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We ask for the services of the maid sisters again, but as soon as our clothes fall to the ground, Hana pushes me down and holds me against the floor with one foot. I immediately cast a [Clean] and start sucking on it.

"So, what do you want?" I ask her.

She gives me a fearsome smile and her scales twitch. "Two dicks. Make one ribbed and the other spiked."

Hana's smile becomes almost maniacal as she stares down at her two new toys.

"I think I can maintain one more thing," I say.

"Horns. Big, thick, horns," she says in a low, sultry tone.

Roxanne looks at us wide-eyed and her legs quiver. "Okay, you are going to fist me, now," she demands from Daiana.

Ciel looks like she's going to complain about having a loli stolen from her, but then she decides to just let Roxanne have her fun.

I lube up both of my toys and after a quick [Clean], Hana almost literally drops onto them.

"Oof…" Hana moans and drools.

"C-careful! One of them is real and can still break!" I protest.

She ignores me and starts to move.

With just a small bend of my toy, I can rub it against her special spot. She nearly loses all control of herself and I have to use [Bind] to help her continue moving. I share her feelings with the other girls and Alissa immediately collapses.

"That looks… fun…!" Roxanne says with envious eyes as Daina struggles to satisfy her.

"Thicker!" Hana yells and I obey.

She's almost completely filled, but there's still one final hole that needs to be sealed.

I undo my horns and make a thick, squishy tail shoot out of my hand and invade her mouth. I forcefully make her deepthroat it and she gags and chokes.


My desires sync with her needs and I deepthroat her further, making her throat bulge as she becomes unable to breathe.


But it's not perfect yet. The bouncy balloons that she calls breasts are being criminally ignored.

I need more, more! MORE!

My head feels like it's splitting as I cast [Telekinesis] to keep her moving while I grow a set of suckers to suck on dem tiddies.

I groan from the effort, but Hana's will syncs with mine and her high "Willpower" gives me the necessary mental strength to maintain my transformations.

There are still more erogenous zones to stimulate, but now my fiery dragon is being pumped and used in all the important places.


I let her breathe just enough that she doesn't asphyxiate.


The pleasure is so much that my mana drains rapidly.


A perfect cocktail of the most filthy hentai I've ever read. And I'm living it…

I'm bending Hana to my will and breaking her mind with pleasure. She worships me as her master, her owner, her God. I'm the God of Sex and I reward my followers with endless pleasure.

I laugh, then groan and moan. This sense of power is exhilarating. The defiling of her every hole is my supreme show of love to her.


I slam into her.


I slam into her again and a shiver runs down my spine.


We slam our two toys a third time.


We slam our toys a fourth time and we wiggle it inside our womb.


A pounding headache starts to grow and my ears begin to buzz, then I go deaf. My head feels light and I lower Hana to the ground.

My hand-toy and nipple-suckers fade and become amorphous masses of ghostly glowing blue, then the two other toys lose most of their spikes and ribbing and become almost "normal" again.


She leans over on me and my two toys bend at impossible angles, but I don't feel any pain. She seals my lips and her weak, trembling tongue nestles with mine. Her fiery red hair, wet with sweat, covers my face.

Her muscular arms and legs weakly wrap around me, completely enveloping my body. Sweat, sex, and the faint perfume of her hair fill my nostrils.

Then I wrap my arms around her waist and feel the steel-hard muscles in her back.

Her tongue gives me slow but strong licks, deeply passionate and full of emotion. I feel comfortable and safe in her arms.

Ciel casts [Refresh] on us and the headache starts to fade, then absolute clarity floods my mind. I feel at peace. My body, mind, and soul all want to merge with Hana, so I ease off our connection through [Bind] before it goes out of control like it does with Alissa.

I feel that her heartbeat is perfectly synchronized with mine. An amusing moment that is soon gone as I lower our connection.

Our mouths finally separate and her fierceness is gone; there are now only kind eyes and a cute smile painting her face.

