Doing God's Work

Doing God's Work

by Csuite

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The gods are real and incorporated. Providence is a profitable global monopoly.

But its chief executive is a corrupt authoritarian, the combined might of the divine powers is ignoring humanity’s problems, and Helpdesk service is, frankly, terrible. 

In this corporate fantasy, it’s up to history’s most maligned immortals to step up and sort things out.


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Top List #60
3rd Anniversary
Word Count (14)
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55 Reviews
Faith in the Internet
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Table of Contents
138 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Putting the Hell in Helpdesk ago
2. Task Manager of the Gods ago
3. Kidnapping is Bad for Public Relations ago
4. Prophecy and Your Career: A Primer ago
5. Tea Break ago
6. Armageddon Violates our Code of Conduct ago
7. Occupational Health and Summonings ago
8. International Day of Discord ago
9. Drinks with the Enemy ago
10. Smiting is Worse With Computers ago
11. Now Hiring Obvious Thugs ago
12. Why No One Likes Prophecy ago
13. Two Gods Walk Into a Scuba Shop ago
14. Friends in High Places ago
15. Team-Building Exercise ago
16. Power Grab ago
17. Costs of Cutting Corners ago
18. Come See Me in my Office ago
19. Seizing Assets ago
20. Joint Venture Investor Relations ago
21. Long-Term Strategic Objectives ago
22. Unqualified to Induct Demons ago
23. The Art of the Non-Apology ago
24. Whistleblower ago
25. Zero Days Since the Last Safety Incident ago
26. Is the Pope a Catholic? ago
27. The Right People at the Right Time ago
28. In a Room Together Talking ago
29. Pacts are Just Contract Law ago
30. Hurts Like The Devil ago
31. Not Anymore ago
32. Demons and Angels ago
33. Worker's Comp Doesn't Cover the Time Loop ago
34. Mergers ago
35. Up for Interpretation ago
36. Emergency Media Relations ago
37. Footing the Bill ago
38. Where the Wild Managers Don't Go ago
39. Eye of the Executive ago
40. Putting the Hel in Helpdesk ago
41. Content Creation for Clairvoyants ago
42. Adoration-Based Economics ago
43. The Immortal Trade ago
44. On Officers and Oracles ago
45. Back in Business ago
46. Dealing with Demons ago
47. The Dimensions of Demotion ago
48. Worst Part of the Job ago
49. Professional Boundaries ago
50. No One Can Exorcise Legal Fees ago
51. Poor Life Decisions ago
52. Mind Games ago
53. The Soul Jar is Available at 2:30pm ago
54. Bigger Than You ago
55. Into Lockdown ago
56. Destructive Management Techniques ago
57. Apocalypse-Resistant Building Standards ago
58. Spiders and Saints ago
59. All in the Execution ago
60. How to Spearhead a Hostile Takeover ago
61. Smoke and Mirrors ago
62. Screening Process ago
63. All the King's Iterative Workflows Couldn't Put it Back Together ago
64. Invocation through Proper Channels ago
65. The Afterlife Gets Poor User Feedback ago
66. Terms and Conditions ago
67. Floating Capital ago
68. Toxic Influences ago
69. Retrospective Debrief ago
70. Devil's in the Details ago
71. Self-Reflection in the Mirrorverse ago
72. Pyramid Scheme ago
73. Exit Interview ago
74. The Consequences of Putting Things in Writing ago
75. Lies, Lies and Deadlines ago
76. Inescapable Losses ago
77. Destiny ago
78. The Absent Sun ago
79. Acting Up ago
80. Words and Other Sorcery ago
81. Executive Dysfunction ago
82. Postmortem ago
83. Keys to the Kingdom ago
84. Must Have Experience with Metaphysics ago
85. The Company That Controls the World ago
86. Working in Magically-Enforced Silos ago
A note to my readers ago
87. Settlements ago
88. The Division of Expertise ago
89. Nemesis Selection Criteria ago
90. Rolling Back and Reeling In ago
91. Soul Traders ago
92. Weapons of Mass Disruption ago
93. Brain Drain ago
94. Time Management ago
95. In Case of Fire, Use Stairway to Heaven ago
96. Every Problem in the World ago
97. Font_of_Knowledge.ttf ago
98. Take Your Daughter to Doomsday ago
99. The Fall of Fate ago
100. Shooting Trouble, Hunting Heads ago
101. Kill One Man... ago
102. Hel to Pay ago
103. Job Hunting ago
104. One Mildly Adverse Sin ago
105. Closed Market Saturation ago
106. Storage Liquidation ago
107. Hell's Supply Closet ago
108. Divination and Economies of Scale ago
109. The Devil's Children ago
110. Three Fifths of a Perfect Plan ago
111. Chain of Command ago
112. Beware of Greeks Bearing Corporate Takeovers ago
113. Cons and Confidence ago
114. Black Hat Operations ago
115. Root Directory ago
116. The Temple of Wishes ago
117. Yggdrasil: An Extractable Greenfields Resource ago
118. The Creation Myth of Digital Rights Management ago
119. All’s Fair in God and War ago
120. Group Dynamics ago
121. Killing Time ago
122. Promotion ago
123. Soul-Destroying Industry ago
124. When One Door Closes, More Doors Close ago
125. Burning Bridges ago
126. Important Updates to our Privacy Policy ago
127. Crunch Time ago
128. Get Down to Business ago
129. Blood Moon ago
130. Accounts and Accountability ago
131. Secrets and Stakeholders ago
Author's Update ago
132. Brands and Reputation ago
133. Return on Investment ago
134. And it All Came Crashing Down ago
135. The Last Executive ago
136. Run ago

