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-Orcish Drama-

“Go…go away! Don’t just sit there and act cute!” Long Jun said while signaling the bear cub to run away. But it's just a small cub, snatched away from its mother by these despicable orcs. How could it understand what Long Jun wanted it to do? Towards his shaking hands, it only looked with a cute lookt with its big eyes and followed his hand movement with its head.

“Sigh!” seeing it like that, Long Jun sighed and decided just to beat the orcs until they lose consciousness and then save the cub. It's at that moment, one of the orcs who was sent flying by him came running at him while shouting loudly. After arriving at the clearing once again, he saw a black-robed man conversing with the cub they had intended to eat.

“You, how dare you to steal my food?” he shouted and came running at Long Jun with his fist clenched into a punch. Since his weapon was still laying below Long Jun’s legs, he had to do with his bare fists.

Long Jun didn’t dare to take this lightly. From his extensive knowledge of games, he knew orcs command mighty strength and pure raw power. In exchange, they had to give up on intelligence and magic. But, this was a cultivation world where everyone was able to cultivate. And he knew no one should take the enemies of Cultivation world lightly.

As the punch came to him, Long Jun used Light Wind Steps to maneuver between the punch agilely. Then coating his sword’s scabbard in Qi, he thrust it at the orc’s stomach. At that time a red bar appeared the orc, showing its HP bar.


“HP: 37,000/50,000”

It had to be expected. These orcs’ cultivation was lower than his by a few sub-realms. He was a Martial Elder of rank 4, and these orcs were Level 8 Martial Disciple. Such a huge amount of damage has to be expected. It was a good thing that they were Orcs who boast higher physical stats, or else, he would have killed them with that thrust. And he had been holding back while executing that attack.

“A casual Qi covered strike could deal more than 8k damage to someone who was not in the same realm! Damn! The suppression of level on this cultivation world is very harsh!” Long Jun muttered when he saw the enormous amount of damage value floating on kneeling orc’s head.

“Big brother! You bastard!! How dare you do this to my brother?” the other orc came running with anger flashing in his eyes. Like his big brother, it had also executed a fist move, but unlike his brother, his fist was glowing red color while purple veins were visible.

“Little Brother, don’t!!” the elder brother shouted but it was useless, as the little brother was on a frenzy. He endured his pain, and steadily stood up, intending to confront this black-robed man, he couldn’t allow his little brother to be killed by him. Although his brother knows a few martial skills, he was weak in terms of Orc’s freakish physical stats.

Long Jun calmly stopped the second orc’s punch with sword scabbard he was holding with his left hand while his right hand intercepted the first orc’s blow with a punch of his own.


A minute shockwave generated when this happened, creating a light wind that rustled the nearby bushes and leaves. The ground beneath them also caved in slightly.


The first brother’s hand suddenly bend in a weird angle as blood spluttered from his hand’s torn muscles.

“Aaah!!” he shouted in pain and tumbled over on the spot, and sat down holding his broken and bloodied hand.



Even Long Jun was surprised at such a considerable damage value. At the same time, he stared at the smalle damage value he received from the first brother. Although it was minimal and healed almost instantly, he nonetheless received the damage. This was the testament to the power of these Orcs.

“Big Brother!” the little brother abandoned attacking Long Jun and ran at his elder brother who was screaming in pain. Seeing the weird angle his hands bent on, he became worried and clueless on what he should do. Just then a shadow cast upon them, the little brother saw the black-clothed man staring at them. He immediately sat in a protective stance in front of his big brother and stared un-yieldingly at Long Jun’s eyes.

“You can take the bear cub, please at least spare my little brother.” The big brother, who was still wreathing on the ground, pleaded with his raspy voice. He slowly looked at Long Jun with his contorted pig-face. “You can take my life since it was I who attacked you first. But please, just spare my little brother. He is already weak and miserable, to begin with, please don’t kill him.”

“Big brother, what are you saying? How can you say this? Didn’t we promise that we will do everything together? How come you are abandoning me at such a crucial time? What will do without you?” the little brother suddenly became fanatic and argued with his big brother as his voice began to crack.

“Lurog, my little brother. Listen to me; please live on my behalf. Don’t be stubborn, okay!?” the big brother pleaded to his little brother. He always knew how much his little brother adored him as well as look up to. They also promised to each other in the past that they would always be together, but today’s situation was really dire. In front of this black-robed man, even their combined strength faltered.

“No big brother. Today, you listen to me. From our childhood to now, you are the only one who believed in me. Even when I was exiled from the village, you accompanied me. You have given up on your chance to be an Imperial Guard and instead came with me to become a vagabond, money, women, power…by now, you should have had all these, but because of me, you are enduring this wild lifestyle. You have already done so many things for me, how can I ask you to give up your life on my behalf? I won’t.” after that, Lurog looked at the cloth masked man and put his head on the ground. Then he raised his head him and looked at Long Jun’s eyes unflinchingly. Then he said, “I don’t know who you are, but please, I beg you. Spare my brother's life. Instead, take mine. If that’s not enough; I can also tell you a secret which might be helpful for you in your path of cultivation. All I ask is to spare my big brother’s life…”

Behind his clothed mask, Long Jun had a gaping mouth at the sudden intrusion of brotherhood and drama. He was even surprised at the sacrificial behavior of these two brothers. Moreover, he was also a little curious about their past. His gamer instinct was telling him that this little brother, Lurog might be the key to a huge quest that would lead mountain load of rewards. But above all else, he finally realized why the system would only give him 5 Merit points if he kills them.

‘Wait a minute! I am the villain here!’


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