"I love you," I whisper.

"I love you more, master," she says in a sultry whisper and my two toys twitch inside her.

She starts to run her hand through my hair while we stare at each other as if in a trance. I run my hand along the depressions of her skin created by her muscles, making her giggle, then I give her a peck on the nose.

Absorbed with each other, my mind starts to wander.

I did it, I had a "syncing" moment with Hana, too. But how far can we go with [Bind]?

I finally notice the girls. The two loli maids are drooling. Klein and Ciel are a bit pale and scared. Lina is concerned about the future integrity of her womb. Roxanne is leaning against the edge of the bath, looking exhausted. Alissa and Aoi are recovering, floating in the bath with unfocused eyes. Gify sleeps on top of Alissa's belly, as if Alissa is her own pool bed.

"You know…" Roxanne says with a slightly hoarse voice. "I really want that [Bind] of yours."

"Ah! But I-I'm next!" Lina exclaims. Then she looks at the two toys inside Hana and looks worried again.

I slide them out of Hana and wave them threateningly at Lina. She shivers a little and looks down, very tense.

Hana turns around and smirks at Lina. "He doesn't share our senses all the time, so you won't suffer too much, but you'd better start getting ready. You'll experience some things that you'll never forget."

Ciel covers Lina's ears and glares at us. "You're traumatizing her!"

"Nah, we're just teasing her," I say.

"Bullying!" Ciel exclaims.

"I think she likes being bullied," Hana says and laughs out loud.

Lina takes Ciel's hands off of her ears and protests, "I can handle it!"

"I can handle it better," Roxanne says and grabs Daiana's hand. "You'll only get the next slot if you can fit this girl's hand inside your pussy!"

Lina pouts and gets up, then she sits at the edge of the bath and spreads her thin little legs. "Do it," she orders.


She barely tries and Lina is already wincing in pain.

"My cock is thicker than that!" I yell.

"Still hurts a little," she says, then hurriedly adds, "b-but I love it!"

Damn, dwarven cocks must be really small.

Ciel watches with fascination as her personal loli gets stretched.


Meanwhile, Hana and I disentangle and I lay my head on her breasts. I drink an MP potion to hasten my recovery.

"It really is getting more delicious," Hana comments and scoops more out of her.

Alissa and Aoi start to recover, then they watch Lina with fascination. They've just gained a new appreciation about what it's like to be Hana.

Daiana tries harder, but then Lina stops her.

"I can't…" My cute dwarf says with a defeated tone and lets her head hang low.

"Then I'm next in line for [Bind]," Roxanne says, triumphant. Her eyes land on my toys and she smirks.

I get up and undo all the transformations, to Roxanne's disappointment. Then the lolis help wash Hana and me.

"You're full of surprises, Mr. Ryder," Daiana smugly says and gives a few loving touches me.

"What even was that? I've never seen such spells before. Can you teach our husband?" Suelen asks while looking at my still erect toy with fascination.

"It's something I've developed for a long time," I say and smile wryly. I bend my toy around Daiana's hand and she jumps back in surprise. After a few laughs that make the smug loli turn red in embarrassment, she immediately continues touching. "It'll take quite a while to create a proper teaching method, but I could one day send you a book about it."

"Do that and I'll let you fuck us both for free forever," Suelen says.

I bend my toy again and point at her, then I force myself to shoot her in the face. She suddenly starts laughing so hard that she bends over and stops washing me. "This is so ridiculous!"

"I know, right! After that marathon we had, I literally gained a mana dick!"

"Marathon?" They both ask in unison.

"The, uh, day-long sex session I had with all of my 'fans.'"

"Wow! So we created this monster?" Daiana asks while pointing at it.

"You only helped. The ones who actually did most of the work were us," Hana says with a smirk.

"I can imagine that," Suelen says with a knowing smile.

Roxanne gets out of the bath and bends over near the edge. "Wolfy, come on! I need a fucking!" Then she shakes her hips from side to side enticingly.

