Fracture: Tales of the Broken Lands

by Vreasque

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Dungeon Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In Fracture, everything is broken even the people. The landscape is a chaotic amalgamation of broken worlds smashed together by the mysterious force known as the Logos. The Logos maintains and merges these broken lands into a harsh world where only the strong and cunning flourish. However, the denizens of Fracture are not left to the mercy of the land. Each inhabitant is infused with the Logos which bestows upon them the ability to grow stronger by slaying monsters, fulfilling objectives, and collecting coveted Relics.

Five years ago, Jack woke up in a world filled with suffering, manipulation, and violence with no memories of who he was except for his name. To hide from those who pursue him, Jack has adopted the false identity of Atlas, a freelance Tracer, and avoids any form of unwanted attention. Tracers are a common type of mage in Fracture with the ability to locate Relics and open Remnant Gates, portals to broken worlds that hold treasures many would covet. Unfortunately, one day things go south quickly when a routine job turns out to be a lot more trouble than Jack bargained for.

What to expect:

-A character-driven story

-Niche/subtle video game references

-A slower power curve to an eventual powerful MC

-The LitRPG aspects while important at the beginning won't feature heavily until after the beginning arcs when Jack comes into his own.

-Approximately 2-3 chapters a week with more if I have the time in the week.

*The cover art isn't mine and is just a placeholder until I can afford to have art commissioned. 


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  • Overall Score

Definitely worth a read!

I can kinda tell where he's going with this story and not only is it fantastic it's also well written. Definitely a new twist in the litrpg genre and I can't wait for the next chapter!

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A Sci-fi & fantasy driven Shadowrun litRPG

From the second chapter on, Fractured has a very Shadowrun-esque feel to it, with a society riddled with corrupt mega-corporations, and violent gangs running the streets, all explained through the eyes of a jaded protagonist that has been mucking through the shadier parts of the world for years.

On top of this world is a (non-Shadowrun) [System] that is distinctly blended into the setting. The entire world is affected by the [System] meaning everyone has access to stats, designations (Classes), skills, and traits that all have an effect on a character's physical and social standing in the world. 

While Fractured's main setting is fairly similar to Shadowrun, it has aspects that the  have a distinctly more Portal Fantasy feel to it, given how Jack (the main protagonist) is just one of numerous people dragged to Fracture from another world, and how a number of these people take on a profession working for a guild that fights monsters at various sites connecting to other worlds while collecting Relics and Ethos (Exp.) to become stronger.

In the end Fractured is a world that blends together other worlds into its own, and in a similar way this story has taken to blending elements of fantasy and sci-fi into a setting that works and that I want to see more of, both in terms of the story as well as the world building.



  • Overall Score

A good one in the making.

Found this when it was only a couple of chapters and while it seemed interesting I wasn't entirely sure I'd come back to it, but I have to say I'm glad I did as this story has a great deal of potential. 

The author is doing really well in thinking through the actions and personalities of his mcs, no old hand mercenary/former assassin or whatever that behaves like the only thing he/she has assassinated was a slice of pizza, carrying naivety of children that haven't been more than 10 steps away from mommy in their entire lives. Here fracture is a dangerous, unpredictable and harsh world, where the person you save today could be the one that knifes you tomorrow all in the name of survival, and the mcs behaviour and mannerisms reflect that, even his less intense and go lucky companion doesn't fool around when shit gets down.

The cast introduced so far have been well thought out, heck you can even feel some empathy for the evil butterfly man, asshole he maybe but he doesn't reek of entire evil like some caricature villain and when you put into perspective what he is then you could see how someone could become the way he and his kind are. 

All said, it's been a good 23 chapters so far,good dialogue and I'd definitely recommend it, more grease to your elbow and any other joints you may need it Mr. Vreasque.

  • Overall Score

I'm not one for long reviews (mainly because I can't seem to put into words why I like certain books), but you should definitely check this one out! Its seems very interesting and I'm already hooked.