Souls Gone

by Danduil

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Dungeon GameLit Gender Bender LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

On hiatus until further notice!

Jack is a streamer on Glitch the worlds largest streaming platform. Every day from 6-8 PM he has streamed the game Allanian Gate 3 for the past two years. Although he isn’t the best player or even the most knowledgeable he has managed to gain a rather impressive audience of six concurrent viewers. These six dedicated viewers he has deemed the Fiendish Six as they’ve become much less of an audience and more a set of friends. It is through their combined efforts that Jack manages to win the a raffle for the newest VRMMO game titled Souls Gone.

On the day of the release of Souls Gone JackTact and his merry band of friends prepare to embark on his first journey into the VR RPG space. That night as Jack is first entering the game with a joke character he spent far too much time designing aesthetically a terrible thunderstorm hits his area causing his power to spike momentarily. When the power returns, although Jack’s character is running around he is no longer in his room. However, his stream is still on.

--Release schedule should be once per week but could be sporadic.

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Also here a high-res image of the cover by the amazingly talented Ocetee!

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Unique take on the LitRPG

Update as of 5.7

I will state right at the start that I am not a fan of LitRPG's. I'm not even a fan of Dark Souls or anything like that. But the way that Souls Gone is being written is fascinating to read. 

So far its been a lot of gags, quick jokes, and some stat sheets. We don't really know exactly whats going on yet, which I think is a trick of Danduils. Just like the other story the writer is slowly unveiling to us what exactly is going on in both and game world and in the real world. However, although I understand that this is labeled a comedy, it feels like sometimes there is no real grit to the story. I don't have any fear of Jack currently being in any real danger, and the same goes for the character of Lolieve. However, I could end up being very wrong. For now I think that the story is enjoyable to read, and the uniqueness of Soul's Gone and its world is what keeps me looking forward to each chapter.


Characters (as of 5.7):

As I said previously this has been a joy to read as it develops, and develop it does. 

In this review I'm going to try to break down exactly how many separate stories and characters the writer, Danduil, is creating and how it is a massive critique on the Isekai genre.

First let's start with Jaa- I mean Cordelia:

Jack is a simple character. In the most basic description I can give he is a boy with social anxiety and no real goals or ambitions in life because of it. 

Hence he turned to streaming as an outlet to both get social interaction, and to feel as if he's doing something with his life. Jack is also not a great player, but he does pick up game elements quickly enough. 

In other words, Jack is simple, yet complicated, and serves as the perfect casual protagonist. He is a critique on the overpowered main character trope that has over saturated the genre. Hes the anti-Kirito (Sword Art Online) with less edgyness. 

Rector101, or Jane:

She is basically the Asuna (also Sword Art Online) of Souls Gone yet she works without ever directly interacting with Jack in person. Also, because she is working outside of the game by taking charge of the Fiendish Six, she is acting as the leader of the group, whlist trying to balance her feelings of neglect and admiration/love for Jack at the same time, ALSO while trying to keep her life in order.

She's complex as hell and isn't one dimensional, which is refreshing to see. In Souls Gone the writer has made the character you'd think would be the typical damsel in distress, and made her into the leader everyone flocks behind.


Holy shit is this character interesting and complex. Literally she blew my freaking mind.

Not only does she have nothing to do with Jack's backstory, but she has a backstory of her own that's both unique, believable, and brave. It's spelled out for us right in the beginning of who she is.

Spoiler: What Yags name means 

In fact all of the names of these characters I think have some underlining meaning.

Rector101 points to two things, Rect which she mentions is because she wants to one day be a director of some sort, hence, to achieve a status and level of respect. And 101, which points to the TV show she loved, 101. 

It signifies her split character as someone who is mature and wants to be mature, and someone still clinging to her past with Jack, wishing things could go back to the way they were.

As for the other characters I'll update this once we get more PoV chapters.


The grammar and style are great, just as good if not better than Danduil's other work. I do see some occassional typo's here and there but I've also noted that if someone finds it Danduil is quick to fix it. What I like the most, however, is that numerous times comments have been asked about in-game mechanics, or character motivations, and Danduil has always delievered on well thought out answers.

So, if you're wondering whether or not you should read Souls Gone, I'd say yes! Its very well written, well crafted, and has depth which sets it apart from the rest of the LitRPG's on Royal Road.



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For people who seem to be saying that the gender bend is odd and stupid or that its a let down are plain wrong and seem to not be reading the same story as me. This is a really unique and well crafted story that contantly takes turns for better or worse. 

A lot of issues I had at first were not on the style, the pacing, or even the character, but moreso the randomness in which some events occur. But I realized I was being played by the writer, like how Jack is being played in the game.

Everything that has occured, from the battle royale, to the reaper, seem to be pointing to something that outside characters have alluded to. Its that the game world itself is completely out of control because of a rogue AI or dungeon master. It keeps me on my toes and I love it. 

The writer does a really good job of moving between comedy, action, and seriousness while also shifting points of view like an expert writer. Everything just seems to flow together really well.

My one critiqie is that it seems like the idea of the game world itself is all over the place, whereas the real world seems to be reacting very realistically. But other than that I love the character, I really like Jack's progression into Cordelia and his relationship with Lolieve and other characters, and I especially love the members of the fiendish six who all seem to be equally as unique as the rest of the characters. Its a must read!

  • Overall Score

I do enjoy the story and think that the story manages to set up intrigue and interest in the game world. The issue is that one of the selling points of the story is what I'd think ruins it partially. 

Chat was interesting at first. But it really starts taking away from the story. The story will set up an intrigue. But then chat comes in and the outside world. Just ruins the pacing.

Out of the 6 characters in chat. There are only two I like. Rector ( I think) and Devean. The rest just aren't interesting to me and their behavior is also a bit odd.

The chat also takes away from the MC's own triumphs. The MC never struggles to figure a questline out or anything. Just because the chat is there to tell him what exactly to do.

The outside world also doesn't make much sense with how things are developing. Just how people are able to go onto streams and watch people die. And the company and streamers are making money still. At most I could understand a support team for everyone selected to help the people. But the issue seems to be a fairly big one that the story over glosses. Such as one streamer with Hundred-thousand viewers. But it doesn't help them but makes it worse. Since it's hard to get advice.

But when the story focuses on the game world. Then it excels IMO. 

  • Overall Score

It was going pretty well for a while, not outstanding but solid, but I lost all respect for the story when the MC was suddenly struck by TERMINAL stupidity for the sake of the plot. To have a character suddenly and inexplicably loose all sembalence of intelegance because if they dont the story will not follow the planned plot is the HIGHT of poor writing.

CH6.6, you will know when you see it.

Biological horror villian
  • Overall Score

 based on the image i thought we'd get a non human grim reaper disappointed just another retarded bland gender bender

W.D. Gaster
  • Overall Score

Eh I liked it but the gender bender ruined it for me because girl in lit rpg = mage class which I’m tired of