An Upgraded Soul

by AUScherry

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi Male Lead School Life Strategy War and Military

Aditya, a 16-year-old teenager dreaming of becoming a professional Formula racer, currently studying in an international school is dealing with the biggest crisis of his life. He had been informed by the police that his parents have gone missing leaving no clue behind. 

To add on to his misery, Aditya has been sleeping 14 hrs a day due to an unknown reason for the past two weeks. He had been dreaming an alternate world where the 'other' Aditya lives the exact same life as him. 

But, things became more intriguing when the events in his dream started diverging from his real-life events. For one, his parents did not go missing in his dreams. They were safe and sound. Later in his dream life, Aditya went on to continue his studies in Europe and later became an F1 racer just like he aimed for, while in real life, he got himself expelled from his school and started working in a garage as a mechanic. A world of difference.

Accompany Aditya on a journey filled with many impossibilities as he comes in contact with many hidden truths the world is unaware of, in his quest of rescuing his parents.

The setting is mainly focused in India

Tags: Action, Adventure, Missing Parents, Smart Protagonist, Kind Protagonist, Romance, Harem, Friends, Subordinates, Futuristic technology, Biologically Modified Humans, Cyborgs, Genius, Mafia, Firearms, Military Technology.

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Word Count (13)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Aditya’s Strange Dreams ago
Dreaming an alternate world ago
Aditya's First Love ago
Benefits Of Sleep ago
Soup Splash ago
The Scene At The Cafeteria ago
Dreams shattering Dreams ago
Basketball - No Fun ago
Man Proposes God Disposes ago
You Are An Orphan ago
Knife in the Dark ago
Tya ago
Tya's Life Experience ago
I Like Your World ago
A Dream ago
A Stronger Heart ago
Goodbye School ago
First Contact ago
Smoking ago
Taarini ago
Stones That Never Miss ago
White Buffalo ago
Passion of an Autophile ago
New Discoveries and a Bad Morning ago
Dream Diary Part 1 ago
Top Dog Part 1 ago
Top Dog Part 2 ago
Slooooow ago
A Rat ago
30 - Soft and Hard Solutions ago
31 - Black Belly Miss ago
32 - Narrow minded ago
33 - A Different Experience and an Idiot ago
34 - Dangerous ago
35 - Attitude ago
36 - Mind Update ago
37 - First Fight ago
38 - Killer ago
39 - Saira ago
40 - A Pit dug by Kranthi ago
41 - Three on One ago
42 - Dr Hamsa ago
43 - Rescue ago
44 - Cold, Cloudy Night ago
45 - Reyansh ago
46 - A Cold Morning ago
47 - Hamsa's Decision ago
48 - Faizal's Cool Show ago
49 - King Rat ago
50 - Death ago
51 - Inner Struggle ago
52 - Aditya and Hamsa ago
53 - The Ignorant Are Blessed ago
54 - Congo ago
55 - 'They' ago
56 - Nightmare ago
57 - A New Ability (1) ago
58 - New Ability (2) ago
59 - Another Instance ago
60 - Fishing ago
61 - Taarini Mentors ago
62 - The Same Reason ago
63 - Neela Palace ago
64 - Grand Ballroom (1) ago
65 - Grand Ballroom (2) ago
66 - Cheap ago
67 - Heir ago
68 - Who Are You? ago
69 - Maahi and Aditya (1) ago
70 - Maahi And Aditya (2) ago
71- Danger ago
72 - New Information ago
73 - Fight-Fun ago
74 - Nationalising ago
75 - Slap ago
76 - Make Sure You Never Forget ago
77- Truth about Tya's World. ago
78 - Doubts ago
79 - The Swan Flies Away ago
80 - New Ability ago
81- Addy2219 ago
82- New Office ago
83 - Not a Human Anymore ago
84 - Ishaan Naidu ago
85 - Tya's Limitations ago
86 - Big Haul (1) ago
87 - Big Haul (2) ago
88 - Village life ago
89- Drive for *** ago
90 - False Alarm ago
91 - A Fragile Heart ago
92- Shopping ago
93 - Call From Grandfather (1) ago
94 - Call From Grandfather (2) ago
95 - Conditions and Experiment ago
96 - Fail, but Pass ago
97 - Preparations ago
98 - Anupama's Thoughts and Future (1) ago
99 - Anupama's Thoughts and Future (2) ago
100 - Red Colour And Metallic Odour ago
101 - Easy Revenge ago
102 - Wake-up Call ago
103 - The Other Side ago
104- Warning ago
105 - Pub ago
106 - Pub (2) ago
107 - The Fallen Flower ago
108 - Farewell ago
109 - Aftermath ago
110 - Maahi's Office ago
111 - Gift (1) ago
112 - Gift (2) ago
113 - A Solution & Maahi's Wish ago
114 - A Surprise At School ago
115 - Tya's Skill Display ago
116 - School - Fun? ago
117 - Where to Start ago
118 - Where to Start (2) ago
119 - Unprepared ago
120 - Office Story ago
121 - Plans ago
122 - The Deadline Approaches ago
123 - Arrows (1) ago
124 - Arrows (2) ago
125 - Release ago
126 - Play ago
127 - Tides of Change ago
128 - Tides Of Change (2) ago
129 - Travel ago
130 - Set Up ago
131 - Auxilia ago
132 - Road Rage ago
133 - Dire Situation ago
134 - Chase ago
135 - Overpass ago
136 - Healing ago
137 - Train ago
138 - Phase II ago
139 - Soul Evolution ago
140 - An Unusual Experience ago
141 - Back To School ago
142 - A Small Surprise ago
143 - A New Future Unfolding ago
144 - Silence Isn't Golden Here ago
145 - A Coincidental Meeting ago
146 - Marriage and Birthday ago
147 - Music and Dreams ago
148 - A Novice ago
149 - The New Teacher ago
150 - Lunch ago
151 - Kumari's Intentions ago