The lolis rinse me and go help Hana wash.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Two huge cocks… wait, no, my ass is tight. One huge cock and a thin, but long one." She squeaks with glee when she sees my "growth." "Oh, and horns and a tail, too!"

"I can only do horns. I'm way too tired for both."

"Awn… Horns then."

"As you wish, my love."


"You're now… the biggest… I've ever had…" She says as she catches her breath.

Hana and Alissa help hold her in place for me.


"I can't… not now… I'm sorry…" She slowly enters the bath again and melts in Hana's arms.

"Your pussy is weak," Hana says.

"Not a fair thing to say since you're a dragonkin," Suelen says and Hana shrugs.

Daiana pulls Suelen to the edge of the bath and they both bend over, presenting themselves to me, one on top of the other.

"Do us at the same time," Daiana asks.

"As you wish."


A perfect sister sandwich.

Godsdamnit, my incest fetish is flaring.


I sink into the bath with a sigh and hug Klein from behind.

"You don't want some spiky-dick love?" I ask.

"N-no, thanks. I'm sure my womb isn't made of rough leather," she answers and chuckles.

I move her short hair to the side and expose the delicious dark skin of her neck for me to lick and kiss.

"I'll miss you," I whisper in her ear.

"I'll miss you, too. Spiky dick and all." She cups my cheek and then lays her head against my shoulder.


After resting my muscles and getting them massaged, we leave the bath (and the two now very tired lolis) and go have our dinner.

Exotic dishes are nice once in a while, but home-cooked meals are still the best and this inn has perfectly embodied this mindset. Amid all the insanity and perversion around us, having a comfy bean-and-bread based meal reminiscent of Rabanara is like watching a party from a distance while you calmly sip your coffee.

Even our noisy table (thanks to all the girls, except Lina) feels calm to me. Partly because I'm getting used to it, and partly because the physical effort during our bath made my whole body become flooded with endorphins.

With [Refresh] and [Heal] taking away most of the negative side-effects of exercising, it's really cleansing for my heart to exhaust myself like this.

"You're going to get fat," Ciel says with a disapproving tone and looks at my pile of food.

I smirk and shoot back, "Constant ejaculation seems to be quite the caloric activity. So, as long as you girls keep draining me like that, I don't think I ever will."

"'Caloric'?" Alissa asks.

"It means that it consumes energy, in another word, fat."

Ciel pouts as her teasing attempt fails to get a satisfying reaction out of me.


Back in our room. I pull out the Delicious Horrors and Ciel raises her eyebrows.

"You escaped spiky-dick, but you won't escape tentacle rape," I say with a smirk.

Her eyes widen and she leans back. "R-rape…? What?!" She asks and her voice trembles. Her eyes desperately dart around the room at the other girls, asking for help.

I frown and ask, "You know I'm joking, right?"

"Damn, spiky-dick really scared you, huh?" Hana says and raises an eyebrow.

Ciel blushes heavily and pouts while looking down. "It's not like blood has stopped you before. Or that you didn't indulge in rape fantasies."

I shrug and say, "I only used it as a way of saying that I'm going to ravage you. Like a stronger and more depraved way of saying 'fuck.'"

Ciel pouts a little harder. "Priests never use it that way so that you don't confuse things with the Sin of Rape."

"Back in Ryutake we used it all the time, even our priests," Hana says.

Ciel calms down and quickly sips more of her alcohol.

I return to studying the Horrors while Aoi, Gify, and the golems approach to look at the wriggling mass of tentacles tickling my hand.

"Right… this will be a little more difficult to analyze since there's no soul to see or mana that escapes from it," I say and sigh.

"Can we touch it?" Ted asks and I put the Horror on the bed where they all touch it.

"My claws feel it a little, but they get tickled," Aoi says and giggles in her adorable chipmunk voice.

"Is this supposed to feel 'good'?" Suzy asks.

