Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

by Skaeger

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Our 'valiant hero' Mark just finished a 72-hour VRMMO marathon and passed out as soon as he reached his goal. His rest is disturbed by patch notes, but he sleeps as the world he knows ends, and a terrifying game begins. Join Mark as he discovers the wonders and horrors of the new world that awaits him. 

This is 'realistic' and chaotic. There is cursing and gore. I do my best to imagine how a person would actually handle the apocalypse, and the answer is "not well."

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Good alone-in-danger-zone survival litRPG

(as of chapter 18)

A game-like skill/stat system comes to earth? Check. Monsters everywhere? Check. MC alone and has to fight for his life? Yeah, I read that story before. But even though 'Sleeping Through the Apocalypse' starts like many other stories on RRL, instead of just being about killing and leveling and slaughtering and looting and butchering, it tells more about what such a change would really do to a human that is not a psychopathic robot eager for blood.

Style: The story is told in first-person internal style by the MC, Mark. The descriptions are not very detailed but still captivating the amount of LitRPG boxes is fine (only skill updates so far).

Story: The flow of how the story is told is very good with a good mix of exciting combat, quiet housekeeping and moral dilemma. The pacing is a bit on the slow side but still fine, most of that delay is character development so that's a plus. There haven't been many explanations about how the system works but that's the MC's fault for swiping the tutorial boxes away while half-asleep.

Grammar: Good, very few typos.

Characters: So far we only know the MC, but he's described well. Compared to the protagonists of other stories who take a world-shattering event in stride and start killing with the same implicitness as they ate ramen for years, Mark has a pretty natural emotional reaction to suddenly being alone in a world full of monsters. He's agonizing about killing goblins that didn't attack him first, he sits in his apartment paralyzed by fear of all the changes and his actions include things other than fighting. The reactions of the monsters are also beyond the usual attack-on-sight-and-fight-until-death (more details would be spoilers).

In total, while this story is still in an early stage it looks very promising.


Up to Chapter 18. 


Still entertaining. A different view point of the Litrpg Apocalypse story telling. Kind of liking it so far. 


Instead of trying to super OP our MC really just wants to survive in his apartment tower. The question that should now be "Where did all the other people go?"....


I'll keep reading to find out. 



Story and style of writing is pretty good didn't notice any grammer errors 

This was an enjoyable read 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I found it pretty funny that the mc now has a pet goblin



I read a similar novel a year ago but it got dropped. I'm happy to see something similar that seems to be well written. I wish the chapters were longer though but can't complain as long as it's updated.


As of chapter 20, this baby has been pretty gud.

Its coherent, logical, and explains most if not all that you need to know easily.

Not alot about the system has been revealed but its enough to conclude your own conclusions that are probably more accurate than most other LitRPGs.

Can't wait to read more!


Very well written.  I can't wait for more. 


Don't Sleep on this Story

Well written and looks very promising. Pretty realistic character and it has those glorious blue boxes unlike some stories.


Title says it all

I had this in my follow list a long time ago and it recently popped up again. Part of me must have liked but I don't know why. I can't bring myself to reread it. I started reading where I left off. It was ok but then the m.c. gets a shop and it just becomes dumb. What's the point? You might as well have the character solve things with the power of "I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N". A shop where you can buy anything like football gear, character perks, poison, etc. It might have some slight viability if it's tethered to a location, but nope. M.C. just has to close his eyes, click his heels, and whoosh. All problems solved. And if not? Then the M.C. is extremely incompetent, and I hope he steps on a Lego. Best of luck Mr author. I'd rate it two stars, but since I didn't reread the rrl generic start from forever ago, it gets 3. 


Tldr; shop system is broken. Completely immersion breaking. Not for me. Might be for you