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Tana Nari

I don't know what the story is trying to be, and I don't care.

Reviewed at: 15. Sanction

It's too good for me to argue.

Okay, I'm not going to do a specific breakdown of the aspects of the story. They're all in the mid to upper tier of professional writing, with no noteworthy flaws and all the platitudes of being clean, easy to follow, and engaging. If you have a problem with this writing, you're a pickier duck than I. And I am one picky duck.

And the characters, oh the characters. Amusing, affable, even the ones that you're supposed to hate are *fun* to hate, rather than just annoying. Except "Shitface"- he's not annoying or fun, he's goddamn terrifying. Especially since even he is just a cog in a massive machine. I find myself wondering how it's possible for anyone to face what the protagonists are trying to beat.

So, being who I am, I'll focus on the one thing that I find even the least bit off-putting about this story. I don't know what it is, and I'm not sure it knows what it is.

Sometimes, it reads like an intense intreague-thriller, with literal world-shattering stakes waiting in the wings.

Sometimes it reads like a fun and relaxed slice-of-life sitcom. The banter between characters is amongst the strongest I've ever seen, so much so that I read through massive amounts of unimportant dialogue with a smile on my face and feeling completely satisfied that my time was well spent even though a hundred lines of reading had perhaps five lines of plot advancement. AKA: Slice of Life at its best.

Sometimes it feels like an outright satire with stuff that on the face of it feels silly and illogical to the extreme. Loki and the devil sitting in office cubical complaining about their boss being an asshole sounds like the pilot episode for something on Adult Swim. And it's hilarious.

This story tries to be a thriller, a mystery, a comedy, and slice of life. It's like someone blended American Gods and Purgatony. And somehow, this seemingly incompatible blend of ideas comes together in a way that highlights rather than distracts.

In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend it, even if it's not your style- treat yourself to the novelty. Unless you're the sort who really hates genre-blurring, in which case you probably won't be a fan.



The plot initially starts off like a whimsical comic fantasy from Jasper Fforde or Terry Pratchett. Loki and Lucifer exchange snarky quips while stuck doing drudgework in a soul-crushing office environment completely staffed by miserable and dysfunctional gods from all pantheons and cultures.

But the story only builds from there. You start getting hints of the wars and crimes that took place before the corporate takeover. A revolution starts to brew against the Tyrant. Things get dark as you find out exactly what happens to gods who get "Demoted" too far down the hierarchy.

This story's greatest strength is it's fantastic ensemble cast. The author has innovative new takes on well known characters from classic mythologies alongside fascinating depictions of under-represented gods from diverse cultures. These characters aren't noble heroes, they're the outcasts, tricksters and villains from a variety of pantheons. They're flawed and morally grey, but each of them is so distinctly charming and lovable, even when they're being ruthless or capricious.

If you enjoy surrealism, dry humour, well written dialogue with snappy banter over a slowly burning epic of underground rebellion, this story is for you.