"Yes, this tickles a lot, especially Roxanne and Ciel, for some reason," I answer.

Gify jumps on top of the ball and starts laughing as it tickles her underbelly.

Aoi gives it a few licks and giggles, then turns around and non-nonchalantly puts her lower lips on the ball.

"Oo~h… Amazi~ng…!"

"Now, that's unfair," Roxanne comments.

I look at Aoi's soul and find where her lower lips are, then I try to identify what exactly is going on.

By studying Roxanne's tail, I have an idea of what a nervous "mana signal" looks like in the soul, but this is a physical organ receiving physical input, so things look rather different. There's actually very little to see in her soul and the signals are so small that it's hard to even discern them from the background.

I tickle her spine and take a look at her soul. The signal is similar, but not the same as the one the Horror is producing in her and it's much weaker.

I take her off the Horror and finger her myself. The signal is again different from the other two and a little weaker than the Horror's.

I harden my member and use [Bind] to make her grow, then I enter her and observe. The signal is similar to the fingering one and almost as strong as the Horror's.

I push my soul out and the signal then becomes slightly similar to the Horror's and about the same intensity.

Curious. It's obvious to me now that the Horror's touch is not entirely physical, there's a strong magical element to it.

I take it out of her, force her to shrink again and return the Horror to her lower lips.

How did they actually make this? Is there a power source somewhere? Is there an expiration date?

"Alissa, how long do these Horrors last?" I ask.

"A few days. Then I think whatever spell they cast on it ends and it becomes rubbery and inedible," She answers.


I grow a rubbery and wide tail from my hand and rub Aoi's scales with it. Then I change the skin of the tail into something random and rub her again to see if I can accidentally make them more similar to the Horror's touch.


Well, I have no idea what I'm doing, so that didn't work.

Maybe I should try something else. Since [Sense Soul] doesn't work, I focus my [Sense Mana] on it and… something odd… It reminds me of… [Godly Language].

I switch all my points to [Sense Mana].

Aw hell no, that's really a goddamn mana vibrator. That's why it doesn't leak mana: it just vibrates and consumes mana to continue working. It's also what fuels its incessant wiggling.

Now… how can I make a soul organ that vibrates by itself? This vibration is so small and gentle that it's an entirely different order of magnitude than [Godly Language], so I don't think that the skill will help me with this.

I could just ask Gify to help me with using [Soul Manipulation] to copy a tentacle, but it wouldn't be the same thing as the Delicious Horror's tentacle, so there's not much point to it…

It looks like I'll have to understand more about how to create soul organs if I want to continue.

I sigh and lick the white cream that Aoi left on the Horror. It's really tickly and arousing, and it could definitely be used as a sex toy. Then I let the golems observe and touch the Horrors while I return my focus to the girls' conversation.

"Got stuck on something?" Alissa asks, knowing it just from my sigh.

"Well, the good news is that I learned how this thing works," I say and point at the Horror. "But the bad news is that I have no idea how to reproduce it since it has no soul for me to 'copy.'"

"Oh? Finally found something that you can't do?" Klein asks, very amused.

"Cheater found out he can't cheat all his life," Ciel says and shows me her tongue.

I grab Klein's long tail and start applying [Massage] to it while I smile wryly.

"Why cheater?" Klein asks innocently and tilts her head.

"His Gifts are ridiculously powerful. They're like cheating," Ciel answers with a shrug.

"Hmm~… So, now I understand why Hana likes you," Klein says and sends a side-eyed glance at the Red Devil.

"That was just one time! One! Time!" Hana immediately protests.

"Oo~h…" Klein gulps down her cup and slams it on the bed, making little noise, contrary to what she intended. "You wanna do this?!"

"Uh… d-do what?" -Hana's eyes shift about- "You know what, I don't want anything."