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Good lord it's a challenge to read ...

... literally. Usually I don't write reviews early on, and even more rarely I write these comment style reviews. But you really need one of these.

You have a serious issue in your writing, a really damn serious issue. It isn't about your grammar. It isn't about your spelling. It isn't about the detail. It's about how long your sentences are. Longer sentences are challenging to read. Especially so if you constantly have long sentences. I'm talking about how often an entire paragraph is one sentence.

I have but one heartfelt piece of advice for your general writing. Don't write such long sentences, people will find themselves challenged reading on.

If something is hard to read, it makes people guess twice whether they wish to continue on reading even if the story itself is intriguing.

That flaw was enough to deduce 1.5 stars, the story itself is an excellent find and I feel like the future prospects are going to be really wonderful.

All in all, I recommend you to give it a shot and read a good dozen chapters in. If you are hooked the above flaw becomes bearable.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Sooo, I have finished chapter 71 and I have to say it is different than most stories on Royalroad. 

First of all, if you are from a western country you might encounter a difference in culture. I definitely had that problem. 

About the story (3.5): it is about a student who gets 'superpowers' due to something (the original cause is not -yet- really explained). And he uses it to try and find his missing parents. They are kidnapped by a 'shadow organisation'. It is a fun read, but dont expect real depth.

The style(3.5): 

Never really know what to say here. But he tends to use overly long sentences. You also notice that the author is not a native speaker due to his sentence structure.Grammar(2.5): I would call it good. You notice a couple of mistakes a chapter, but it will improve in the later chapters. 


There is not yet much growth in the mc, but the side characters are pretty fleshed out.

TL;DR  Overall I would recommend it, but dont read it in one sitting. You will get bored or annoyed.

Edit after chapter 112:

I have improved the grade since the story (and the characters) started developing more. Furthermore I have noticed less and less annoying mistakes. There have been some nice foreshadowing moments, so I am curious about the future chapters.