Disclaimer: I feel obligated to say that I know the author in real life and I'm a beta reader for her story. However, this review is entirely honest and I cannot recommend "Doing God's Work" enough.

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Good Omens meets Office Space meets American Gods

Reviewed at: 10. Smiting is Worse With Computers

First of all- this is niche but amazing.

Don't expect action. The focus is more on humor and exasperation with the banality of even celestial office life while pursuing a mystery/conspiracy.

The characters are well written and more than anything, the mystery is engaging.  Seriously, I hate mysteries and I'm excited to track this down.

If you're interested in a character/story driven drama/slice of life read this right now.  It's absolutely top notch.


Up in my feelings about this one. Didn't think I'd feel bad for any gods considering how old the mythos is, but you really made characters out of them - especially Loki's relationship with their kids. I don't want to write spoilers here, but I also feel real upset about what happened to Appollo, and I wasn't expecting to feel bad considering he's kind of an ass. Good on you.

Vitaly S Alexius

This book is a masterpiece that deserves more eyes pointed towards it! Grabs all of his extra eyes and points all of them at Csuite. There. Now that that's done let us observe what interests lie within it!


Superb! Csuite takes a while to write each chapter but when she does the flow of the character conversations and events is simply sublime, top tier and is very enjoyable to sink myself in. First person narrative from the point of view of god named Loki who is forced to work in a divine office.


No visible boobery, perfect score.


A very original idea in my opinion, Lucifer and Loki and other gods working in an office - totally caught my attention and kept it attached to this book for ages. Whole 92 chapters of fun. [ Great now I gotta update this number whenever Csuite releases a new chapter]


The gods feel believable even though they are gods and I found myself rooting for Loki's struggle against the system.

What was that last thing? Ah ye, overall:

Superb book, read it or I will come over there and beat you with my [ looks around] uhhhh christmas tree that I haven't taken down because my cat lives in it now. There. Divine-Tree violence encouragement! 


[ Review Baron disappears into the sky atop his umbrella. ]


Why isn’t this in the top 10 already?!

Reviewed at: 36. Emergency Media Relations

This novel is on the level or even higher as the novels in the top 10 or even top 5. With the characters fluidly interacting with each other and a smoothly pieced out story of each side characters background, this story just tops it all out.

There are a few cliches in it, however, in the fact that it does so in a highly different take, which makes the reader question, “What’s going to happen next”?


The characters and writing grabbed me from the start, but the developing plot has kept me hooked, I can't wait for more!


Interesting Premise, Well Written

Reviewed at: 14. Circumvention

Doing Gods Work has a novel premise.  The bureaucratization of religious cultures and its effects become interesting to read about as we read about the main character(Loki) and his push against the oppressive regime.  
The characters are well made and relatable, despite being gods.  
I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I don't see any obvious mistakes.  


Lost My Night To This - Think I'm Addicted

Reviewed at: 25. Zero Days Since the Last Safety Incident

You wouldn't expect it out of an almost slice-of-life corporate satire, but this story just drags you in and doesn't let go for anything. Especially after chapter 11, things start to pick up and everything just builds in a big interconnected web of plot advancement. Really, I just love this story - it might be my new favorite on the site, which is why I'm dedicating my first ever review to it.

Style: You don't get writing this good very often on RR. I can only remember two or three stories that even come close, and I still think this one tops them. Everything flows like silk and the MC's "voice" is really distinct. (In the best way)

Story: Once you're past the initial "foundation building" chapters, putting down this story is a monumental task. You wouldn't expect a story like this to have a breakneck pace, but Doing God's Work progresses faster than a lot of the "progression fantasies" on this site. The plot also feels like it's been intricately planned from the beginning. We're already starting to see the weaving of plot threads together, and something tells me that the author is foreshadowing so many things that we haven't noticed yet.

Grammar: It's perfect. Nothing else to say here.

Characters: All the characters feel "real" and like they have lives outside of the story. Everyone has their own quirks and motivations, and you either love to love them, love to hate them, or hate to love them. They're also really funny when the tension is lower.



Character driven story. Each character is unique, speaks with their own voice, funny, witty, mysterious, you are kept in the dark for the majority of the story, but there is an incredible sense of discovery as you read further, revealed through characters and the cultures they come from.

There are twists, turns, you are kept on the edge of your seat. Motivations are not always clear, in a good way.

I highly recommend this story.