Klein pouts and starts machine-gunning accusations, "Emil told me that time you got a guy off with your feet just to distract him while you cheated! Then there's that time you did the same to Emil and the fool fell for it! There's that time you played with my tail and worked with Fritjof to switch cards under the table! I only found out about that one because Haiener told me the truth! Then there's that time you made some sort of deal with Emil so that you could use biased die! If we took our eyes off of you then I'm certain you'd cheat us out of our underwear!" She slaps the bed and finally makes the noise she wants.

Hana stays silent, her scales on her cheeks and arms twitch a little. Then her eyes turn cold and calm, and she looks down at Klein and says, "I'd definitely do that. I regret nothing…"

"NYAAH! BITCH!" Klein throws the contents of her cup at Hana, but she forgot that it's currently empty and only small droplets fly towards Hana's open mouth, who doesn't let a single drop go to waste. "I'll show you one day…! I'll show you how… how it's infuriating when someone cheats…! I'll… learn it… so come back one day for me to show it to you…" Her energy quickly dies down until she's almost mumbling with a cracking voice.

Hana walks through the middle of our circle and pulls Klein into a hug, trying to suffocate my little monkey with her huge breasts. "I'll come back, 'kay? I swear I'll come back," She says and caresses Klein's hair.

"I'll make sure she comes back," I say and pat her tail.

"Hey, that's my line," Hana says and smirks at me.

"C-come back…" Klein's voice finally cracks and she lets tears well up in her eyes. "I don't want… to lo-lose you… again…!" She yells and starts sobbing.

"Oh, she's the kind of drunk that cries," Roxanne says and chuckles to herself.

"None of us will let you lose anyone important to you again," Ciel says with a kind smile.

I hug Klein too and soon we have a group hug, finishing off with big-Aoi wrapping us up with her long wings.

"Kweh! We'll meet again!" Aoi exclaims and her "kweh" is so loud she nearly makes the beds tremble.

Our hugging soon turns to kissing and then our clothes start to fall. But before we are all fully naked, Alissa whispers something to Klein and Hana, who make me turn around while they change.

They finally allow me to turn back and I feel mana rushing downstairs.

Hana is wearing red gloves, red stockings, a red garter belt, a red corset, and some sandals with high heels. Her shapely legs get even more enticing with the heels while the corset bunches up her breasts, giving her more cleavage than her already larger than average chest normally provides.

Klein is wearing pink laced gloves and stockings, very small pink panties, pink low heeled shoes with a flower at her toes, and a pink see-through negligee that shows her well-defined abs.

Klein lays down on the bed looking like a dark chocolate and strawberry snack. I crawl on top of her and Hana lays beside her.

Now that I've solved my greatest flaw, no girl gets left behind. Klein gets the rod, and I make her gag on my hand-toy while Hana gets the other hand.

Alissa joins us soon after and focuses on pleasing Klein. The rest of the girls slowly join in, too, but in a more subdued manner and we have some skinship fun while making sure that Klein is always being stimulated.

"You're going to get the title 'Dick Hands' this way, Wolfy," Roxanne comments and I whip her ass with a hand-tail.


The fooling around eventually slows down and ends up with an exhausted Klein surrounded by limbs.

"Wolfy… Hana…" Klein starts with a wavy voice. Then she gathers her courage, breathes in, and grabs our hands. "I love you; I love you both; I love you all."

My heart aches. She's serious, so this means it's time for me to be serious too.

"I love you too," I answer and kiss her hand.

I feel some guilt by saying this, but it's the truth: I love her.

"We all love you," Hana says and kisses her neck.

"We'll miss you. A lot," Alissa says and kisses Klein's thigh.

"You're fun to be around," Roxanne says and pinches Klein's nipple.

"Your heart is pure," Ciel says and kisses her other thigh.

"You're charming," Lina says and kisses her cheek, making her giggle.

"You're tasty!" Aoi exclaims and licks her dripping lower lips. I send Aoi a glance and a nudge through [Bind], then she hurriedly adds, "I like being with you!"

We get ourselves comfortable and go to sleep. It takes a little while for me to get to sleep because my heart aches too much.

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