annoying initially and the world wasn't fleshed out enough, but then as the story carried on, things got better. Much better.


Now here I am on chapter 25 wondering when the next chapter comes out. All in all, the plot has been nice. Doing a good job of balancing slice of life elements and the more driven narrative. The characters are decent and feel distinct. I even find myself getting more interested in the world.

  • Overall Score

Interesting Story but...

I did not read up to the latest chapter.  I managed about 10 chapters, before I simply couldn't take anymore.  Now 10 chapters in this story, is actually quite a lot.  One of the things I like about this story, is that the chapters are really long.  Let me start with what I liked about this story, and then move on to what I didn't. 

Grammar - Apart from some very minor spelling and grammar mistakes, this story is well written.  You can tell the author spent a lot of time proofreading their work, to fix problems.  That a few errors slipped through is truly a minor problem, and not worth dwelling on.

Story - Pretty good.  I enjoyed the start. Similar to many others, but still well done.  And the over arching story is somewhat interesting, which is why I read for 10 chapters.

Characters - I liked that even though the MC is whiny, he has a solid reason for it, and seems to grow fairly rapidly.  I enjoyed some of the peripheral characters as well.  Foxy (Alissa) especially.  

Now to the problems.  They can all be summed up in one word.  Harem.   Seriously, Foxxy was weird enough.  Given a choice between an Elf and a Fox, as I'm not a furry fan, I'd choose the elf.  But I can see the attraction to someone like Horo.  But the dragonkin?  Makes me think of a lizard, and I don't get that attraction at all.  The ever expanding ranks of women surrounding the MC.  The constant sex.  At the point I quit, I would estimate, that almost half of the chapter is just the MC in bed with his women.  

If you keep the MC to just one woman, maybe 2 if one was an actual human or elf.  Then rip out 90% of the sex.   You would have a pretty good story.  Sadly, that is not going to happen.  After 10 chapters, I decided I simply couldn't be bothered to skim these chapters to find the actual story, as opposed to more sex, and playing with the latest conquest.

  • Overall Score

its been an interesting read keep the update coming