Apocrypha of The Dead

Apocrypha of The Dead

by Madf0x

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

For eons, the gods old and new waged a static war. As they could seize control of their own Fate, omnipotence was a matter of semantics and no single god or pantheon could gain dominion over another. 

A pact was made using grand Law magic to bind their Fates to that of mortals to wage their wars by proxy. Contracts signed between gods and mortals threatens the age-old stalemate, promising to bring real change to existence for the first time. 

A young man is offered such a Contract after his own murder to fight for an insidious god in another world. He must only sign away his name to agree and in turn gain another chance at life for both himself and his ailing brother. 

However, this new world proves deadly in its own right and worst of all something has messed with his Contract...

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A supposedly underground hacker who is more naive than a 12yr old child.

Okay this seems stupid, why are mcs so retardedly naive in such situations..gives information freely when the interrogator will never be able to distinguish a lie from the truth..but yeah just tell him everything he needs to know, was he not taught stranger danger growing up? There's being stupid and there's lacking basic human common sense that you honestly wonder how this dude was supposedly working in the seedier part of the underworld to make ends meet for his brother..giving a character a background you cannot deliver on.


Pawproved! ( ◐w◐ )

What can I say, This novel was pretty easy to read. Has great flow in the way it is written. I don't care much about grammar... I am a raccoon what do you expect?

Reading a story is like magic, and this has the needed thing to keep me hooked after the second chapter. 

It has potential and a good start. We follow the story of a Hacker who will train in magic... Probably use some CheatEngine to hack the current system. I am following this to see how far can it grow. Hope it becomes as Mad as its foxy owner. 


As a matter of apreciation the raccoon will do a roll for you:

(‘ω’)三( ε: )三(.ω.)三( :3 )三(‘ω’)

(‘ω’)三( ε: )三(.ω.)三( :3 )三(‘ω’)


Ok make it two...